Ideas Of Traditional Kitchen Designs From Around The World

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Human life is dominated by culture. It may be discovered and expressed in a variety of contexts, including cuisine, labor, art, and even everyday life. This is also applied in various kitchen designs in different countries. Kitchen designs are usually identified by certain eras and design concepts and rarely by country. However, each country has its own unique characteristics and features when it comes to designing kitchens.

Asian kitchen design ideas are more minimalistic and practical. Mexican kitchens on the other hand are maximalists. Kitchens in Europe have a similar design style of being bright and modern yet having traditional style kitchen components such as wooden cabinetry and balancing it out with brilliant white granite worktops.

Here are a few traditional kitchen ideas from across the world that you might want to include in your own kitchen.

1. English Kitchen Design

English kitchen designs are known for incorporating a natural look and the use of decorations to bring color to the overall style. In contrast, the cabinets and cupboards are typically white, while the countertops will be either wood or black granite. Subway tile or something more opulent is two options for classic tiling. These designs are basic, yet they establish a bright and airy tone for the entire area.

2. French Kitchen Design

The key to achieving a unified look in a French classic kitchen design is to integrate both beautiful and comfy elements. Even when it comes to kitchen designs, comfort and elegance are important in France. Earthy tones, animal décor, and even toil and flowery textiles will all be used in many French kitchen designs.

3. American Kitchen Design

While there isn’t a set style for a modern American kitchen, having a large and spacious kitchen is essential. With a large American-style kitchen, you have a lot of options for personalizing the space. When considering a kitchen design in the American style, keep in mind that the design can incorporate elements from different places.

4. Italian Kitchen Design

The minimalist designs, sleek aesthetics, open spaces, and plenty of light are all hallmarks of an Italian modern kitchen design. The use of timber materials and stainless steel, as well as the use of white as the dominant color in the space, are all pretty standard.

One unique aspect of Italian kitchens is that their counters frequently include a sink, stove, and storage space, allowing homeowners to cook while having quick and easy access to everything they need.

5. Mexican Kitchen Design

Large rustic floor tiles, bold colors, and bright counters are all characteristics of a Mexican kitchen. Reds, blues, and yellows are common color choices. Because the average Mexican kitchen is small, the design is frequently geared to fit a single cook. Regardless, the kitchen will almost certainly be completely functional and furnished.

6. Japanese Kitchen Design

Japanese kitchen designs are popular for traditional kitchen designs for small kitchens. The Japanese style can be a combination of both modern and traditional because of its sleek and straightforward features. Their style is minimal, functional, yet full of visual and aesthetic drama brought by incorporating elements of nature.

7. Indian Kitchen Design

When you step into a kitchen designed in the traditional Indian style, you’ll notice that the color scheme is consistent throughout the house. In India, the majority of kitchen designs offer a lot of storage space and huge counters. U-shape patterns are common in Indian kitchen layouts.

While kitchen designs are known to evolve with time, some of the room’s distinguishing aspects will almost certainly bear a regional resemblance.  You can always incorporate your preferred style into your kitchen. Having knowledge of the different kitchen design styles of other countries will on the other hand give you more ideas and options.

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