Meet Nivedita Bhasin, the Youngest Woman Pilot to Command a Jet Plane

Capt. Nivedita Bhasin

In 1989, Nivedita Bhasin became the youngest woman pilot in the world civil aviation history to command a commercial jet aircraft.

Nivedita had to break several barriers in the male-dominated profession to make her dream come true.

At the age of 26, she received her command on a Boeing 737 and became the youngest woman captain of a jet plane in the world. Seven years later, she went on to become the commander of an Airbus 300.

In 2011, she even participated in a dangerous mission rescuing Indian nationals trapped in Libya during the civil war.

With over 22,000 hours of flying, she was also the co-pilot in the world’s first all-women crew flight in 1985 and later became the first female pilot to serve as Air India’s chief safety officer.

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