How to Help the Community — Talkspace

How to Help the Community — Talkspace

How to Help Our LGBTQIA+ Youth

We must acknowledge that we can help speak out against LGBTQIA+ youth bullying. By ensuring that students have a safe environment that’s respectful and positive, emphasizing inclusivity, students can feel comfortable at school and in other places in their lives. 

This may sound like a tall order, and it definitely begs the question: OK, but how do we do this? But the truth is, there are a number of ways we can offer productive, positive, inclusive environments for all students. 

Stop LGBTQIA+ bullying

Together, we can stop LGBTQ bullying. If you see someone being bullied, you can and should intervene. Don’t be afraid to get a parent, teacher, counselor, or another adult involved if you see someone being bullied or if you yourself are being harassed. 

Speaking out is the only way we can come together and make it known that LGBTQ youth bullying will not be accepted. Consistent and fast responses are important if we hope to curb bullying behavior and tendencies in the long run.

Make schools a safe space

Addressing LGBTQ bullying in schools is our number one priority. We can make an effort towards making schools safe havens for all students, especially those who identify as a member of the LGBTQ community, by making it abundantly clear that bullying will not be accepted on any level. Two other ways to end bullying at schools include: 

  • School clubs: Provide school clubs that offer a safe space and a network for LGBTQIA+ students. Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) are clubs that can provide intervention, support, and connectedness for students. They can also offer awareness for faculty, staff, and other students.  
  • Educate educators: Supportive educators who are allies and openly “there” for LGBTQIA+ students can lead by example and foster an accepting environment that students feel safer in.
  • Develop policies to prevent bullying: The best way to ensure a bully-free environment is to enforce it. Schools can work to develop policies that specifically prohibit bullying.

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