World Snake Day Quotes, Messages, History, Slogans: 16th July 2022

Snake Day Quotes

Snakes are probably the most distrusted and feared entity in this world. They have a bad reputation over the past 2000 years. It’s perhaps because of that one snake conning a nice lady into eating an apple way back and slammed the entire human race to mortality.

Despite the myths and facts regarding snakes, on July 16th, the world celebrates snake day. Logically, people may fear a creature that can quickly kill them. But celebrating National Snake Day proves that they think it’s fascinating to find out more about them. Snake day is essential to increase awareness about different species of snake around the world. The creatures range from several inches to 30 feet long. And when people say they’re scared of snakes, we definitely understand the reasons why.

No one likes the thought of being gulped up by a snake. Plus, when someone sees a bad person, they often refer to them as snakes. But after reading this, you will know that snakes are incredible creatures, and they are important to the world we live in.

The Importance of Snake for The World

There are more than 3500 species of snake around the world. And that is a reason it’s not much challenging for you to find a snake in your locality. If snakes mesmerize you and if you are interested in keeping a snake as your pet, you must research a bit about them. If you say that you don’t like snakes as they are deadly, let me tell you that only around 600 species out of 3500 are virulent. The number is less than 25%, isn’t it?

Only 200 snake species have significant risks to the human race. Therefore, snakes are not as scary as we think they are.

Here are a few facts that can change your outlook regarding snakes:

  • Snakes play an essential role in our ecosystem by maintaining a balance in the food web.
  • As snakes are both prey and predator, they keep the pest inhabitants down and save our crops from small rodents like mice.
  • Snakes also provide food for birds, larger members, and other snakes.

The History of World Snake Day

Snake is one of the most important mythic characters. And national snake day was created to help people learn more about snakes and how much they contribute to the world. Alongside being sharp predators, they are also fascinating because of their appearance. Snakes also have primitive ancestry. With the deteriorating situation of climate change, deforestation, and other factors, there is a decline in the habitats of snakes. And snake day is an effort to preserve their wellbeing.

Snake Day Quotes

“We can learn from the life of a snake that life may not run, but it can move forward by crawling.”

“Have you ever studied a snake’s face? – how optimistic they look. They have an eternal smile.” — Tasha Tudor

“The snake teaches us that how life can be lived and moved forward without listening to others.”

“A snake will always be a snake, even if you put a chain around its neck and try to make it walk upright.” — Lisa Alther

“Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous.” — Chanakya

“A snake knows more about what is happening around it than any other creature because it has no ears to listen to gossip, only direct perception.” — Jaggi Vasudev

“Like the snake sheds its skin living for a while in another one, the man strips himself from opinions gathered until a certain age, developing others.”

“Not all the snakes are poisonous and not all the poisons are deadly! Keep this in mind when bitten.” — Mehmet Murat ildan

“Four snakes gliding up and down a hollow for no purpose that I could see – not to eat, not for love, but only gliding.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The most dangerous creatures when the time comes and the most beautiful creatures when the time comes.” 

World Snake Day Best Messages & Best Slogans

  • “Snake is that innocent creature, which is very necessary for our nature, so we should save them from extinction.”
  • “To save your life, it is not right to take the life of another animal, safety is the best way, so don’t kill the snake.”
  • “Every creature in this world has its own separate existence and influence, snake is also one of them.”
  • “This world has been made for all living beings and every living being is necessary for nature like a snake.”
  • “It is not written in any law to buy or harm any creature for your selfishness, protect the snakes.”
  • “We should learn from the snake in life that the reason should be facing on, Happy Snake Day.”
  • “Snakes are poisonous, but we provoke them for our own reasons, not because they are aggressive themselves.”
  • “We need to do something for the creatures going extinct on this earth, the snake is also necessary for our earth.”
  • “Every person has a different view of any creature, snakes also come in this category, Happy Snake Day.”
  • “The snake has a relation with the poison from birth, its connection with nature is also important for him in a way.”


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Summing Up:

Have you ever thought of having a pet snake? You must know that snakes may not be the right pet for everyone. But if you are ready to take on the challenge, snake day is the right time to decide. Either you keep a pet snake or not, this day is appropriate to learn some more about these incredible animals. Here are a few facts that you must know about snakes:

  • You can find snakes on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Snakes consume many different animals, including insects. They eat a whole prey because their lower jaw can split from the upper jaw. Giant snakes can even eat monkeys, pigs, and primates.
  • Snakes control their body temperature, relying upon the environment. They spend a lot of time in the warm sun to get warm. If they become too warm, they find darkness to cool off. Snakes are not generally aggressive unless they are hunting or they feel like defending themselves.
  • Snakes are being an endangered species. And we must spend some time learning about them and their various qualities. You also can spend some time watching films that are based on snakes. Well, if you are waiting for a recommendation, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is based on a snake.

This snake day takes some time and helps people learn about snakes and their importance in our lives. You can also send this Snake Day Quotes, Messages, Snake Day History, Posters, Images & Photos article to your friends to be aware of World Snake Day.


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