Symptoms of low self esteem and the way of developing self esteem

self esteem

Self-esteem is a person’s own value. Self-esteem is a measure of self-love, self-confidence, resilience and emotional state. ‘Success depends on your self esteem, the size of your self image’ many of us have heard the quote. 


Research has shown that low self-esteem causes people suffering from depression, various diseases to take root in the body, and self-confidence to plummet. 

Self-esteem has a huge impact on many important things in our lives, such as success, health, attention, social and family relationships, love, and the workplace. Many people suffer from inferiority complex due to self-esteem and lose faith in themselves.

When we come first into this world no one knows who we are! When we slowly grow up, people start telling us about us, what we hear, what we see all those makes our identity. All these information from outside enter our mind and we keep comparing ourselves with those. Our mind picks up some information from there and creates an Self image. That is how our self-esteem is built.

Symptoms of low self-esteem:- 

  • A person with low self-esteem will try to distant himself socially, reduce his interactions with people, gradually try to immerse self in himself, and stop associating with friends and avoid any party.
  • Violence will increase in their mind.  Enmity with people will increase.  Make the relationship worse by focusing on small incidents.  Get excited about little things, get into arguments, always look angry.
  • They will afraid of submitting their own opinion.  Before giving an opinion, they will think again and again whether the person will feel bad, whether someone will not accept his opinion.  They will be afraid to present themselves in front of others.
  • Become indiceceive. Family matters, business, health or love, they will be afraid to decide in any case. Even so, they are refrained from making decisions on very simple, minor matters.
  • A person with low self-esteem can not take any kind of compliment whether it is good or bad. They can abuse  anyone who compliments them.
  • They are always busy to prove themselves better to others. They do not feel any need to improve themselves.


The reason for low self esteem:- 

  1. Our company and environment:- The comparison with other begins when a child develop. Family members, even parents, often compare their child with other children, keep saying that this child is better than you. The child is much more slandered than praised. Negative incidents are highlighted more in the society.All these different types of informations take our minds and form our identity, what we are! Our self-identity, self-dignity are created which influence our self esteem.
  2. Troumatic event:- Even a major accident in a person’s life, such as abuse or a major injury, can lead to low self-esteem. When all these incidents come to mind again and again, the unknown fear friezes in the mind and makes one feel insecure, panicked. 
  3. Failure again and again:- If a person repeatedly fails in certain tasks, his self-esteem will automatically go down.

How to develop self esteem:- 

  • Write down your achievements:- Write down everything you have achieved, all that has worked well  in your life so far. At first you may remember one or two, even, sometimes negative thoughts may pop-up and there is nothing to worry about. Write down one or two achievements that come to mind, when you can remember, you will see page after page filling up. This method will increase your self-confidence many times over. Usually low self esteem puts us in a negative state so it becomes almost impossible to think of something positive.  All the negative aspects of life float in front of the eyes in that time. Whenever you start writing your mind will automatically shift towards positive.
  • Change your belief:- So far, the negative statements you have received from outside or from one that have been said about you have never been a universal truth. Learn to believe in yourself, learn to love yourself.  Keep doing the things you like. Develop yourself. Emphasize your own mental development, gather knowledge. Believe that you are one of the best creations of the Creator.
  • Appreciate all the compliments:- If someone gives you a good compliment, accept it from the heart and thank him. Many will give negative compliments, accept them as learning.  Learn to think in such a way that the negative compliment highlights your specific weakness so that you have to improve in that place.

  • Learn to be grateful:- Getting free air of nature, getting light, water, getting free open sky, getting shelter to stay, getting food, getting opportunity to mix with different people, getting opportunity to talk, growing up in the lap of this universe for so long and for these all learn to express gratitude to everyone. You should be grateful for you are still alive.  Many people do not get enough food, shelter or opportunity to live.Don’t regret what you didn’t get, but prepare yourself to get it. Set the right goal and follow the right path to get there.


Only when self-esteem increases the outside world will respect you, appreciate you, love you.  You will be able to achieve your set goals.

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