Specific Rules About Friendships After 50

Specific Rules About Friendships After 50

There are many articles written on friendship and they seem to be  nonspecific. After reading a few you probably think to yourself, “I don’t want to read  further. This article is not answering my questions.”  In my humble opinion the reason articles on friendship are general in nature is because women have so many different questions on this hugely important topic that writers asked themselves, “where should I begin!”  Afterall, women have different mindsets, personalities, attitudes, lifestyles and problems.  However, I believe there is  one story, with guidelines for all of us.  The specific rules about  friendships after the age of 50

As we cross from one passage of life into another and turning 50 plus is definitely a significant one we look at ourselves in our mirror and say, “Now what?” We are suddenly empty nesters, retired, or divorced or we are   downsizing and moving. With change comes change and  this involves meeting new women. One thing never changes: every woman needs connections with women.

You can be an introvert or an extrovert, a closed book or a delightful communicator, a gad about town or a loner by nature and I will wager a bet that you abhor feelings of loneliness; of not being able to share opinions about anything and everything with your female counterpart. You want to grow through conversation and experiences and you want to know you have a safety net with friends and acquaintances. 

Did you realize that there are definite stages of friendship? Did you know that most of us have unreal expectations?  

For starters, good friendships‘ don’t happen, they progress through the following stages: Acquaintances, Peer friends, Close friends and finally, Best friends. You have to be intentional to have social, ‘girlfriend’ success


All friendships start as an Acquaintance. You share public, not private information. You don’t consider them your friend and it takes a few times seeing or sharing information with them to put them in the acquaintance category. They may never move past this stage. 


A few weeks ago I reached out to a young woman ( Acquaintance) for advice. She worked for me and I respected her. I asked her if she knew of a boutique company that would be a good fit with HG to build my new website. She did! And, it is a perfect fit! My relationship with her will not progress past the acquaintance stage. 


A Peer is a woman who has the same common interests and concerns. It takes time to develop a peer relationship because a peer is someone you meet numerous times in order to have some form of involvement. Most of these relationships go no further unless you find your values and goals mirror one another. 


Thirty years ago, I met Barbara. We were on a Woman’s Board. There was an instant attraction between us. They say a woman knows in less than one minute whether or not they like you! Barbara and I spent little time together until several years later when by chance we both moved to California Today she is one of my circle of  best friends.  


A Close Friend is part of your inner circle. You share similar goals and values. These are women who know about your life and have probably ridden your high and low waves with you. You see and talk often and look forward to sharing with one another. 


In the past two weeks I had three friends who needed me. One of these women lives across the hall, another a few floors down and the other lives in a Chicago suburb.   

My friend across the hall had a bad fall so I made dinner for her and her husband. 

Another friend I text almost daily so she knows I care and am interested in her well being. She is not well.

Another friend’s husband broke his hip. She did not ask for my help, I offered it. I knew of a male caregiver who could help her out when her husband came home from the hospital. I called him and he is now helping my girlfriend and her husband. 

As busy as I am I enjoy lending support to my close friends. It fills my cup.  

Sustaining close friendships is time consuming and takes work. Do you maintain your close friendships, sweet reader?


Trust. Trust. Trust.  That is the best friend, creed. You are committed, without saying a word, to one another. This friendship requires your loyalty, honesty and your ability to give.


Your acquaintances are unlimited; you usually discuss facts with them and your level of trust is zero.

Your Peer friends are many. You play cards with them, golf with them, work side by side with them, are in a book club together, etc. You probably disclose your opinions with them and your level of  trust is somewhat.

Your Close friends are small in number. You allow them into your personal life discussing some weaknesses and problems. Your level of trust is up there. 

Your Best friends are very few in number. You have intimate conversations on all levels of your life and you trust them to the heights. 


Therefore, sweet reader, you notice the numbers shrink as you go from stage to stage and your pool of candidates gets increasingly smaller! So, do not be hard on yourself. You can be in a room with 100 acquaintances and care to seek out a possible few you might move into the Peer friend stage! 

Once you invite them in you some will disappoint you. Trust me, I know. They may not share your values, gossip ( naturally!) and are untrustworthy or they are too busy for you and have no time for another woman in their life! This is great news because you are learning, dear reader. 

Some friendships do not last forever. Unforeseen circumstances have their way of intervening as well as misunderstandings. This is part of every woman’s life so don’t be shocked. Be sad and mourn when this happens  but do not be shocked.


  1.  It is impossible to be friends with everyone.             
  2.  You will reap what you sow. 
  3. You will receive back the same amount of friendliness you give out.
  4. Friendships take time to germinate. Don’t rush them.


There is no formula. It depends on your type of personality. What works for one woman will not work for another. 


I enjoy my thousands of Acquaintances and Peer Friendships because I like to learn, am curious and enjoy conversing on many topics and on many levels. I have wonderful acquaintances around the world.

I have 7 close friends and 5 best friends  in my intimate inner circle. My daughter, daughter in law and a granddaughter are included in my list. 

Truth be told, I love  and enjoy spending time with women.  If I had  time to cultivate, nurture and could be a discerning ‘picker’ I would have more. I am blessed by women who have enriched my life in many ways. If any of you are reading this musing, thank you for your friendship. You are valued beyond words. 



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