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Inspiration is the fuel to the journey of our own life. Inspiration helps us to be motivated and successful. It develops the power within. Inspiration is the quality that we can develop within ourselves.


Verious outside meterial or a lot of people can inspire us in different ways. If we go back to our childhood we ​​will see that sometimes a piece of chocolate given to us by our parents or the applause of the teacher has inspired us very much. Sometimes we are inspired by the clapping of the audience. Sometimes the pinch of another inspires us to give the appropriate answer. Again, this happens when we are inspired by a celebrity or someone in the family to whom we consider to be an ideal. When we grow up, our biggest inspiration is love and money. The story of achieving extraordinary success in someone’s life inspires us a lot.

The lamp of the mind

If you think a little deeper, you will see that all these are very interim. Whenever chocolate runs out your motivation disappears. As soon as you run out of pocket money, you will wander around with pain in your mind. We break down emotionally when the lover says goodbye.
The sooner a person or a meterial thing from the outside world can inspire you, the more it can demotivate you again. Just as inspiration from the outside world has a profound effect on our lives, in many cases it can lead to a destructive life. Young generation of the present age are becoming drug addicted at the instigation of the outside world. Addiction to the abuse of electronics-gadgets is rising up.


The right inspiration shows the way of potential to an indifferent person. Recent research has shown that inspiration can be activated, retained and manipulated from within, which can change the outcome of a human life.

If we can be inspired from our own minds, that motivation can never go away for a small reason. Only that inspiration can provide us with the logistics to guide us to the right path forever.

Now let’s see how we can be inspired from within. The Creator has given us an infinitely powerful mind by which man has made the impossible to possible. And our own inspiration has worked behind all these accomplishments. At the root of this is ‘why?’. Our minds always want to know ‘why’ before doing any work. That is, if you can give your mind the right answer to ‘why’ you are doing it and explain it with enough reason, then nothing else can stop you. The word ‘why’ has an extraordinary power.


There are two sides to our every task, one is positive and the other is negative. Most of the time we highlight the negative aspects to our minds and as a result we get uninspired. If we do the opposite, that is, if we can make our minds aware of the positive sides of the task, then we will be inspired from within. If your mind is satisfied with the answer to ‘why’ then strong desire will be created in you. Your strong desire can build your inspiration within. If you develop an intense Desire you will then make a firm resolve, when you have a firm resolve you will put in immense effort.

There are many parents throughout the world who want their son to become Sachin Tendulkar. They enrolls their kids in a good coaching academy, to encourage buys an expensive kit, takes him to the cricket ground by an expensive car, provide valuable foods. But about 90% of them quit the game a few days later. Why is this happened in spite of such external inspiration? For one thing, they are not inspired from within. Their minds are not satisfied with ‘why’.


The little boy, today’s world famous Sachin Tendulkar, from the very first day of his cricketing life, was able to explain his infinitely ugly and strong mind ‘why’ he will play cricket. He visualized the feeling of winning the cup for the country that day. Of course, his own inspiration was further boosted by external inspiration.

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