The One Thing Every Ambitious Person Needs… A Motivation Journal

A motivational Journal

If you’re seeking out motivational journals then this article is for you. We provide the reasons every person needs a motivation journal, along with a few of the top journals to use. However, before we reveal everything, here is what you need to know about motivation.

Every obstacle seems to move aside for the person who is truly motivated.  For the truly ambitious and highly motivated, just about every goal is conquerable.

Yet, motivation can also be extremely elusive, even for the most ambitious among us.

“Ambition Without The Motivation to Act, is Called Day-Dreaming.”

Truth is, there are times when motivation seems to avoid even the best of us, appearing as something slippery, difficult to grasp, and hard to maintain.  Unfortunately, when our motivation eludes us, we can feel trapped in a vicious cycle of procrastination and idleness.

But you know what?  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Motivation and goal achievement don’t have to be such a challenge for us.  In fact, you can kill your procrastination woes forever and it’s simpler than you think.

If you consider yourself ambitious, or you’d like to… and the idea of “staying motivated” 24/7/365 interests you, then keep reading.

The Truth About Motivation and Achievement

They say motivation is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals.  But oddly, way too many people struggle these days to find the motivation needed to reach their aims.

Why do they struggle?  They struggle because they sit around and wait for motivation to come to them.  If they’re not feeling “motivated”, they don’t act.

Sure, they act to get started on a big goal or dream when it’s new and the passion to achieve it is red hot.  But, most people stop taking action on their goals when the fire and newness surrounding them fizzles out.

When most people have a bad day, or a day where they feel less than inspired to take action on their goals, they tend to not do much towards accomplishing them.

They let themselves get distracted or decide to consciously do everything except what they originally committed themselves to doing.

No doubt this is a problem, and it’s one we’ve all faced before.

But, there is solution!

The One Thing Every Ambitious Person Needs Is…

The solution, believe it or not, is this….

– Ritual –

Believe it or not, ritual is the little known secret that most accomplished achievers in the world use to motivate themselves.

Study any high performer closely and you’ll notice they don’t depend on motivation to strike before they get their work done.

Nope, they do the work they set out to do, motivated or not.  Why?  Because they’ve ritualized the process of motivation.  Some create early morning routines, and others late night rituals.  But it really doesn’t matter what time of day it occurs, so longs as they have a ritual to move their needle forward.

You see, what high achievers have figured out, is that goal accomplishment is easier to come by when habits have been created that force them to take action daily.

High achievers know that motivation never lasts, and so they find a way to ritualize their motivation.

And can you guess what one of the best ways to ritualize motivation is?

Use a Motivation Journal

If you guessed journaling, you’re right.  Every ambitious person needs a motivation journal to help them create a ritual that motivates.

Create a ritual that motivates, and you’ll end up conquering goals like you never thought you could.

Get in the habit of using a journal and you may just end up conquering goals like some of the greats.

In fact, here are a some of those great people who have used the ritual of journaling to propel themselves to achieve some pretty extraordinary things.

Check them out:

  • The well-known productivity expert, author, and entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss is known to have a daily journaling ritual that he does every morning. He spends at least five to ten minutes jotting down his ideas and plans, which he states helps him “push the ball forward”.
  • Jim Rohn, the world-renowned business philosopher journaled constantly. In fact, keeping a journal was one of his best recommendations for life change and getting on the right track for goal achievement.  If you’ve ever studied or listened to any of Jim Rohn’s famous lectures, you’d hear him zealously encourage everyone to get into the habit of keeping a journal.
  • Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s most famous founding fathers was a consummate journal keeper.   He was known to keep methodical records of his ideas and musings on life, politics, his ideas, and business.  But, most importantly, he would use his journals for the habitual learning, reflection, and accountability that lead him to become the highly accomplished renaissance man we’ve come to revere.
  • One of the most talented individuals to have ever lived, Leonardo Da Vinci, was known to have filled tens of thousands of pages with note taking and planning. And look what that did for him, it helped him become one of the best innovators and artists the world has ever known.  There is something truly magical about journaling, especially when it is used as a mechanism to make progress on your ideas and goals.
  • Albert Einstein wrote more than 80,000 pages in his journals. And well, he was one of the most accomplished physicists to have ever lived.  Was it the journals that lead him to his great achievements?  Probably not 100%, but, the journaling certainly helped him gain clarity around his ideas and improved his thinking; two things that did lead to many of his greatest theoretical accomplishments.

There’s a good reason so many others have also documented why many of the world’s most successful people kept journals.  The reason is because journals are a great way to create a ritual around planning your day, brainstorming your big ideas, visualizing your success, and recording your gratitude… all things some of the most successful people do on the daily.

So, now you know what many of the greats have done to stay motivated to achieve. They used a journal.

Now, all you have to do is get out there and get yourself a journal, and then get to work.

Don’t Know Where to Start? Try These Motivational Journals

Best Motivation Journals

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. We know a thing or two about motivational journals, as such, we’ll be listing our top rated motivational journals below.

Whichever journal you choose, we believe you can’t go wrong with any of the choices below.

1. The Freedom Journal

Our first recommendation is The Freedom Journal. The Freedom Journal is high quality product created by John Lee Dumas of the hit Podcast ‘Entrepreneur On Fire’.

This motivational journal acts as a personal accountability partner, and does a good job helping people stay motivated to accomplish their #1 goal in 100 days.

With that said, we think you’ll like the product. And if you don’t, they have a 100% money-back, 1-year guarantee. So, if you’ve yet to employ this journal, give it a look.

2. Best Self Motivational Journal

Our next suggestion is the Best Life journal. This journal is both a week life planner and a motivational journal tied into one. The Best Life Journal has a daily progress tracker to help you outperform your prior goals.

It also includes a section for cultivating daily gratitude and improving your positivity levels. This is important, because we are more inclined to take action on our goals when we feel good about our lives and about ourselves.

No doubt, it is a motivational journal worthy of your consideration.

3. The Strive Journal

In case you didn’t already know, one of the best journals designed specifically to help you stay motivated long enough to achieve your goals is The Strive Journal.   The Strive Journal is a motivation journal created to help you persist long enough on your goals to see them through.

The components of the journal have been pulled together based off years of journaling and accomplishing goals, and it includes various aspects which are effective for creating feelings of accomplishment, which in turn can motivate you to keep making progress towards goals.

By and large, this motivational journal is terrific for helping you make move forward on your goals and not quit too soon. So, give it a try if you’re struggle with persistence.


Final Thoughts

There you have it, if you you’re looking to journal for motivation, then you can’t go wrong with the motivational journals recommended.

With that being said, the only thing standing between you and the achievement of your goals is the consistent and motivated action needed to bridge the gap.

So, go get yourself a journal and bridge that gap!

Obviously, there are other standard journals and even other motivation journals out there for you to use to help you ritualize your motivation.  So by all means, do further research if you need to, and choose whatever works best for you.

Till next time,


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