The Ultimate Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide

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Today is National Cappuccino Day. A day of celebration, if you ask me. With the holidays fast approaching, I thought what better than to share a coffee lover’s gift guide?

There’s nothing like holding a beautiful mug of steaming hot coffee. It’s an experience for all of the senses. The feel of the perfect mug, the smooth surface, and the perfect grip of the handle. Then there’s the rich aroma of the coffee. Our eyes take in the look of the smooth surface of steaming coffee or creamy foam. Then, of course, there’s the taste. Over time we grow in our taste for coffee and we will not settle for just anything. We want the best. We crave an experience. 

Coffee Making as a Ritual

Above all, the simple act of making an amazing cup of coffee is a ritual that should be enjoyed. It is not a chore, but a ceremony. Each rite performed perfectly and to a delicious end. The perfect cup requires the perfect tools, which is why I created this coffee lover’s gift guide.

Do you think of coffee-making as a necessary performance of drudgery? I invite you to reconsider and think of it instead as an experience. To begin with, this thought is better for your mindset. To know that you are starting your day carrying out a ritual of self-care. But also that the act itself is part of your waking up process. Give yourself the time deserved to welcome the new day with joy

As you are shopping for loved ones, consider their hobbies and habits. If you have coffee lovers on your list, why not pass on the idea of crafting the perfect cup as self-care? We could all use a mindset shift as life continues in Elsewhere. 

Additionally, it should be noted that experts warn that shoppers can expect to face shipping delays and many items will be out of stock. Be sure you complete your shopping early!

Here are some wonderful finds that I’ve come across for every budget:

Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide: Kettles

First up we have kettles. Perfect for the pour-over or French press enthusiasts.

Coffee Lover's Gift Guide

Coffee Lovers Guide: Stelton Emma Electric Kettle

2ModernStelton Emma Electric Kettle


Coffee Lover's Gift Guide Stelton Emma Electric Kettle
Crate & Barrel Stelton Emma Electric Kettle

Cream and Sugar SetsCoffee Lover's Gift Guide, Wedgwood cream and sugar


Crate & Barrel Merge Cream and Sugar Set
Next up, Crate & Barrel Merge Cream and Sugar Set
Chemex Cream and Sugar Set
Crate & Barrel Chemex Cream and Sugar Set

Milk Frothers

Smeg Cream Milk Frother
Here we have Crate & Barrel Smeg Cream Milk Frother
Breville ® Milk Cafe ™ Milk Frother
Crate & Barrel Breville ® Milk Cafe ™ Milk Frother

These next selections are for the committed coffee lover.

Espresso machines

Breville ® Oracle ® Touch Brushed Stainless Steel Espresso Machine
If you are looking to go all out for the coffee lover in your life, this Crate & Barrel Breville ® Oracle ® Touch Brushed Stainless Steel Espresso Machine is the ultimate gift.
Smeg Cream Espresso Machine
Then there’s this beauty. I love the retro look of this Crate & Barrel Smeg Cream Espresso Machine
SAGE The Barista Express Coffee Machine
Next up in the coffee lover’s gift guide, this Harrods SAGE The Barista Express Coffee Machine is a gorgeous midrange machine.
De'Longhi Manual Espresso & Cappuccino Machine
Saks Fifth Avenue De’Longhi Manual Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

I hope you have enjoyed this coffee lover’s gift guide. Do you have a favorite coffee ritual? Please tell me in the comments! I love to hear about great coffee. Thank you and happy shopping! 

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