Top 11 Best Motivational Stories To Change Your Life

Best motivational stories


Best motivational stories

The stories are always used as an inspirational tool for everyone. Few writers consider the real characters in their story while some consider the imaginary ones.  Stories are always a preferred area for people to invoke interest in them. If you are feeling low and want to grow in your life then motivational stories can act as a bonanza for you.

The best motivational stories can pump you up so that you can act against the gloomy times whenever it shows up there in your life and believe me that these stories can create an optimistic attitude on you. Some of these stories are fictitious, some of them are true and some of them are real-live examples of normal people’s journey. The best motivational stories also end with good morals so that a person can take a positive lesson from them.

Let these stories incite you and guide you during miserable times of your life. Here are the top 11 best motivational stories that will definitely bring a huge impact on your life and will change your life.

11. The Ultimate Test

One night, four friends stayed up late and partied hard, even though they knew that they had to appear in the test the next morning.  So, they planned the whole situation and went in front of their teacher after rolling themselves into the dirt. They made an excuse that their car got a flat tire and they were pushing their car last night so they will not be able to give the exam on scheduled time. The teacher agreed and gave them a chance to come for the exam after three days.

On the exam day, the teacher takes all of them to a separate room for the test. The teacher asked only two questions in the exam: what is your name and the second one is which side of the tire was flat along with options. All of them gave different answers.

Moral: The moral of the story is that you should take responsibility for your own actions and do not blame anyone for your problems.

10. Thinking Out of the Box

A long time ago, there was a merchant who borrowed a huge amount from a moneylender. Moneylender was fat, old and horrible and he always dreamt about the merchant’s beautiful daughter. He told the merchant to let him marry his daughter and the whole debt would be waived off but the merchant and his daughter refused.

Moneylender told them that he will put two pebbles in the bag. One will be of white colour and if she picks it, he will not marry her and the whole debt will be dismissed. The other one will be of black colour and if she picks that one then she will have to marry him and debt will not be there but if she refuses to pick then her father will be behind the bars.

The moneylender was shrewd and he put two black pebbles in the bag but the girl saw him doing this. As soon as she picked the pebble from the bag, she threw it into other pebbles and the moneylender was not able to see which colour pebble she threw it. Then, she told the moneylender to check the bag for the one which is left and hence, she outplayed the moneylender by thinking out of the box.

Moral: Every complex problem has a solution. We just need to think about that in a different way.

9. The Obstacle in Our Path

Once upon a time, a king tried to test his people of the kingdom by putting a boulder on the road and he was hidden in a manner so that he could easily watch people who were moving away.  So many people moved from that way but no one was ready to remove that boulder from that place and after some time, he understood that people were just blaming him for the bad condition of the roads but they would do nothing themselves.

After a few days, a person stopped near a boulder. He was carrying a huge trunk and he tried to move it from the road, and after some time he succeeded and removed it. He found a purse beneath the boulder that had lots of coins and a note from the king that it belongs to the person who will remove a boulder from the road.

Moral: Behind every hurdle, there is an opportunity that we need to grab to improve our circumstances.

8. Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand

Once, a philosophy professor brought a glass jar in the class. He filled it with large rocks and then he asked his students whether it was full or not. Each of his students agreed that it was full. Then he brought small pebbles. He puts them into the jar and he shakes them until they get adjusted in the jar. He asked again whether the jar was full or not. His students agreed that it was full. Then he poured the sand into the jar and it occupied all the empty space in the jar.

In this story, he explained to his students that life is like a jar, where rock represents your valuable assets like wealth, your family, your relatives and your partner. While pebbles are important things but you can stay without them like a job, a house, hobbies, and many other such things which are important but a person can easily sustain without them. The sand represents other things of the world that will not have any direct or indirect impact.

Moral: If you will waste your time on small and negligible things then you will run out of important things that actually matter.

7. The Group of Frogs

Best motivational stories

It is a story about a group of frogs that were roving through woods and two of them fell into a deep pit, so the other frogs told them that there is no hope left for them. The two frogs were determined to ignore them and they kept on jumping. While one frog kept listening to the others and in the panic, he died there in a pit while the other frog kept on jumping and he jumped so hard that he got out. Then everyone asks him how he achieved it, so he told them that he is deaf and he believed that they all were encouraging him the entire time.

Moral: Become deaf to the other people who are trying to discourage you and keep going in your life.

6. The Butterfly

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Far away, a man found a cocoon of a butterfly and a small hole appeared in the cocoon. He saw a butterfly struggling to come out but was unable to do so. So, he cut the cocoon with scissors so that the butterfly could easily come out. Once a butterfly came out, he found that the butterfly had small wings and a swollen body. So, he waited for some more time for her wings so that the butterfly could fly, but it couldn’t happen.

The man was not able to understand that he stopped the fluid of the butterfly which grows inside so that he can grow properly, as the minute opening was nature’s way of pushing fluid into the butterfly wings from its body. The butterfly hasn’t done any kind of struggle while coming out from the cocoon so he spends whole life with shrivelled wings.

Moral: The efforts you put in for achieving something is a real struggle and without struggle, you can achieve success in your life, just like a butterfly.

5. The Elephant Rope

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Once a man was passing by a Circus, he asked the trainer how a single rope can hold a huge elephant. So, the trainer explained that when they were young, a chain used to keep them stable at one place. When they grew up, they mentally believed that they would not be able to break it and they stayed stable at one place with just a single rope of cotton. They believed that rope could hold them and they could never break free.

Moral: Belief is the main thing which a person has to understand. If a person believes that he or she can do anything then they are moving ahead to do it in a proper manner, no matter how many problems come their way.

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4. Value/ Value yourself/ Dirty Money/$20 bill

In this story, the speaker started his seminar by holding $20.00 and he asked who would like to have this. All the people present in the seminar raised their hands. Then he crumpled the money, and again he asked, again everyone raised their hand. Then he dropped it on the ground and asked the people who wanted to have it, still everyone raised their hands.

Moral: In simple words, the author wants to say that you must have to do the work, so people can value you. The worth of our lives counts by who we are and not in what we do or who we know.

3. Potatoes, Eggs, and Coffee Beans

Once, a daughter complained to her father that her life was not stable and problems came one after the other. Her father took her to the kitchen and started boiling water in three different pots. After some time, he placed eggs, potatoes, and coffee beans in those three different pots. Daughter was getting impatient with the silence and she was wondering why her father was cooking these three things together.

After some time, he closed all the pots and took all the things from the pot and asked her what she observed. She said that the egg was hard but now it is soft, potatoes are hard and now they are soft and easy to crush, whereas coffee beans were spreading aroma.

Moral: The moral of the story is that lots of things are going to happen around us and it depends on us how you react to it and according to that, we have to make our path.

2. Chinese Bamboo Tree

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In this story, like any other plant, Chinese Bamboo trees also need nurturing like fertile soil, water, and sunshine. So, in that starting year, there will be no signs of development. There will be no growth above the soil in the next year too. Then in the third and fourth year, still there will be no signs of development. But finally, in the fifth year, there was a growth and the tree grew 30m (nearly 80 feet) in just six weeks.

Moral: This story teaches us the lessons about faith, patience, growth, perseverance, and development, and most importantly human potential.

1.  Mother Giraffe and Baby Giraffe

Best motivational stories

When a mother giraffe gives birth to a baby giraffe then it falls from some height. Then the mother giraffe kicks their baby giraffe hard so that she can force him to move from one place to another. After doing this, mother giraffe goes near him and she kicks the baby giraffe again so that he will be able to stand on his legs and he could run and understand the process of survival that if he wants to stay alive, he has to run and he can never let down his mother and his own life. Eventually, the baby giraffe understands all the process after two or three kicks and starts reacting to it.

Moral: It means that you have to act on every kind of obstacle which will make you awake. It will help you to stay alive and fight against anyone.

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Final Words

Every life and every story has some morals that will help you to lead a good life. If you really want to make some positive changes in your life, then you must have to opt for the morals from the stories. The above stories are undoubtedly the best motivational stories that can completely change your thought process about life.

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Here’s a quick recap of
Top 11 Best Motivational Stories to Change Your Life !

1. Mother Giraffe and Baby Giraffe
2.Chinese Bamboo Tree
3.Potatoes, Eggs, and Coffee Beans
4.Value/ Value yourself/ Dirty Money/$20 bill
5.The Elephant Rope
6.The Butterfly
7.The Group of Frogs
8.Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand
9.The Obstacle in Our Path
10.Thinking Out of the Box
11.The Ultimate Test

Which are your favourite of Top 11 Best Motivational Stories to Change Your Life ! Leave a Comment below.

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