Some tremendous Experiences and learnings from the attitude of Covid patients and their relatives from the ground zero of a Hospital.

Extend a helping hand

I have come before you today with the experience of some real events of the past few days. Not only events but also a number of lessons and real experiences which I have found to be very appropriate in the life of each of us in this pandemic situation. Over the past few days, I have spent several times on the premises of our nearby Covid Hospital, extending a helping hand to one of my acquaintances (about my sister) and a few other strangers. And in this regard, I gained various experiences by talking with doctors, nurses, staffs, relatives of patients. I want to share with you about such experiences.


First case: An elderly lady, effected by corona, had been hospitalized for the past 14 days. In spite of staying close to the hospital the relatives of her did not even inquire of the patient even over phone, let her alone stay in the hospital. At last, when her second test report came to negative, the hospital authorities repeatedly called her family, but no one came to receive her. After staying that way for two days, she fell ill again.  Although not Covid this time, the name of the disease is trauma. and this disease is so severe that the gentlewoman who had recovered after beating Covid, urinated in fear and soaked her dress.

Learning and Experiences 1: Covid does not mean to death. At any age , any one can recover from this. Much bigger disease than this is the inhumanity, contaminated mentality. Our society needs to cure this disease first. Trauma takes away the desire to survive.

Love is the greatest cure
Second case: An unmarried lady about thirties was sitting  just infront of the hospital’s second gate (Two gates, the first to enter the patients and the other for the doctors, nurses and enquiry office). Seeing very worried, I approached her and asked her if anyone was admitted.  Why she was so worried? In reply she said “I have a close relative admitted, oxygen is running, shortness of breath, I do not know what will happen”!  Etc. etc.. From then on, whenever I met her, I would look for all the good and bad, advantages and disadvantages. As a result, my acquaintance with her increased, and she began to trust me, and share the whole thing and I became amazed. The lady is the lover of the sick gentleman. There are parents, wife, son and brother in the gentleman’s house, no one came here in fear. The lady reached here as soon as she got the news and is lying here day and night. Despite her hundreds of worries, she is equally courageous when talking to the patient. You may not believe that within eight days the gentleman recover unexpectedly and without a cylinder, oxygen level is 96. The joy of victory is now in the lady’s eyes.

Experiences and Learning 2: What society calls an illegitimate relationship, today the legitimacy of that relationship seems to be accepted by God. I do not know what’s the matter!  The householder may have good intentions but fear of death is forcing them to behave like this. But the only question in my mind is ‘will the love that saved the man be ever recognised’? Love teaches to take care, Care teaches people to live and focus on to survive from difficult situations.

Protect the heart with the soul

Third Case: About My Sister, Oxygen was provided at home but was immediately admitted to hospital as her condition was deteriorated. Relatives are all worried.  Everyone’s mind is burdened with sorrow and panic. I realise that if this situation continued the patient could no longer be saved because this negativity would enter her and make her weaker. I started telling my relatives, I have been talked to with the doctors, nurses and staffs, they have all said that the patient is fine now and is improving rapidly. They will detach the oxygen mask in a day or two. At the same time, the anxiety subsided and the whole family returned to the positive state and not only that, the whole effect began to fall on the patient. Within two days the oxygen level increased a lot. She is much better now and reading books, making up her, even was helping the patient in the next bed.

Learning and Experiences 3: Hopeless ness creates a very complex situation. At critical times we need to think about what we can do or whether we are doing the right thing, not thinking about the thing which are beyond our control. The positive vibration of relatives and the universe always works well on everyone, a patient is not exceptional. We never know what will happen to us in the next moment, but in this moment, when alive, are we doing something good with our beloved ones? Do we caring about him or her? are we  giving real value to him or her?There is no benefit in regretting later.

Sometimes we may fall while running but immediately we must try to get up.

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