Gender Identity vs. Gender Expression — Talkspace

Gender Identity vs. Gender Expression — Talkspace

What is Gender Expression? 

The official gender expression definition is: gender expression is how someone outwardly presents their gender to the external world. It’s an important concept when it comes to self-identity. Feeling confident and comfortable with how one expresses their gender is closely related to mental health and well-being.

While some people express their gender in the same manner every day, others might change how they express themselves over time. Often the change can be based on different circumstances.

It’s very important to point out that how somebody presents their gender does not dictate what gender they identify with. Equally notable is the fact that many people try to hide their gender expression out of fear of negative responses or discrimination, both of which can have a major detrimental impact on mental health. In fact, many transgender mental health issues stem from the worry or backlash of gender expression. 

It’s important to note that embracing who you are should never be a problem and you shouldn’t be embarrassed or scared. If you’re thinking about how to come out as trans, gay, non-binary, or whatever it may be, you can also seek help and support from a local community or even an LGBT therapist.

What are some examples of gender expression?

There are many ways someone can express their gender. It can be physically expressed through hair, clothing, makeup, interests, hobbies, and other ways that they choose to express themselves.

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