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How to Overcome Relationship Anxiety?

There is some good news about understanding how to deal with relationship anxiety. Once you can identify and acknowledge it, you can find ways to overcome it. Let’s explore some tips for learning how to cope with relationship anxiety. 

Talk to a therapist

Therapy can be great for any type of stress. That goes for relationship anxiety too. Both individuals and couples therapy have been found effective in helping when one or both people in a relationship are experiencing anxiety. Therapists can help you cope, so you can move past your anxiety and focus on building a stronger connection with your partner.

Focus on your thoughts

Learning to manage how you think can be the first step in overcoming your relationship anxiety. Especially if you have negative thoughts or self-esteem issues, or if you have a tendency to make assumptions about your partner’s motivations and intentions, you can learn how to change your thought behaviors to better your relationship. 

Because relationship anxiety is so often a result of consistent, excessive worrying, therapy approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be very successful in building skills to heal your relationship.

Manage your physical symptoms

Self-care is always a great practice, regardless of what state of mind you’re in. It’s essential that you learn to manage your physical symptoms by recognizing them and taking steps so they don’t take over. 

If you’re finding that you have an increased heart rate, rapid breathing, or trembling, mindfulness techniques like deep breathing, meditation, and even working out can all help. Getting enough sleep and eating healthy are other ways you can manage the physical reactions you have to your anxiety.

Focus on your actions

Being aware of your behavior means you can change it. For example, if you know you have issues with trust and you’re acting out because of them, you should learn to redirect your energy. Beyond that, you can find out why you aren’t trusting your partner. Finding productive and healthy ways to deal with a lack of trust can help you in many facets of life.

Practice positive communication

Poor communication might be one of the biggest factors of stress in a relationship. Therapy can help with this as well. Being able to effectively communicate can alleviate anxiety, as you learn how to address it before it gets out of control.

Try to be mindful

Meditation and other mindful practices like journaling can help all kinds of anxiety. Having an outlet and being able to center and ground yourself are amazing skills that you can apply to many areas of your life.

If you experience anxiety in relationships and need help managing it, reach out to a licensed therapist from Talkspace today.

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