How to STOP || Learn to pause your life button||Interesting facts

How to STOP || Learn to pause your life button||Interesting facts

It’s always easy to get started, but it’s difficult to stop . Isn’t it?

We often think of this as a spontaneous process. So if you observe, you will find that many of us leave works in between without completing as we don’t know how to close this. Sometimes it happened due to fear of failure as we know that we might not reach the outcome that has pre-decided or it’s because we have no idea how to conclude.

And why this fear emerges? It’s because of lack of confidence, lack of skills and scarcity of mindfulness. And these 3 factors often cause fluctuations in focus.

As we know every start must have an end & the whole phase is known as a journey.Often in the journey of life, we get to know that some situations are not in our control. And if we try to control them according to our need/want, we will end up with overthinking, depression & failure.So here I want to put some pointers to know how to stop yourself while required.I believe this is the most critical pause about which we all should know.

Here I want to make one thing very clear that we can’t just start a work/relation/thought process to stop it as & when we want to stop. It seems so easy,but it is not.I believe we all have experienced the same phase many times in our lives. Sometimes we ignore them by thinking that is none of our business. So before completely get rid off of any situation where we are stucked, we should learn effective punctuation; otherwise known as a mindful pause.

The power of taking a pause is well researched. Not only does pausing promote relaxation, a break from the noise and doing also refreshes and reenergizes you for hours. Taking time to just be still and quiet gives your nervous system a chance to regain balance.

Tony Schwartz, best-selling author and CEO of The Energy Project, writes, “human beings perform best and are most productive when they alternate between periods of intense focus and intermittent renewal.”

The power pause practice

  1. Place your feet on the floor and your hand on your thighs, and close your eyes. And if you’re driving, just keep your eyes steady
  2. For a moment, bring your attention way down to your feet. Just notice your feet on the ground, notice your seat in the chair, notice your hands on your legs.
  3. Now find your heart beating, find your pulse somewhere in your body. Bring your mind, your attention, into your body as quickly as possible.
  4. Now place a light attention on the natural rhythm of your breath. With your mind resting on your breath, you may start to notice a sense of ease. You may start to notice, as you exhale fully, that there’s a little bit less tension. A little bit less noise.
  5. There’s not much to do when all you need to do for the next few moments is notice your feet, notice your hands, notice your heartbeat and notice your breath, landing on any one of those areas in your body is just perfect. A perfect way to take a pause.
  6. And now open your eyes if they have been closed and just notice what a few moment of pause can do. Our bodies are magnificent, brilliant, stabilizing systems when we give our body and our mind the opportunity to balance and align.

The S.T.O.P. Practice

This is an interesting mindfulness technique. Let’s try this for our well-being.

This is a four-step process. and it can take as little as a few seconds to a few minutes to complete. Try it out and see how long you prefer doing each step.


To begin, the “S” stands simply for stop. Literally. Just stop what you’re doing, whether it is typing or rushing out the door. Give yourself a moment to come to rest, pause, and collect yourself. 


The “T” stands for taking a conscious breath. Now that you’ve paused, take a deeper breath, or two, allowing yourself to feel the expansion of the belly as you breathe deeply. Notice the sensations of being here, now. As you do so, it may help to bring your attention to the sensations of your feet meeting the floor. Feel the support of the ground and of your own relaxing breath as you do so.


The “O,” stands for observing what’s arising in you, including any thoughts, emotions, or bodily sensations (such as tension, butterflies, tightness in the jawline). Broaden your awareness to take in the circumstances. Notice how you can be in this situation without being ruled by it. For added support, offer self-compassion as you release tension and stressful thoughts. As you calm down, be open to the choices you have in terms of how best to move forward from here. 


Finally, the “P” reminds you to simply proceed with intentionality, taking the next step in your day from this place of strength, wisdom, and presence. 

The STOP practice can help whenever you’re feeling distressed, creating space to observe and tame your feelings, and to access the deeper resources within you. It helps you develop the emotional intelligence and psychological flexibility required for greater mastery over challenging moments.

Is it normal to just want life to stop for a moment

Not only is it normal it’s actually healthy. Well, not like healthy physically but emotionally, stopping and letting things happen slowly can help your entire day be from bad to good or average to amazing. We have so much to do we hardly realize the time going by. This is why after a vacation we’ll be like woah, that went by so quickly! It also has to do with technology a little bit. I think I heard that the average American is on a screen for 7 hours a day. This is very distracting and it disconnects us from life. This also the main draw to the kind of things.

The problem is that it’s very hard to stop life. It moves so quickly. It would be awesome if you could press pause on life but it’s really impossible. That’s why sleep is so important. It gives us a break alone (well not everyone is alone) to deal with our thoughts.

Often in life, to be successful doesn’t require doing more. It requires you to stop. To eliminate the waste in your life. Let’s know, what we should stop in our lives.

Please go through the below pointers to regain the idea of STOP analysis.

Stop caring what other people think-

If someone doesn’t like you, so be it. Focus on improving yourself daily and people will flock to your new brilliant attitude. We can live our lives on the basis of other’s verdicts always. We are here to explore our true selves, not to be an explanation to others.

Stop seeking pleasure, seek purpose-

Pleasure is overrated. Rather than focusing on fleeting pleasure, find what leads to satisfaction: a purpose in life. Long-lasting achievement, accomplishment, and meaning will propel you forward in life to thrive.

Stop filling your mind with garbage-

It‘s total upto you that how you will be going to feed your mind.So be careful while you are allowing your mind to absorb any thought. So fill your mind with positivity and knowledge from the masters of stoicism and seek the good in life. You’ll be amazed by how your anxiety washes away. Watch as your outlook on life changes.

Stop deciding outcomes-

As we all know that life is unpredictable and change is the only constant that is inevitable. So just keep walking on the path life shows you without being judgmental and yes stop expecting. We should not start a journey with an expectation of a perfect outcome. I am not saying that we should not have dreams or destinations in our lives, but we also need to keep in mind that life never comes with commitments.

Stop comparing yourself to others-

To grow in life, you have to give up on comparison with others. By doing this we just waste our valuable time. Because by comparing, we often end up compromising with ourselves. Meanwhile, this feeling of insecurity gives birth to anxiety, stress and lack of self-confidence.

Honestly ask yourself, Do you really want this feeling in your life?

This way we get biased in our lives and at a certain stage, we lose ourselves. So stop comparing and start appreciating yourselves.And yes never forget to pat on your back. Yes you deserve this

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