The Future of Cars: 4 Technologies Completely Transforming Cars

The Future of Cars: 4 Technologies Completely Transforming Cars

Last Updated on November 15, 2021

Back in 1901, New York City streets were packed with horses and buggies. But by 1914, the buggies had been replaced by automobiles. Auto technology didn’t evolve much in the mid-20th century, but we’re now seeing a rapid shift that brings to mind the industry’s early days. And we’re thrilled about it. Here are some of the cool innovations the next generation of cars will have.

Voice Commands

Cars now feature Alexa-like personal assistants. Voice commands make it easier for you to interact with your car and the environment. Most cars with voice recognition technology have a button which activates the system. Instead of using the infotainment system, the driver speaks commands. The voice recognition system responds to show it has understood the commands.

In-car speech recognition systems minimize distractions for drivers. A driver doesn’t keep looking down at their mobile phone as they drive. Some cars feature a heads-up display, allowing drivers to focus on the road and stay safe.

On-Board Diagnostics

On-Board Diagnostics is a system in a car that monitors and regulates its performance. The system gathers data from sensors which it uses to control car systems or notify the driver about problems. On-board diagnostics tools have many benefits. 

When a car is able to diagnose its problems in real time and accurately, it can alert you about things that need to be repaired immediately and potential problems. Vehicle inspections don’t take too long because the driver already knows what’s wrong with the vehicle. And because you can detect problems early on, your car has enhanced fuel efficiency and better reliability.


Finding a car with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot has become easier than ever. For many people, having Wi-Fi is absolutely worth it. It allows for device connectivity for work or leisure purposes, and a driver can easily drive in new surroundings (because of GPS) and quickly access car emergency services when they need to. 

A driver looking to buy a new car can easily search for a car showroom while in their car and find the best dealerships in town. A connected car can share the internet with devices inside and outside and also share data with any external devices.

“Doctor in Your Car”

A few years ago, Ford partnered with Microsoft and other companies to develop a new technology that helps drivers monitor their health and wellness while in their automobiles. The electrocardiography reader monitors heart function through sensors in the seat. The sensors don’t have to touch the skin to function. 

In the near future, there may be car technology that monitors glucose levels of people with diabetes and other chronic illnesses. While people with diabetes and heart disease already monitor their health at home, this great technology enables them to do it in the car. Chronic illnesses are on the rise, but it’s not always easy to access healthcare providers. “Doctor in Your Car” allows people of all ages to take a hands-on approach to their own health and wellness.

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