Push Through Mental Barriers | Keone Pearson Back Workout Motivation

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We’ve all had those workouts that felt like they just weren’t clicking. You’re tired. You’re sore. You’re hungry. You feel weak. You would rather be anywhere else than in the gym doing what you’re doing. Even the pros feel this. And that’s exactly how IFBB Pro 212, Keone Pearson, was feeling in the beginning of this workout leading into his victory at the 2021 Chicago pro. He takes a minute and realizes that no one cares about his excuses. His competition is out there going 100%, so why shouldn’t he? From that point on it is Beast Mode = Activated 😤 Check out his workout below ⬇️

Exercise 1 / Lat Pulldown
Exercise 2 / Smith Machine Barbell Row
Exercise 3 / Iso Hammer Lat Pulldow
Exercise 4 / Chest Supported T-Bar Row
Exercise 5 / Rope Pullover
Exercise 6 / Low Cable Row
Exercise 7 / Dumbbell Hammer Curls

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