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Today, almost every child has access to a phone, tablet or laptop. Often young users use these devices for entertainment. However, contrary to popular belief, video games for children help them to develop, but the duration of these games per day must be limited and the game should be chosen correctly. One of the platforms with great games is Game Karma, where you can find games for different tastes and themes.

Video games for children are computer programs that allow kids to play alone or with others. Such games can be downloaded to the device, but it is more convenient to play online. This way, you do not overload your device and can play with other players.

What are the main types of video games for kids? 

There is no doubt that today your child can choose the kind of games that he or she likes the most. There are several types of video games for kids, including:

  • action games;
  • adventure games;
  • simulation games;
  • strategic games;
  • family games (sports, running and rhythm);
  • Logical games (thinking, developing).

Among these games, it is also necessary to distinguish between games with an end and online games without an end. It means that the player can play endlessly.

The benefits of video games for children

Of course, video games from Game Karma have many advantages! Contrary to some parents’ beliefs that games are not a way for children to develop, professionals say that on the computer, the child learns to use the mouse, move the cursor and get acquainted with the basics of working on the computer.

Through games, the child discovers basic concepts such as colors, sizes and shapes. With the help of the console, the child has to manipulate the controller, which forces him/her to a two-way activity, using both hands and, therefore, working on his coordination.

Moreover, video games stimulate attention, motivation, concentration, memory, problem-solving, visual recognition, speed, logic, and hand-eye coordination.

Video games also encourage patience and sharing when playing with others. Some video games sometimes made me want to play sports.

Disadvantages of video games for kids

It is also important to point out that if Video Games are not chosen correctly or they are used too often could have several disadvantages. As you understand, no console and no video game will replace the traditional game or sport. Sometimes excessive exposure to screens contributes to children’s sedentary lifestyles, and therefore to overweight and obesity (however, genetics play a big role in children).

No universal standard guarantees the quality of a particular children’s video game. Some experts claim that overuse weakens the eye muscles, causing fatigue and headaches, as well as muscle problems due to children’s posture before these games.

Without a minimum period of rest to allow the brain to recover, certain areas of the brain begin to communicate with each other in an abnormal way.

As you can see, all these disadvantages of games are related to the fact that children and adults abuse the time spent in front of the computer. If your child plays games less than 1.5 hours a day, then it will only benefit your kid. 

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