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I have been organizing…

Without order in a woman’s life, there is internal havoc. 

When I walk into my condo-in-the-sky I always feel an overwhelming feeling of contentment. I love the decor and I luxuriate in its orderliness. Everything is in place and I feel like I do on a clear day when I can see forever…

If there is no order, I become edgy.  When I open a drawer, search for a file, look on my shelves, or cabinets, and cannot find what I’m looking for. Or in my closet and even in the refrigerator, I  become out of sorts because my harmonious state of mind vanishes. And in its place, I become overwhelmed with the feeling of bedlam. My body tenses and my mind goes into a frenzied state of overload. Do you feel what I feel? 


I do practice the ancient Chinese science of Feng Sui. This tells the believer when, where, and how one’s work must be done to bring good fortune into their home. It is based on orderly principles a woman must incorporate into her daily life. So even on a rainy and cloudy day, she can see forever. I believe a woman’s home is an extension of herself.

I have been organizing our condo-in-the-sky for well over a year, and have yet to complete the task. It began when we moved from my Shangrila, our second home in California. 

I have not finished because, darling, a home is a woman’s retreat that reflects her needs and personality. Organizing is a process that takes time and must be laced with order. Always remembering that hidden disorder, our drawers, closets, files, etc is as important to tackle as visual disorder. 

So relax. Do a drawer a day. Take a week to do a closet. A month to do your papers and files. You will be cleansing your inner self as well as the drawers and closets as you toss. 

Whatever is no longer practical or of value to you, let it go. In no time you will replace it with something you ‘have to have.’ I am smiling!


Organizing and reorganizing requires a well thought-out plan and a lot of your time. I know your daily schedule is filled with a little of this and a lot of that and it requires time. Your family and social life require your time. 

Organizing your home can always wait for another day. That is, darling, until the day arrives that you finally acknowledge the tumult in your closet. And that of your shelves, in your files is preventing you from feeling joy. Your mind is beginning to feel as disorganized as your drawers. And that your mind, as well as your home, is no longer a reflection of the real you. 

I have come to the conclusion a woman’s home is her barometer. It is a reading. Every room’s decor reflects her personal style. And, her drawers and closets? Yes, they do also.

Behind shut cabinets and drawers also reflects a woman’s aura. A two-faced woman exhibits orderliness on the outside; her outer style. An authentic woman is as neat behind closed cabinets and drawers.  She has harmony in her life because order reigns. 

Living an orderly life is a pleasurable feeling but it takes time. Don’t be hard on yourself. Remember that organizing your possessions is a work in progress. 


When we moved I had to build out space. I turned a closet in our kitchen into my entertainment center. This houses china, crystal, silverware, candles, and so on. I also rebuilt a storage room in our condo for things I use on occasion.

With the agreement of my Ultimate Concierge, we decided to have the work done. He taught me that nothing good happens by accident so I did my homework. 

Before I hired a company, I visited my girlfriend’s condo. I assessed how a company did her walk-in storage room. I wanted to see their workmanship. Then I interviewed the consultant and designer my friend used. After much thought, I decided to use the same company and designer.  

If you want to build out anything in your home I recommend California Closets. They are reasonably priced, their designers are well schooled, they keep their word and if mistakes are made they correct them. I was thrilled with the outcomes. 

I am using the same company again to redo two closets for my hanging clothes, shoes, and handbags. The plans are complete and my closet will be ready in June. Before we start I will send you a video of the before and later the after! 

I have large file cabinets in my office. I share an office with my ultimate concierge. My business and personal files are a work in progress. I find this project the most tedious. Papers. Papers. And more papers. I find myself moving slowly with a plan. 

Here’s how I took charge of my day-to-day organization.

I have purchased different color matching folders and files. One color will be for household. One color will house medical and insurance files. Another color will be for travel and entertainment and lastly, I will have family files. The colors are yellow, red, green and blue. I purchased an electronic product to print file names.

I will share with you my before and after and possibly do an ebook!


This is what I tell myself …

When I:

  • Take it off, I hang it up.
  • Throw it down, I pick it up!
  • Clear the table, I load the dishwasher
  • Open it, I close it.
  • Sign up for a class, I attend.

These small tasks create discipline. Discipline creates order.

Order creates harmony. Harmony creates joy. Amen.

Because when everything is clear … I can see forever!

Our condo-in-the-sky is an ample size but, not ample enough to consume two homes into one space. I had to prioritize when we moved and though hard, I managed. 

And so can you if you decide it’s worth it.

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