Why self- love is very important to human beings

Love yourself

Not only human beings, all living beings are crazy about love. All of us expect someone to love us. Of course, the definition of love is different to everyone. And that is why we always hope that someone like us will love us. Whenever we don’t get love like the picture painted in our minds, just a little sideways, we start blaming.


Now tell me how many of you love yourself? I’m sure this question is bound to stir your mind! If we loved ourselves, we wouldn’t have to put up warning signs in places or on the side of the road. There are many resources of love in this universe but to get that soft touch of love you have to love yourself first. Many may say that self-love means selfishness. In this society, loving oneself is a guilt. Okay , assume that’s right!  So tell me now, if you love yourself, you must take steps to keep your body healthy.  You do exercise and diet control, are you harming anyone? If you drink as much water as your body needs, will it harm anyone? 

Be yourself

In our school, at home, we are taught to love others, to help others, to do good deeds but never tell or teach yourself to love. Self love is to build a good relationship with one’s inner soul not to be selfish. Just like an automobile needs maintenance, it needs to be filled with fuel, otherwise it can’t run. In the same way we need fuel to maintain the speed of life, its name is self love. From the moment we love ourselves, we will begin to enjoy some of the most positive changes in our lives. Strangely enough you will notice that things that seemed complicated are becoming much easier, relationships are improving, health is getting better.
Looking at the COVID situation throughout the world, you will understand why we are repeatedly asked to wear Musk. If you don’t love yourself and don’t use a mask, it will increase the danger of your loved ones and will harm the society. The beginning of love starts from one’s heart. And if you don’t learn to love yourself, how can you love others with your empty treasure? If you don’t love yourself, you will feel frustrated, and this society abandons frustrated people.

Embrace yourself

Loving yourself means taking care of yourself and giving importance to your own needs. The vehicles we use to transport goods or passengers will break down in the middle of the road if you don’t take care of it. Similarly, if you don’t love yourself and don’t take care of yourself, the pace of your life will dimmed. 


If you don’t have peace of mind, the happiness of the outside world becomes annoying to you. Music for a birthday party or wedding ceremony will make you feel painful when you have a headache. The more you love yourself, the happier you will be,  feel goodness about yourself. If you are a believer in God, then I must say that you should take care of the God that is within you, the ‘MIND’, then idolatry will be not needed to please the outside God. If you love yourself, you will not become selfish, you will not become guilty, but you will feel much more grateful, you will become much more helpful. Fill yourself with the bright light of love that light will spread automatically in this society.

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