What is Imago Relationship Therapy? — Talkspace

What is Imago Relationship Therapy? — Talkspace

Different Types of Imago Relationship Therapy

There are two different types of imago therapy that can be practiced. It’s often used for people in a committed relationship, but it can also be used for individual therapy as well.

Imago therapy for relationships

Imago is a sense of romantic love that’s familiar to you and based on your earliest relationships. So it makes sense that this is where your ideas about love came from. Your sense of identity was fostered through those experiences as you gained an understanding of what love is. It’s also how you learned what you need to do to get love from others so you can feel safe. 

Ultimately, your sense of self-worth was largely developed based on how you were treated by the caretakers in your early life.

A good example of this is if you had to do exceptionally well at a task as a child to get any feelings of love, you may transfer that feeling into your adult life. You may try to do everything exceptionally well so you can feel worthy of getting the love you need and want from your partner. If you don’t receive that love you were looking for, you might begin looking for fault in yourself. You may internalize rejection as something you deserved because you must have done something wrong.

It’s our romantic or intimate relationships as adults that bring our old pain to the surface. This makes sense when you remember that the concept of imago couples therapy is based on the idea that we choose our partners because they’re familiar to us.

Imago therapy offers you a chance to deal with your pain, so you can grow from it in your relationship. 

Imago therapy for individuals

Imago relationship therapy really was developed with the idea that couples in long-term committed relationships would use it. Now, it’s also used for individuals. People who aren’t in serious relationships find that imago therapy can help them look at how their historical behavior patterns might be resulting in repeatedly choosing partners who aren’t giving them what they need.

Imago therapy can teach you about how your past trauma and relationship anxiety can be affecting your current relationships in life. It can help you learn to heal, so you can become more confident and healthy in your next relationship.

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