How to get rid of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of COVID-19?

post-traumatic stress disorder

Corona Virus has claimed many lives during the last one year, even in the modern era on the medical system, although most people, however, have recovered. Excluding the number of deaths, the epidemic has caused physical and economic problems as well as devastating effects on the minds of people throughout the world. As a result on which problems are affecting people’s mental health and at the same time anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder are increasing. And all these symptoms are not only present in the people who have been already attacked, but also in the health workers, doctors, police, their family members who have died, even in the ordinary people who have not been attacked. Emotional instability is usually seen in people who have recovered from the disease or who have become mentally ill due to fear of contracting the disease. Difficulties in emotional instability include palpitations, numbness, chest pain, breathing problems etc. In case of panic attack, they feel as if someone is strangling them, they will die right now etc. People who are suffering from anxiety or depression are more likely to have mood swings, not being hungry, not wanting to talk. People who are suffering from post traumatic disorder are more likely to have no food at all, no attention to anything, forgetting everything, thinking to themselves that they have no smell or taste, sleeping too much, or not sleeping at all, nightmare etc. 

Stay tuned

My purpose is just not to let you know. My purpose is to make you aware of this and to get you out of here.

What are the causes of being emotionally disturbed?:- In this pandemic situation, none of us can go out very much, we are completely isolated from society, we can’t go anywhere, we can’t eat in restaurants, we don’t have fun with friends and relatives. The effect of all this is already to pollute our minds. On top of that there are the extra negative thoughts, the thought of someone being attacked again, the thought of someone being attacked for the first time. Some are suffering from afraid of death, some are worried about the safety of their family members, some are worried about getting back to their normal life. Someone is worried about losing their source of income, someone is thinking after how many days this epidemic will end completely! All of these combined to make our minds extra overburdened and restless.

Let us now know how to get rid of it:- I’ll tell you three basic ways to come out of here.

Take deep breath

1) Breathing body scan techniques:- Find a comfortable lonely place, sit straight, take some slow and deep breath. Shift your total awareness to your breathing. Scan your body  from head to toe and try to feel where the stress is located. When exhale realise all the stress from your body. You will feel much more comfortable and relax after a while if you continue to do it.


2) Talk to your family members or close friend:-  Talk as much as you can with family or friends and have all the funs. Share your worriness or anxieties with everyone. Play cards, chess, ludo or any indoor games with someone whenever you get the chance.

3) Stay positive:- The first step to stay positive is to avoid any news channels and social media. There is no better medicine than Yoga, meditation, prayer, exercise to stay positive. You can also read various encouraging and interesting books or play puzzle games.

abnormal behaviour

Though as an NLP practitioner I am writing for patients, most of the responsibilities lies with the family. In this case, the patient may not be aware of their behaviour or the Intention. Sometimes they can get very angry for very little reason. Even  they can break things but you don’t have to react. I would urge family, relatives and friends to play a vital role in bringing a patient back to normal life from such situation. Otherwise, it can have a bad impact on the patient in the future. You must take care of the patient’s healthy diet and if necessary, you must consult with a doctor.

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