How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost?

How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost?

Is Marriage Counseling Worth the Cost?

If you feel that you need it, marriage counseling is definitely worth the financial investment it takes — especially if you and your spouse are looking to repair damage that’s been done to your relationship. It’s not always about correcting something that’s happened, though. Even if you’re just looking to strengthen the relationship you have, or to gain a deeper connection, counseling can be worth it. 

Marriage counseling offers many great benefits. Again, it’s not always about “fixing“ anything drastic. You can work on improving communication, strengthening trust, or just reconnecting with your partner. Again, you don’t have to wait until something major happens in your relationship or until you start having marital problems to seek help.

Marriage counseling can offer some major benefits that make the process worth the cost. Here’s what to expect from marriage counseling:

  • Communicate better with your spouse — Communication is essential in any relationship. Marital counseling might help you if you and your spouse have difficulties communicating in a healthy and positive manner.

    The work you do here will likely benefit you in several aspects of your life. Professionally, with friends, as a parent, or in any other relationship, knowing how to communicate effectively is a skill that everyone should work towards having.

  • Gain a better understanding of your own needs — Part of the work you do in marriage therapy may include learning how to express your own needs. This can mean self-care, or it might mean just being able to ask for help from your partner. It may sound strange to think about, but it’s important to really understand what you need before you can ask for it. Marital counseling gives you a safe space to explore this.
  • Ask for what you need — Even if you know more about what you need, sometimes asking for it can be painful or difficult. You can learn ways to express your needs clearly, concisely, and emphatically in therapy. This way, there’s no gray area about what you expect or need from your marriage.
  • Listen and hear your partner — You may listen to your partner, but do you really hear them? Sometimes the words we use to express our feelings, emotions, and needs may not be as obvious to others as we think. Learn how to understand what your partner is saying so you can be more responsive and fulfill their needs as well as your own.
  • Establish a respectful and neutral foundation — Respect seems like a no-brainer in your marriage. However, respect can begin to fall by the wayside as a partnership continues.

    Our lives are busy. We’re focused on family, careers, bills, responsibilities, and all the other stresses of adulting. It can be easy to forget that you need to come from a place of love and respect. Doing so is a key way to nurture your relationship and keep it growing.

    You and your spouse can learn how to create a safe and neutral foundation in therapy. This way, both of you feel completely respected. As that happens, you’ll be able to more easily give that respect in return.

  • Find a good balance in your relationship — Balance is important in all aspects of life. It’s also something that can be easy to lose control of in your marriage. Through couples counseling, you can work together to find a balance to keep your marriage alive and thriving.

    You can’t be all work and no play, but at the same time you can’t expect things to always be simple. Marriage is work, but the time and effort you put into it pay off. Learning how to balance your life and your marriage can offer great rewards.

  • Connect or reconnect with your partner — If you’re having difficulties connecting  — or reconnecting — with your partner, marriage counseling can help you get back to a place where you enjoy spending time together.

    Connecting with your spouse is always an important part of your marriage whether you’re planning date nights, doing exercises together in therapy sessions, or working on things like communicating or expressing your needs.

  • Improve your sex life — You might think that as you get older, sex will become less complicated, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Learn how to improve your sex life in a positive way with the help and guidance of a therapist.
  • Learn how to have fun — It might seem silly, but with the hustle and bustle of life, it can be easy to forget how to have fun with each other. It’s not always just about being together, either. Your marriage counselor can even help you see the benefit of finding some individual activities that bring joy to each of you, which might just make you a better pair when you’re together.

Practicing these exercises and attending couples therapy can help strengthen your relationship and promote a healthier marriage. Of course, there’s no guarantee that counseling will save your marriage.

For some, success may be defined as realizing that you ultimately don’t want the same things in life and separation may be better. Success may also be defined by learning positive and healthy ways to communicate if you’ll need to, for example, co-parent in the future. Either way, visiting a marriage therapist can help you decide to keep moving forward or end it for the best.

Some research shows that marriage counseling helps up to 70% of couples who try it. If it can make your relationship stronger in any way, you’ll likely consider your counseling a success. Marriage counseling is beneficial in many aspects and a couple doesn’t necessarily need marital problems to visit a marriage counselor.

So, when it comes to marriage counseling cost, there are so many variables. While there really isn’t one, good, solid answer, by now you should have a better understanding of what factors go into the average cost of marriage counseling, so you can decide for yourself, with your partner, if it’s right for you. 

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