Top 17 Best Motivational/Inspirational Must-watch Web Series That Can Change Your Life In 2022

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The best motivational web series lifts the aroma of your boring crooked life and it helps you to fight against the odds. Sometimes, we feel so fatal and lethargic in our day-to-day lives and we carry a pessimistic attitude as if we are diving into the sea of sadness. These best inspirational web series act as a boon for us and help us to revive back into the optimistic world. Some web series enhance the level of energy and inspire us in such a way so that we can overcome the tougher situations around us.

17 Best Motivational Web Series

Some of the best motivational web series helps us to achieve our ambition and it also benefits us in living a prosperous life. Here is a list of 17 best must watch inspirational web series that definitely bring positivity in your life.

1.The Hunger Games

This foreign-based web series tells us how the bottom level percentage of the population has a better life if someone has the chance to be lifted out of those masses of impoverished. In this dystopia, some heroes and heroines from the diverse universe were striving to get the utopia in a myth called ‘The Offshore’. This Brazil-based best motivational web series helps us to illuminate something that would somewhere be difficult for American shows and help you to create a positive change in your life in 2022.


This web series is from the country of Japan and is based on the same-named novel of Hibana, which is an award-winning novel. This novel is well known for its profundity and levity. In this inspirational web series, a veteran comedian mentors the young comedian by following the instructions in the Japanese way. Along with that, a thoughtful reaction on the nature of art has been discussed with the courageous world of Japan. A point in the series tells how a teacher instructs their child about going beyond reality and to reach the world of staggering beauty that will surely create a meaningful impact on your life in 2022.

3.Babylon Berlin

It is also one of the best motivational web series that is written and directed by Tom Tyker and Hendrik. The story of this web series is based on the novel of German author Volker Kutscher. This is the best series in Berlin during the years of the Weimar Republic at the beginning of the year 1929. This series is modelled on the American-based web series like Madmen and The Wire as these cover the complex web of characters with giving attention to the history and fashions at that time through which you can take inspiration and change your life in 2022.


It is a historical and best motivational web series of Russia which tells the story of a princess named Sophie Friederike Auguste. In this web series, there was a great discussion of her power of rising that becomes her Empress of Russia and also how does the assassination happened with her husband named Peter III. She tried to revitalize the Country of Russia during the early years of her rule and with that became the great power of Europe. Her story shows the passion and struggle in the age of imperial dynasties which inspire us in a positive way to change our lives in 2022.

5.The Pact

It is a crime drama web series in which six parts of the thriller of crime follows the footsteps of other similar series like Keeping the Faith, Hinterland, and Hidden. This web series follows the story of five friends with a web of lies and sudden death among them. This best motivational series shows the uttermost inspiration that shows how the business works together with their thoughts and level of anticipation. Full of brilliant stories with the fragile part of silence in the lives forever gives the best part of the drama in it that motivates you to change your lifestyle in 2022.

6.Club of Crows

It is also known as Club de Cuervos and it covers the story centres on the famous football club Cuervos FC. The football team faces a crisis of identity when there is a sudden death of the owner of the team and then the son of the owner chooses to play the role of a new president in his place. So, despite the death of the owner of the team and how all the members of the team have taken the best decision with the supporting view of his son is the most inspiring part of this best inspirational web series that inspires you to bring a positive change in your life in 2022.

7.‘Elite’ – Publicity – H 2021

This is a Spanish thriller-based series set in Las Encinas, which talks about the relationships of three teenage students of the working class who have been enrolled at a school by a scholarship program with their wealthy classmates. The plot of this series involves a mystery element with the eight episodes. This best motivational web series tells about how three working-class students get scholarships in an exclusive private school in Japan even after their school collapses. Their lives of lifestyles, envy, and resentments have been progressed with those flash-forward scenes that inspire you to change your life in 2022.

8.Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This is a South Korean web series starring Park Bo-Young with the title role of a woman having superhuman strength. Bong Soon possesses monumental strength with the incredible uses of her super-powers but, if she ever tries to use her abilities for any selfish reasons then she will also end up like her own mother named Hwang Jin Yi who also loses her power forever. This best motivational web series shows her true desire to create any video game and her struggle to find any employment as a professional developer motivates you to achieve anything in your life in 2022.

9.Patrick Melrose

This is a series based on the acclaimed novels of Edward St. Aubyn tracks Patrick in a five-part limited series. In this web series, a wealthy Englishman Patrick tries to overcome the addictions and also demons rooted while abused by the cruelty of his father and his negligent mother. After retrieving the ashes of his father David, he decides to quit using the drugs as he wants to encounter the abuse of his father. But, thereafter Patrick took the help of his friend Johnny in giving up the drugs used by him. It is considered to be the best inspirational web series for drug addicts who want to quit the addiction of drugs in 2022.


This is a mystery-based web series produced by the RVK Studios and it has been broadcasted in Iceland. In this web series, the chief of police in the remote area of Iceland solved the former townsman’s murder whose corpse was recovered by the fisherman. Trapped is the most expensive web series cast on television that shows how the assistance from police solved the crime despite the powerful storms that descended upon the town. It is the best motivational web series in terms of motivating you to make your career for the betterment of the society and your family.

11.The Bodyguard

This web series is based on the fictional story of David Budd, a heroic veteran. He was working as a Specialist Protection Officer who works for the royalty, and was also the specialist of the protection branch of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. He was also assigned the department of protection officer position for the ambitious Home Secretary. This web series received numerous nominations and is considered to be one of the best inspirational web series for all the adults who want to change their lifestyle in 2022.

12.My Brilliant Friend

This web series is written by one of the most acclaimed authors of Italy. The story of this best motivational web series revolves around the friendship of two friends Elena and Lila. Elena’s concept of living a life is totally opposite from Lila. According to Lila, marriage is the absolute and direct root of poverty. So, she chooses marriage over her career but her husband betrayed her and ruined her life while her brilliant friend Elena continued with the pursuit of education on her own and lived a wonderful and successful life. The life of Elena surely motivates you to pursue a good career over marriage in 2022.

13.Deep State

This web series consists of the eight-part series with the deep state that centring on Max Easton. He was a retired M16 operative around a former spy who had been forced back to the field to avenge the death of his son. He embarks on one last personal journey and finds at the heart of covert intelligence war in this conspiracy to derive the profit from the chaos in the east of middle and throw himself back into those brutal surroundings. Nonetheless, it is considered to be the best motivational web series of all time.

14.Black Spot

It is a supernatural thriller based web series in which the story revolves around the Police Major Laurène. She is the Police Major of her hometown at Villefranche which is a small fictional town surrounded by acres of forest in the mountains area. Franck Siriani, a prosecutor arrives there to learn why the murder rate of this isolated town is so high i.e. six times the national average. The forest in this best inspirational web series has been seen as a strange and dangerous place where many of the murders take place. So, the prosecutor wants to know those strings of grisly crimes at that edge of the forest.

15.Bad Banks

It is a German based web series which was released in February, 2018 and consists of six episodes in which Ambitious Jana is confronted with the unscrupulous machinations in the finance world. Her entire life of working is determined by egotism and she soon decided how far she would prepare to go for her career was the motivational part shown in the series. It is a must watch best motivational web series for the students and teenagers who want to achieve newer heights in their lives in 2022 by making a good career.

16.Anne with an E

This web series is all about the outsider who has fought for the acceptance of her love in the place of the world. The complete web series revolves around a young orphaned girl that was mistakenly sent to live with an elderly and aging brother. But over time, she grew up and transformed her life with her intellect and brilliant imagination. It is undoubtedly the best inspirational web series for the kids and teens.

17.The Hook-up Plan

This web series is all about Elsa, a Parisian too cannot forget her ex easily, but at the age of thirty when stuck in an uninspiring job and still find hung up with her ex-boyfriend of two years even after their breakup then her friends decided to help in breaking out her with some level of confidence and then she decided to escort with him on a few dates. 


With all these series, it has been concluded that how a normal person can adopt the major changes in life if he or she is living with the habit of giving some time to motivational and inspiring web series. These web series could also give the chance to live a life in a way that no one can expect with the issues they are facing. Along with that, these are the must watch motivational web series that can change the living pattern of life.

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