World Malaria Day 2022, Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Report 2021, Poster, Greetings to Share

World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day 2022, Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Report 2021, Poster, Greetings to Share : World Malaria Day, every year is celebrated on 25 April to aware people about Malaria disease. There are many places where millions people are infected by Malaria and finally got death. Malaria is well-known disease that occurs by female Anopheles mosquitoes. But vector of this disease is Plasmodium parasite. According to World Health Organization more than 500 millions people got death with this disease. To spread education and aware people this day first time was celebrated in 2007. Roanal Ross was a scientist that invade first about the parasite of Malaria and won Noble prize in medical science. Here are the Theme, Wishes, Quotes, Posters of Malaria Day that can be share with your friends.

World Malaria Day 2022 Theme

World Malaria Day
World Malaria Day. April 25. Holiday concept. Template for background, banner, card, poster with text inscription. Vector EPS10 illustration

Theme of World Malaria Day 2022 is “Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives.” This focuses to renovate people about serious disease of Malaria. Theme also focuses to invade some experiments to abolish Malaria disease. This is a global attention to end Malaria and reduce cases.

World Malaria Day Wishes, Quotes, Greetings

World Malaria Day Wishes
World Malaria Day logo icon design, vector illustration
  • Malaria is a serious fatal disease, but we can protect with to clean our environment.
  • The root of Malaria disease is Mosquitoes, please sanitize your places with pure clean.
  • Happy World Malaria Day, let us we fight against disease to abolish completely it.
  • Our short effort can save a life, let us come together to maintaining hygiene and keeping our surroundings clean
  • Happy World Malaria Day 2022, let us generate a power to conquer Malaria Disease.

World Malaria Day 2022, Slogans, Greetings

World Malaria Day
celebration concept of United Nations World Malaria Day the April 25

On the significant day let us make a clean environment to finish malaria permanently. Happy World Malaria Day.

With a positive campaign we can save many lives that are suffering from Malaria. So let’s celebrate this day to save life.

  • World Malaria Day 2022
  • World Malaria Day 4 1

We will got our Goal Zero Malaria Patient in every country’s. Warmth wishes for a positive step against Malaria.

Just one Mosquito can finish our life, so be aware, maintain proper hygiene. Happy World Malaria Day

Every Medical officer is paying his 100 percent to abolish Malaria disease, let’s come together to conquer this fight.


Which World Malaria Day is celebrated ?

Every year World Malaria Day is celebrated to 25 April to aware people about Malaria diseases.

What activities can be done on World Malaria Day ?

It is a awareness day, so you can make some slogans with your friends, you can also prepare some greetings, slogans, quotes about Malaria disease and its symptoms and march a street rally to aware people.

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