How to erase any past painful memory of life

How to erase any past painful memory of life


What you will learn from this article:-

    • Bitterness of bad memories.
    • Why we should forget bad memories.
    • How any event enters in our brain.
    • which events are frozened in our minds as memories.
    • how we can get rid of bad, painful memories.
    • TV technique.
    • The effects of the technique.


Memories can never be forgotten!  Many of you may put your mind to this question. I strongly believe that you can easily get rid of the bitterness of bad memories if you want.

Every time something is happening in our life either good or bad as per our representation to our brain. The events of our lives, from childhood to adulthood, would be skyscraper if sorted out. How many of these either we can remember or take place in the mind! As a percentage it is very low.

Why would we want to forget or try to forget old memories:- We usually want to forget the memories which we feel uncomfortable remembering.  We need to forget the memories that repeatedly rape us, hinder us from achieving our goals, hurt our emotions, take away our focus.

By the way, if I ask where is the presence or existence of any event that was happened in your life, does it have any real existence somewhere in this universe? No, it has no real existence, it exists only in our brain. Once when a person hurt you, you may feel that pain again and again in your mind or you will carry it lifelong. The specific person had hurt you once, then why are you getting wound again and again by carrying that memory?

Let’s know how any events enter our brains:- There are basically three ways by which our brains receive what is happening outside. 

  • Number One:- By the visual sense, a certain form of what we see enters our brain and takes place as a memory in the form of pictures or videos.
  • Number Two:- By the auditory sense, everything we hear, that is, the sound of any event, the music, the conversation, the sound of a car or some loud noise they enter our minds through the ears and take place in memories.
  • Number Three:- By feelings,  through our largest sense organ skin, our body’s different kinds of sensations always enter in to the brain.  Along with that also other two senses that work are the smell and the test. I did not mention these two separately.  Because the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming combines test, smells and feelings as kinesthetic sense.

For example, if you unknowingly catch fire, it will remain as your memory, just as a certain odor sticks to our noses. Sometimes when we hear the name of some food, water roll down through our tongue.

Let us now know which events are frozen in our minds as memories:- The better the picture or video you make in your mind, the more colorful it will be, the better picture quality will be and the better sound quality will be, means depending on the sharpness or sweetness of audio. The freezing of memory depends more on your feelings, the intensity of the feelings makes the memory come alive.

The events that you are witnessed and you were associated with are tied up in memory. Bad memories involve a lot of emotion so it becomes so vivid.

We enjoyed so many movies, most of those we forgot or we remember a special scene because the video, dialogues or script of the part that our feelings are involved with it, we can relate those to our life.

Repeatedly thinking about old memories creates neural pathways in our brain and these neural pathways become so strong that they automatically come in front of us when we are subject to something else or when we are alone. Some memories have trigger points, such as seeing a certain person or going to a certain place, or a certain smell or sound strangely awakens the memory. That means the person or the place or the smell or the sound is the trigger of a perticular memory.

Let us now know how we can get rid of bad, painful memories:- Memory, we are worried about can be forgotten or make powerless only when your feelings and emotions towards it decrease, if you can disassociate from the event. Any pale, insipid, black-and-white picture does not appeal to our minds. This means that if you can turn your memory to black and white, still photo instead of video, it will lose most of strength. Well, what does it feel like to watch a movie or a TV by mute it? Exactly, you loses interest in it.

Although it is very technical, I will tell you the application of a technique called TV technique. And I am very firmly claiming that there is no easier and better method than this which can work very fast.

Technique:-  Sit quietly and think of any old stressful memory that hurts you and you want to forget, take a good look at everything you see in your mind. Then imagine there is a TV in front of you. There is a glass wall between you and the TV and the painful memory of your life is playing on that TV. The remote control of the TV is in your hand. With that remote you can adjust the color of the image and gradually turn it to black-and-white, mute it to reduce the volume. Pause the video, as if there is a still photo in front of you.  Imagine some drops of rain are falling on it and slowly washing it away. Imagine that the remote control has a button and when pressed it will direct the TV and hit the sun. Press the button, see the TV hit the sun with the speed of a rocket and burn to ashes and from there a beautiful light flash upon you which makes you more beautiful and stronger person.
beautiful light flash upon you which makes you more beautiful and stronger person.

What will happen if you do this technique:- First, imagining TV and glass wall you will become disassociate from the event. Then the picture comes to colour less, blurry and a still photo instead of movie,  disturbing volume will disappear. Gradually it is washed out by rain then totally destroyed by hitting the sun and the event become powerless.

There is words “memories are sweet”. Feel the sweetness of the memory, why are you embarrassing yourself by picking up unnecessarily past painful, bad memories! Remember and feel the good memories over and over again then life will become really beautiful. live the life with glory not regret

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