September Is The Month To Get From Here To There

September Is The Month To Get From Here To There

I love the month of September! It is a 30 day period of time that I think of as a period of reevaluating what does and does not make my heart sing. September is the month I say to my burdens, “Au revoir.” It is the first month of fall so I think of myself as a tree shedding unwanted leaves with the intent of reblooming with newness in the Spring.

I give myself time to break old habits, make changes and forge ahead with new and even daring thoughts. Remember, life is what we make it and change is difficult. September is not the month for excuses. It is time to fire up your engine with a game plan, never using fear or age as a roadblock and believing you will reap what you sow.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. It is not an easy task to get from here to there when you are stymied. I am in the midst of that. I say to myself because I am so positive, “Life is either a daring adventure…or nothing.”

My Story

Eight years ago I started writing because I was bored with my busyness. I have no regrets. Over the course of time, I have jumped over a minimum of a million and one hurdles. And, I could write a book and I may, who knows. Ask Susan Berman Hammer who has been with since day one. She knows. Through a multitude of tears, disappointments, and frustration over running a company, I have never wanted to stop what I am doing. Why? Because I have bloomed into the woman I am today and I am happy. How did I learn?


I learned because the stories I wrote were always authentic. Over a period of years without knowing it I was analyzing myself. So all the buckets of tears I shed trying to learn technology, all the disappointments that shocked me from people who worked for me, all the long hours I worked and plowed through problems, the lost hours of sleep, and missing out on spending time with girlfriends are a drop in the bucket to what I gained.

I am passionate when I say to you, “When you hear your passion calling, seek it out.” You can get from here to there. I believe in wishing upon a star and making your dreams come true. After all, it has to start somewhere so why not in the month of September?

My Friend Gwen

Today, I ran into Gwen. I had not seen her in years. She approached me with a question because she is now at the age of eighty-two or more and a first-time author! She wrote a children’s book that is now sold in Target, Amazon, and other private and large box stores! Gwen is filled with enthusiasm! She is like a kid in a candy store! And, she talked non-stop. I felt her adrenaline pumping and then I felt mine mirror hers. We had a marvelous experience and conversation. Before leaving me she said, “I am waiting for a call from my PR person in New York! Bye.”

One of her friends asked her, “Why are you writing a book and giving up your bridge games that are so stimulating? Why aren’t you spending time socializing with your friends?” Gwen told me why. She had done that and no longer found it stimulating. It was not a reason to live. She was finally experiencing authentic success and getting a sweet taste of honey. I am sure we will have lunch together and never stop talking. And finally one of us will say, “Who’s on first!”

Authentic Success

Darling, I believe this is a key to happiness over 50. I call it authentic success because it is genuine. It is having the time to pursue personal pursuits that bring pleasure into your life and never having to say to yourself, “Next year.”

Personal pursuits can be so many different things but mainly it is having a contented heart and peace of mind. It is knowing you are living your life your way and feeling happy and content within yourself. Amen.

My Situation

It took nine months of stress to find a boutique company to help me rebrand Honey Good and build a new website. I was met with unimaginable disappointments, roadblocks, and most importantly not feeling in sync with those companies that wanted to work with me.

I finally reached out to a young woman who had worked for me. I respected her advice and knew she would not lead me purposely astray. I was correct. She introduced me to the company that fit my needs and theirs to perfection, that is if there is such a word in business. You see, I am finally learning!

Everything is in place, the contract is going to be signed on Monday or Tuesday and Honey Good will be on her way to new heights for her readers.

Bombs Dropped

And then… three bombs dropped. One expected. My editor who has been with me for over two and one-half years gave me a two weeks notice. My head of sales gave me notice the same day as my editor! She and her husband decided it is incumbent upon her to homeschool their four children 13 years and younger. She will stay by my side for a month. Then my social media editor, just out of college, wants a raise! I thought of Chicken Little, “The sky is falling!”

This was a perfect time of reflection. I asked myself, “Should I close the window on this passage of my life?” I lost sleep over it. So what else is new!

Honey Good has filled my life with abundance. Abundant success is feeling so gratified for the many blessings bestowed upon me from the many women who read and write to me, the lessons I have learned, and the pride I feel within. My heart is overflowing. What more can I ask for? Nothing. Honeywood will prevail better than ever. Stay tuned.

Have you experienced abundant success? Please share with me in the comments at the bottom of this page. I want to hear from you! 

Warmly, Honey

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