Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

Skincare Tips

Dealing with dry skin that flakes out on you regularly can be disheartening, if not challenging. A good skincare routine can take care of all of your dry skin concerns. It adds moisture to the skin and reverses the dryness to a large extent. 

Good dermatologists like those from Metropolitan Dermatology Mt. Holly navigates various studies that disclose the reasons for dry skin. Dry skin may be due to genetics, hard water, environmental factors, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, irritants, or excessive face washing. All of these factors can be dealt with under the care of a good dermatologist.

Dermatologists state that the external factors that cause dryness are easier to deal with than the internal factors. Flaky lips or dry skin can be owing to vitamin B deficiency. Such a deficiency increases the chance of sensitivity to skincare products. This issue can be resolved by consuming vitamin B supplements. 

Taking care of dry skin is not very different from taking care of skin in general. One needs to follow the CTEM process just like any other skin type. 

CTEM stands for cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing. While the skincare routine may have the same steps to taking care of dry skin like any other skin type, the products used and the ingredients are different. 

Let us take you through some tips recommended by top dermatologists to take care of dry skin. 

Tips for Dry Skin


When dealing with dry skin, make sure to pick out a gentle cleanser for your skin. A non-foaming cleanser is a good option. A harsh cleanser might strip away the moisture from your skin. This will make your skin even more dry and flaky to deal with. 

Start your day with a fresh face and cleanse it once you’re out of bed. Cleanse your face before bedtime to take off the dirt that accumulates on your skin throughout the day. This preps your skin for the next step that is moisturizing. 


Remember that when you are dealing with dry skin, you are dealing with flaky dead skin cells. Therefore, exfoliating is the ideal way of getting rid of it. Use a gentle exfoliator once a week to scrub away all the dead skin cells. Go in with an exfoliator that has been recommended by your dermatologist and is specially designed for taking care of dry skin. This ensures that you do not pick a product that has any side effects on your skin.


Since we are dealing with dry skin, toning gets replaced with facial oils and serums. Serums and facial oils are good to pack on the moisture right before going in with a moisturizer. You can consider a vitamin C serum laced with hyaluronic acid for your face. Hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which start showing early on dry skin. 


The most important step to healthy skin for any skin type is never to skip SPF. Wear your sunscreen throughout the year. Consider opting for a minimum of SPF 30 during winters and monsoons and a maximum of SPF 50 during summers. After you are done applying your sunscreen, you may want to go in with a light moisturizer. You may use your sunscreen underneath your moisturizer or over it. A lot of people prefer applying sunscreen underneath their makeup. 

Final Thoughts:

Always remember that hydration is the key when it comes to dealing with dry skin. Therefore, make sure you are consuming enough liquid and that your skin is hydrated inside out. Do not over-exfoliate and consider taking skin supplements after consulting with your dermatologist. 

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