Do you know the way how to protect yourself and society in this terrible, pandemic Covid 19 situation? Here it is..

Covid 19

My dear friends, judging by this time, my incompetent pen could not stay but writing about Covid -19. Although I have almost a mere idea about this disease. Not only this disease, but also about any other diseases. But I am very aware of one thing that is ‘every animal has its own healing power and it is an extraordinary ability. We, mankind are not exceptional. And this power is developed inside from our mind‘. Hopefully the doctors and you will agree with me on one thing that if the mind becomes weak then any disease can easily take up residence in the body.

‘Fear’ is our greatest enemy which is originated in our own minds. Its monster eyes are coming up every moment in the news , social media or in our own discussions, which is instilling fear in our minds. Naturally our minds are getting weak and is effecting on the body. We are constantly thinking about what will be happen if something happens to me or my family and this thought is destroying the balance between our body and mind which is fatal. Most people are emotionally devastated at the moment so here are some ways to get rid of it and keep yourself healthy and safe. 


Keep yourself apart from media: Try to stay apart from the news or social media, rather listen to music at that time, read motivational books or do whatever you like best. Stop sharing any kind of negative news. The media often creates an detrimental impression of global panic. 

A research by UC Irvine’s Roxy Silver, PhD, and others says that “An excess news and visual images about a traumatic event can create symptoms of post- traumatic stress disorder and poor health years later”.

Please think about the purpose of the news that you are watching or discussing all the time!  If they can’t solve any purpose then why you are keeping yourself busy in this work unnecessarily? 

Stay positive
Hold your own reins: Make a list of what you can and can’t control right now. Then focus  only on what you can do. I have explained it in the chart below.

List to do and not to do
Bring innovation into your daily routine: Be sure to include exercise in your new routine. Go to bed as early as possible at night and get up very early. Take minimum Exercise  after getting out of bed. Remember our mood is closely related to our activities and thoughts. So to keep your mood in positive state, you must do new physical activities. At the same time, meditate to keep your thoughts positive at all times. Both of these will greatly stimulate your breathing and blood circulation. Spare some good moments with friends, family or acquaintances over the phone or video chat.

Say stop to Covid

So at the request of all friends, forget the conflict, come and stand by each other.  At this moment, human religion is the most important thing.  Listen to your conscience without listening to anyone.  Always remember one thing that you cannot change anyone, except yourself.  So listen to your conscience and guide yourself properly.  Remember, your single step at this moment will change all mankind. If all the creatures of the world can stand by each other in times of danger, then can’t we stand by ourselves as the best creatures in the world in times of danger? It must be possible to build a perfect healthy society where we can take breathe comfortably.

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