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The youth of any country is an asset of that country. And arming young people with skills for employment helps a country addressing current and future challenges.

On July 15th, every year, the global celebration of world youth skills day takes place. It focuses upon the strategic importance of skill development in youth.

World Youth Skills Day took place in a complex environment. The worldwide closure of technical and vocational education and training due to the COVID-19 pandemic barred the actual celebration.

History Of World Youth Skills Day

The United Nations declared July 15th as World Youth Skills Day. It is the day seeking to generate greater awareness of the importance of vocational education, training, and youth development for both local and global economies. The day raised hope of reducing unemployment among the youth across the globe. Also, the day highlights the critical need for viable skills in youth.

The development of skills in youth is a vital topic to achieve economic growth and personal success. On July 15th, 2015, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, launched a skill India mission. Ever since that day, India celebrates the anniversary of the launch of the Skill India mission. In India, it is an initiative by the central government to empower the youth skill and make them more productive in their work environment.

According to UNESCO, nearly 70% of the world’s learners are affected by school closures. The international labor organization reported that distance learning is the most common way of conveying skills right now. But there are sizable difficulties such as syllabus adaption, connectivity, and certification process.

We all must remember that whenever there is a crisis in a country, the entire nation calls the youth to contribute. Thus, they must be equipped with skills and knowledge for successfully managing upcoming challenges.

The Objectives of Skill Development in Youth

Skill development programs aimed at:

  • Overall improvement of a person who can be an excellent resource for the country.
  • Building core skills in youth that they will need for life. Skills help them maintain their work and social relationships successfully.
  • Enabling young people to make smooth transitions at work.

World Youth Skills Day Quotes

Learning is not always easy, but practices what you find difficult, and you will see how easy the learning process becomes for you.

We can help the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate this day by uploading videos of us outlining how learning some skills have helped us.

Follow your dreams and use your natural-born talents and skills to make this world a better place to live.

Learning a new skill is like seeing a new world, every youth should feel this experience.

This is a very interesting day to observe, and I hope people are inspired to learn new skills by hearing the stories of others Learning new skills.

Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation.

On the occasion of World Youth Skill Day, you should understand that learning any new skill is not easy, but everything can be learned with constant practice.

A skill can be anything and everything, and we can try learning whatever skill we find interesting

There is no comparison among skills, as all skills are useful.

Only a well-learned skill and tremendous enthusiasm towards that work can give birth to the best personality.

World Youth Skills Day Best Wishes

The habit of continuous learning and always moving forward should be in every youth which is important for them and the country.

Learning a new skill is challenging as well as giving birth to enthusiasm, Happy World Youth Skill Day.

This day targets the youths more specifically because the young age is the easiest time of our lives to master new skills.

Learning something new in life and taking forward the country along with its own development is a better job, Happy World Youth Skill Day

World Youth Skill Day is the best opportunity for us when we can inspire all the youth to learn something new and move forward, Happy World Youth Skill Day.

Always keep learning new skills in life and continuously develop the country and yourself as a youth, Happy World Youth Skill Day.

Our goal in life is not to leave anyone in the middle, but to move forward by learning something new ourselves.[/pullquote

A person is not judged by his or her looks but is judged by the skills he or she has, Happy World Youth Skill Day.

To get better in life, we have to make ourselves better by learning new skills.

When a youth develops, he presents his country with him, Happy World Youth Skill Day.

World Youth Skills Day Messages & Best Slogans

  • “We were wild, we were crazy, we were mostly young. Happy World Youth Skills Day.”
  • “The world will never run out of things that you can take an interest in and develop some skills related to that.”
  • “A skill can be anything and everything, and we can try learning whatever skill we find interesting. Happy World Youth Skills Day 2021.”
  • “It becomes easy to learn new things in life, when we learn things with enthusiasm and expect some meaningful result from it.”
  • “Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants. Happy World Youth Skills Day.”
  • “Youth is the backbone of any country, so we should constantly motivate them to learn something new.”
  • “This is a very interesting day to observe, and I hope people are inspired to learn new skills by hearing the stories of others Learning new skills. Happy World Youth Skills Day.”
  • “Do not ever compare your skills with anybody else’s because all kinds of skills are useful in this world. Happy World Youth Skills Day.”
  • “When you learn a new skill, then you open the way for your own development as well as the development of your nation.”
  • “On the occasion of World Youth Skill Day, we need to commit ourselves that we will constantly learn new things and play our role in the development of the country.”

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Summing Up:

In many parts of the world, the governments organize events on World Youth Skills Day. Youth unemployment is becoming a severe problem in today’s economies and societies. And according to the latest news, since 2017, significantly fewer youth have participated in skill improvement programs, education, or training. In 2016 around 259 billion young people were classified as non-participants of any training programs. The number later rose to over 265 billion in 2019. Without necessary measures, the number may increase to around 280 billion at the end of 2021.

This is high time we focus on reducing the unemployment rate. We all must come together to support skill training and education for our country’s youth. Because there is nothing more beneficial than utilizing the potential of the youth for economic and social progress. That is how we can meet our needs and aspirations and define our country’s future.

Skilling people through good quality vocational education can really make a difference in the global youth employment crisis. A few key factors are holding the increment of employment opportunities, such as weak governance structure. But with proper planning, we can make sustainable development of countries and economies with our youth.

If you really want to be a part of skilling the youth, World Youth Skills Day is perfect to start. You can become a mentor, create courses for the youth and build skills in youth. Remember that even a single step taken from your end can make a huge difference.

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