How to Jhana – Deconstructing Yourself

How to Jhana - Deconstructing Yourself

Jhanas are special states of deep absorption that make a wonderful setup for doing awakening practices. In this video, meditation teacher Michael Taft describes what jhanas are, and clarifies the basic steps for getting into the first jhana.

Jhanas are meant to be enjoyable, and it’s very important not to approach jhana in a mood of grasping, tightness, or struggle. Don’t try too hard! Instead, approach jhana in a mood of pleasure, joy, gratitude, kindness, and openness. Learning to do jhana is an excellent way to supercharge your vipassana practice, or to stabilize the mind for nondual awareness practices.

00:03 – Introduction
1:24 – The Setup for Jhana (getting focused, and allowing piti to arise)
9:16 – Entering the First Jhana (moving attention to the piti, then resting until unification occurs) 12:39 – Three Things that Can Happen Next (including going into the second jhana)
16:28 – How Jhana Can Change Your Life
20:49 – Books and other resources

Rob Burbea’s Jhana retreat on Dharmaseed audio:
Here is the transcript:

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