How to Keep Your Employees Happy While Your Brand Is Growing

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It can be difficult to keep your employees happy, especially if you’re at the helm of a growing business. Happy employees are crucial to your business’s success, which is something that you mustn’t forget. At times, they might annoy you, but you need them more than they need you. The chances are, they can find another job instantly, especially since there’s a huge demand for workers at the moment [which means that you might have difficulty finding new staff].

In this article, you will find a few simple ways of keeping your staff happy while your brand is growing:


It’s always a good idea to ask your staff for their input. When you’re at the top, it can be difficult to see what’s going on beneath you. Your employees are down there every day, witnessing [and managing] your business’s daily operations. Employee engagement surveys, which are anonymous, create an outlet for open feedback, whether positive or negative. Asking your staff for their input makes them feel like they have more of a say, which has been shown to significantly improve overall satisfaction, especially if you implement changes that they recommend.


Business experts recommend engaging with your employees on a regular basis. Regular engagement could be something as simple as a weekly email asking how they all are. You could also pop into the workroom for a chat once in a while. When you develop relationships with your staff, they’re less likely to want to leave. Engagement is how you build those relationships. There are lots of ways for you to engage with your staff thanks to technology. For larger companies, technology makes it a lot easier to engage with all of your staff.


Another way to please your staff is to include them in what’s happening in the company. Instead of leaving them out of the loop and letting information filter down through managers, keep everybody updated. When everybody knows what’s going on, they will feel more invested in your business. If you have a large business, you could send out mass emails whenever any changes or developments are taking place. Remember: If you’re going to work on including all of your staff, then make sure to notify them before changes happen. If it happens afterward, they might feel neglected and let down – particularly if you already started developing a culture of inclusion.


Running a business can be hard, especially if your employees aren’t pulling their weight. While your ultimate goal should be to retain as many staff as possible, sometimes that’s just not possible. To avoid firing staff, be transparent. Before it gets to the point where you need to let them go, have a conversation with them and explain what they’re doing wrong. Try to approach situations like this subtly. If you appear aggressive or condescending you could offend your staff, which could make them quit. Be transparent and let people know where they stand if you want to succeed.


If you’re a growing business, you probably can’t give your staff raises. The next best thing is vacation time. Even if it’s just a few days extra every year, your staff will appreciate it. Considering the fact that many businesses are going out of business because people don’t seem to want to work nine to five jobs anymore, this is perhaps more relevant than ever. Extra vacation time is a good way to retain your staff, satisfy them, and give them a break when things are getting a little too much at work.


Giving your staff opportunities and offering them a career path is another good way to keep them happy, particularly if your business is growing. A growing business always needs more staff. Instead of hiring new staff, why not consider promoting, working on, and developing your existing staff. You can do this by holding workshops, classes, and seminars. Creating a pathway to the top for your staff is a fantastic way to motivate them and improve their commitment to your business. Creating opportunities for your staff will incentivize hard work.


Sometimes keeping staff happy is as simple as saying thank you. Most people have had a rude boss at least once in their lives. It can be very off-putting when your boss is rude, ungrateful, and impolite. If you can’t offer your staff anything else on this page, then at the very least give them respect by displaying manners and courtesy.

If you want to keep your staff happy while your business is growing, then follow the suggestions and tips outlined in this article. It’s not hard to keep people happy, as this article demonstrates.

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