Festival of Isthi and Anvadhan-Story behind

Festival of Isthi and Anvadhan-Story behind

In Hindu culture, we pray to Lord Vishnu. As we consider him as the supreme god and most powerful deity in Vaishnavism. All the devotees of Lord Vishnu celebrate the Ishti festival by worshiping God with great love and devotion. As well as all the devotees of Lord Vishnu pray to Lord Vishnu to fulfill their needs.

Importance of Yajna

As we all know, Yajna holds a supreme position in Hindu culture and Indian history.

The word Yajna is derived from the Sanskrit verb yaj, which has a three-fold meaning of devapujana or worship of deities, saogatikarana or unity, and daana or charity. Yajna is one of the oldest rituals in Sanatan Dharma for propitiating the deities. This is the holy offering to pray and please various deities which uses fire as the medium. Similarly, fire is one of the elements of Panch Mahabhut. So Yajna acts as a link between humans and God.

The importance of Yajna

This is a tool for a happy and peaceful life.

For this purpose, this is also one of the ways to appease and thank the Almighty for all His blessings. The Gita extols the Vedic yajna or sacrifice as beneficial to all. So in respect of our traditions, we have been celebrating our love and dedication by performing numerous rituals in terms of Yajna.

The Ishti & Anvadhan are the most auspicious days for the people of this Vaishnava Sampradaya. They celebrate the Amavasya (new moon) and Purnima (full moon) as the 2 sacred days of the month. This tradition is very popular and well-recognized in India.

Ishti is a ritual where devotees perform for a short duration to pray for the fulfillment of their desires. It is like a ‘havan’ that lasts for a few hours. The Sanskrit word Ishti, in the broader sense, refers to the act of doing a deed. And invoking a deity to obtain something. In this way, the same tradition has been passing through generations as the origin of Hinduism.

Significance of Havan in Hinduism

Ishti is one of the significant events in Indian history which is a celebration, performed by followers of Hinduism; by the followers of Vaishnava Sampradaya. The followers celebrate the event by performing Yajna on the day of Ishti. There are two significant events according to the Hindu calendar.

One is Ishti and the other is Anvadhan and the rituals are almost the same for these two in the form of the rituals. That’s why we observe Anvadhan before Ishti. On the day of Anvadhan, followers of Hinduism observe a fast all day long. And on the day of Ishti, followers perform Yajna.

As per Hindu Mythology, we celebrate the Ishti ritual to break the chain of stress and negativity in the people. And the ultimate goal is to spread devotion, positivity and kindness in this world. The Ishti festival comes after the Anvadhan festival.

In fact, the traditions and ritual procedures of both these festivals are almost similar. As a result, all devotees perform both Ishti & Anvadhan festivals once a month.

And this makes the life of people more productive and worth living. Thus some people also believe that the person who performs both rituals regularly gets all that he wants in his life. this is the superiority of these rituals and also of Lord Vishnu.

Those who are organizing the Ishti Yajna with devotion, they get everything that they wish for if they perform the whole Yajna wholeheartedly and dedicated their soul and mind to Lord Vishnu. Usually, this yajna is held in the evening time.

In the case of Anvadhan, devotees organize this festival, one day before Ishti and also has a lot of religious significance. As a result both these Yajnas and the offerings directly connect devotees with their lord Vishnu.

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Story behind the festival of Isthi and Annvadaan

Ishti & Anvadhan was done by a person of the Vaishnava Sampradaya and that is why every year, we organize these pujas. To understand the importance of the Ishti & Anvadhan pujas, we need to understand the background of the Vaishnava Sampradaya in the first place.

Vaishnava Sampradaya

The Vaishnava Sampradaya is popularly known as Vaishnavism. This Sampradaya considers Lord Vishnu as the ultimate God and worships him with full dedication and loyalty.

Lord Maha Vishnu is the Supreme Godhead of Vaishnavism and the protector of the universe. And the people of this Sampradaya believe that worshipping Lord Vishnu will keep them safe and protect them at every stage of their life.

From this belief and dedication of the people towards the Vaishnava Sampradaya, the Ishti & Anvadhan traditions have arisen.

To obtain something from God, we have to devote all of our strength and worship towards him and havan is the best medium to explain the same.

How to celebrate this Festival

The basic and most important ritual of Ishti & Anvadhan is Yajna. However, the interesting fact about the Yajnas conducted for Ishti & Anvadhan is that these do not last for 2 or more days. Therefore devotees of Shri Vishnu, conduct yajnas for both the festival of Ishti & Anvadhan only for one whole day and this makes it easy for the people to come and watch it or even take part in it in the first place.

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