Top 16 Best Motivational Speakers In The World 2021

Best Motivational Speakers


Who are the best Motivational Speakers in the world?

The Top 16 Best Motivational Speaker

The list of Top best motivational Speakers in the world and the figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as Wikipedia etc.

Here are the Top 16 Best Motivational Speakers in the world, in our opinion of course! We have not listed them in any particular order so it’s fairly randomized

16.Amy Purdy

Best Motivational Speakers

• Amy Purdy was born on 7th November 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
• She is an American motivational speaker, Author, para-, snowboarder, actress, model, and clothing designer.
• She is a 2014 & 2018 Paralympic bronze & silver medalist and co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports.
• She is also known for her best-selling book: On My Own Two Feet.

• Quote:
If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go? -Amy Purdy

Twitter: 63.8K Followers
Instagram: 404K Followers
Facebook: 152K Followers
YouTube:2.27K subscribers

Watch the video:
Watch “Amy Purdy Opens Up About Her 2-Year Battle

15th Top Best Motivational Speakers

Deepak Chopra

Best Motivational Speakers

• Deepak Chopra was born on 22nd October 1946 in New Delhi, India.
• He is an Indian-American public Speaker, author and alternative medicine advocate
• He is also known for his best-selling books: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Book of Secrets, Perfect Health, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Creating Affluence… etc.

• Quote:
If you focus on success, you’ll have stress. But if you pursue excellence, success will be guaranteed.

Twitter: 3.2M Followers
Instagram: 2.5M Followers
Facebook: 3.7M Followers
YouTube:477K subscribers

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14.Arianna HuffingtonBest Motivational Speakers

• Arianna Huffington was born on 15th July 1950 in Athens, Greece.
• She is a Greek- American author, one of the best motivational speakers, Syndicated columnist and Businesswoman.
• She is also known for the co-founder of The Huffington Post, the founder and CEO of Thrive Global and the best-selling books: The sleep Revolution, Your time to thrive, Thrive, Getting Beyond Better, Third world America, Pigs at the trough. etc.

• Quote:
Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.

Twitter: 2.8M Followers
Instagram: 742K Followers
Facebook: 1.3M Followers
YouTube:1.64K subscribers

Watch the video: Watch “Thrive: A Third Metric Live Event”

13.Iyanla VanzantBest Motivational Speakers

• Iyanla Vanzant was born on 13th September 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, United States.
• She is an American Inspirational speaker, author, life coach, New Thought spiritual teacher, lawyer and television personality.
• She is known for her eponymous talk show, her appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Best-Selling Books: Yesterday, I cried(1998), Until Today(2000), In the meantime(1998), The value in the vally(1995) and Peace from Broken piece.

• Quote:
“So many of us invest a fortune making ourselves look good to the world, yet inside we are falling apart. It’s time to invest on the inside.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Twitter: 1.9M Followers
Instagram: 1.5M Followers
Facebook: 3.4M Followers
YouTube: 426K subscribers

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12. Eckhart Tolle

Best Motivational Speakers

• Eckhart Tolle was born on 16th February 1948 in Lunen Germany.
• He is a German spiritual teacher, Speaker and self-help author
• He is known for his best-selling books: The Power of Now(1997)(The New York Times Best Seller list in 2000) and A New Earth(2005)

• Quote:
What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.

Twitter:709K Followers
Instagram:1.6M Followers
Facebook:2.2M Followers
YouTube:1.34M subscribers

Watch the video:
Watch “Is it Possible to Understand the Mind of Go

11.Chris Gardner

Best Motivational Speakers

• Chris Gardner was born on 9th February 1954 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,U.S.
• He is an American motivational speaker, New York Times Best Selling Author, philanthropist, entrepreneur and Award-winning Film Producer.
• Chris Gardner is CEO of Gardner Rich LLC and is also known for his Best-Selling books: The Pursuit of Happiness, Critically acclaimed, Start where you are and Permission to Dream.

• Quote:
“The secret to success: find something you love to do so much, you can’t wait for the sun to rise to do it all over again.”  – Chris Gardner

Twitter:33.2K Followers
Instagram: 206K Followers
Facebook:273K Followers
YouTube: subscribers

Watch the video:
Watch “CEO of Happyness” Chris Gardner teaches us

10.Opran Winfrey

Best Motivational Speakers

• Oprah Winfrey was born on 29th January 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi, United States.
• She is an American talk show host, television producer, media executive, actress, philanthropist, speaker, Chairwoman & CEO of Harpo Productions & the Oprah Winfrey Network(OWN) and author of best-selling books: what I know for sure, The Wisdom of Sundays, The Path made clear, what happened to you, The wisdom Journal and Makes the connection.

• Quote:
Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire.”
― Oprah Winfrey

Twitter: 43.1M Followers
Instagram: 20M Followers
Facebook:20M Followers
YouTube:5.16M subscribers

Watch the video:
Watch “How to Stop Comparing Your Relationship to Anyone Else’s/ Family or Finance/ Oprah Winfrey

9.Simon Sinek

Best Motivational Speakers

• Simon Sinek was born on 9th October 1973 in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom.
• He is a British-American inspirational speaker, Leadership Expert and Author of Five best-selling books: Start with Why, The Infinite Game, Leaders Eat Last, Together is Better and Find Your Why.

• Quote
“No matter when or where, always bring your ‘A’ game, because you never know when it will open doors for you.” – Simon Sinek

Twitter: 803K Followers
Instagram:356K Followers
Facebook: 3M Followers
YouTube:1.29M subscribers

Watch the video:
Watch “A QUICK Way to Find Your WHY | Simon Sinek”

8.Robin Sharma

Best Motivational Speakers

• Robin Sharma was born on 16th June 1964 in Port Hawkesbury, Canada.
• He is of Canadian Indian origin motivational speaker, thinker on leadership, personal growth and life management and The bestselling author of the Book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Who Will Cry When You Die?, The Saint and The Surfer.

• Quote:
” Push yourself to do more and to experience more. Harness your energy to start expanding your dreams. Yes, expand your dreams. Don’t accept a life of mediocrity when you hold such infinite potential within the fortress of your mind. Dare to tap into your greatness.”- Robin S. Sharma

Twitter: 609K Followers
Instagram:1.3M Followers
Facebook: 4.2M Followers
YouTube:826K subscribers

Watch the video:
Watch “4 Truths To Grow Self-Love | Robin Sharma”

7.Zig Ziglar

Best Motivational Speakers

• Zig Ziglar was born on 6th November 1926 in Coffee County, Alabama, United States and died: 28 November 2012, Plano Texas, United States.
• He was an American motivational speaker, salesman and author of the top-selling Book: See you at the top, Steps to the top, selling 101and Ziglar on selling.

• Quote:
People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.- Zig Ziglar
Twitter:284K Followers
Instagram: Followers
Facebook: 5187K likes
YouTube:27.2K subscribers

Watch the video:
Watch “How to Get Everything in Life You Want – Zig Ziglar

6.Gary Vaynerchuk

Best Motivational Speakers

• Gary Vaynerchuk was born on 14th November 1975 in Babruysk, Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union.
• He is a Belarusian-American public speaker, entrepreneur, angel investor, Internet personality, Chairman of Vaynerx, CEO of Vaynermedia and five times New York Times bestselling author of books: CRUSHING IT!, #ASKGARYVEE, JAB, JAB, JAB, RIGHT HOOK! and The Thank you Economy.

•  Quote:
“You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don’t do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it.”
– Gary Vaynerchuk

Twitter:2.4M Followers
Instagram:9.1M Followers
Facebook:4.6M Followers
YouTube:3.19M subscribers

Watch The Video:
Watch “One Life, No Regrets”

5.Brian Tracy

Best Motivational Speakers

• Brian Tracy was on 5 January 1944 in Charlottetown, Canada.
• He is a Canadian – American Motivational Speaker and Self-development author of over 70 books & he has produced more than 500 audio and video learing programs.
• He is also known for his best-selling book: Eat that Frog! (a new York Times Best-Selling book), No Excuse! and Earn What You’re Really Worth.

• Quote:
Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’-Brian Tracy

it doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.-Brian Tracy
Twitter: 480.1k Followers
Instagram:815K Followers
Facebook:2.5M Followers
YouTube:1.27M subscribers

Watch the video:
Watch “The 21 Day Mental Diet | Brian Tracy”

4.Nick Vujicic

Best Motivational Speakers

• Nick Vujicic was born on
4 December 1982 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
• He is an Australian – American Christian evangelist, Motivational speaker, best-selling author, coach and Entrepreneur.
• He was born with TETRA – AMELIA SYNDROME, a rare disorder and he has no arms and no legs.
• He is also known for his books Life without Limits, Be the Hands and Feet, The power of unstoppable Faith and Love without limits and MOVIES &TV SHOWS: The Butterfly circus ( short Drama 2009), Nick: Biography of a Determined man ( Biography 2010),The lost sheep ( short, Drama 2011),something more(Documentary series 2011), Hope for Hurting Hearts (Documentary, Drama, Family 2013), Born without limits (TV Movie 2015)

No matter who you are, no matter what you are going through, God knows it. He is with you. He is going to pull you through.”
– Nick Vujicic

Twitter: 405K Followers
Instagram:1.6M Followers
Facebook:10M Followers
Popularity: 201K searches/

Watch the video:
1. Watch “Nick Vujicic Something More Music Video
2.Watch “No Limits In Life! | Nick Vujicic” on YouTube

3.Les Brown

les brown 2les brown 2les brown 2

• Les Brown was born on 17 February 1945 in Liberty City, Miami, Florida, United States.
• He is an American Motivation Speaker, Author and former politician as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives from 1977 to 1981.
• Brown received the National Speakers Association’s highest award, The Council of Peers Award of Excellence, The Emmy Award-winning series of speeches entitled You Deserve and one of the world’s best speakers and awarded him the Golden Gavel Award.
• He is also known for his best-selling books: Live your Dreams, it’s not over until you win and Laws of Success.

*Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you.

*It really doesn’t matter what’s going on right now. The only thing that matters is what you’re going to do about it. Do something powerful!” – Les Brown

Twitter: 365 Followers
Instagram:445K Followers
Facebook:1.9M Followers
Popularity: 60K searches/

Watch the video:
1.IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL YOU WIN – Georgia Dome (Les Brown)
2. IT’S POSSIBLE (Les Brown’s Greatest Hits)

2.Eric Thomas

Best Motivational Speakers

• Eric Thomas was born on 3 September 1970 in Chicago, Illinois.
• He is an American Motivational Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Educator, author and Minister.
• He is known for his speeches on YouTube and his best-selling books: The Secret to Success(2011), Average Skill Phenomenal will(2016), You Ain’t the Boss to me (2019) and Greatness is upon you (2013).

“Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour or a day, or even a year. But eventually, it will subside. And something else take its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever.” – Eric Thomas

Twitter:435K Followers
Instagram:2M Followers
Facebook:1.6M Followers
Popularity: 74K searches/
YouTube:1.23M Subscribers

Watch the video:
2.Watch “Much Is Required | POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL VI

1.Tony Robbins:

Best Motivational Speakers

• Tony Robbins was born on 22nd February 1960 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
• He is an American motivational speaker, life coach, author and Philanthropist.
• He is known for his seminars especially focused on personal development, leadership, success, entrepreneurship & wealth management and self-help books: Unlimited Powers (1987), Awaken The Giant Within (1993), Giant Steps, Money: Master The Game, Unshakeable and Lessons in Mastery.

“The power of positive thinking is the ability to generate a feeling of certainty in yourself when nothing in the environment supports you.”
-Tony Robbins

Twitter: 3.1M Followers
Instagram:5.7M Followers
Facebook: 5.7M Followers

Watch The Video:
1. Watch “You MUST RAISE Your STANDARDS! | Tony Robbi
2. Watch “After This You’ll Change How You Do Everyth

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Here’s a quick recap of the top 16 best motivational speakers in the World.
1. Tony Robbins:
2. Eric Thomas
3. Les Brown
4. Nick Vujicic
5. Brian Tracy
6. Gary Vaynerchuk
7. Zig Ziglar
8. Robin Sharma
9. Simon Sinek
10. Oprah Winfrey
11. Chris Gardner
12.Ecknart Talle
13. Iyanla Vanzant
14. Arianna Huffington
15. Deepak Chopra
16. Amy Purdy

Who’s your favourite of the 16 best Motivational Speakers? Leave a Comment below.

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