What kind of mind-set do we need to have our extreme success in life

What kind of mind-set do we need to have our extreme success in life

In our daily activities we are achieving success in some works every day. Sometimes we need to set our mind on achieving this success, but sometimes it comes automatically on the way.

In order to achieve ultimate success in life, we must have the ultimate mindset. If you have already reached to the first stage of success in life, that is, you set goals, the second and most important step is to make the final mental preparation.


Many students or job seekers or many businessmen work restlessly, try to push themselves in their own field but fail in the final stage. The main reason for this is that all these individuals are not prepared themselves mentally.

We see people with two types of mentality, the type of mentality that most people in this world identify with is a fixed mindset. People with this type of mindset usually leave everything to their own devices, believe that whatever is to happen must be happened, and also believe that ‘no matter what we do, the situation will never change’. All these people are guided by the situation and they are not able to handle any challenging situations. All these people pay more attention to criticism, pay attention to the words of others having no own opinions. They usually go one step forward and two steps back in any work. Most of the time negative thoughts popping up in their mind.

There are very few people who have Growth Mindset. This kind of people know very well that they can create changes. They are always focused to the goals. They are constantly trying to improve themselves. Everything has potential for them.  Even if they temporarily fail at something, they learn from it. All these individuals are extremely self-confident. They do not worry if immediate results are not forthcoming. They know that today or tomorrow the goal will be achieved. They are very much passionate about their goals. All of these people know that if a person in the world is successful to do anything, then I can learn to do so.

difference mindset

In order to achieve great success, you have to shift from the fixed mindset stage to the growth mindset stage. In order to bring about this invaluable change in yourself, you need to change some of your believes and take a few small steps. 

Adopt this believes:-

  • If anyone can do, you can also learn or able to do so.
  • There are so many opportunities are there in this universe.
  • You are there to serve a great purpose.
  • Failure is not for you, every single one is an important lesson.


Now come to the point what steps to take:-

  • Start with the 3 ‘P’s:- That is purpose, passion and perseverance. Find Out your purpose, what purpose you want to serve for yourself, for your family, relatives, friends and as well as for this universe. Then move with your passion. You may have multiple passions, take one by one and find out which one is matching with your purpose, see all the possibilities and  their results. After that go for the last ‘P’ that is perseverance. Hard perseverance will make your path easier. This is the such quality that allow you to continue trying to do something though it is difficult. Make it to your habit.
  • Enjoy the journey:- Enjoy every step you take to reach your goals. If you need to learn something new, learn it, accept all the challenges, face them face to face. Being steadfast in the goal, bring flexibility within yourself along the way. Without thinking about how long after success will come, be fully engaged in the process of journey and take action.
  • Do not succumb to any temptation:- Different types of advice will come on the way of your journey and even alluring offers may come. Staying steadfast in one’s goal at such a moment is a big challenge and test for oneself. To get rid of temporary pain, to get comfort, if you fall into the trap of greed, your goal will remain elusive.
  • Turn insults into your strength without breaking:- No one else knows your purpose, they have little idea about your goals, no one understands your intentions, they only have a vision of your results. Most people again believe in immediate results, if they do not see the results naturally, they will make awkward comments, insult you.  Strengthen yourself mentally, motivate yourself without being disturbed by this.


  • Don’t lost in the fog of confusion:- There are a number of people, especially those with fixed mindsets, who get lost in the fog of confusion. After walking one way for a while, they take another way. After trying one thing for a while, they get busy with another thing. Sometimes  they walk backwards.Their problem is very simple, they do not know what their main outcome is and it is not clear what they want. The way to get rid of it is to talk privately with your mind at the beginning of goal setting ‘what exactly it wants?’ Be specific about your outcome, how you feel about, see about and the sound likes. Visualise Outcome before Goal Setting, feel that it is in front of you right now.

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