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What Are the Symptoms of Teenage Anxiety?

Symptoms of anxiety in teens can range. A teen who has an anxiety disorder may feel continuous nervousness, stress, excessive worries or fears, a sense of inner restlessness, or an inclination to be hyper-vigilant. 

In addition to these internal anxiety symptoms, teens may experience physical symptoms as well. A teenager with severe anxiety may have anxiety chest pain, stomach pain, headaches, muscle tension, cramps, excessive fatigue, and pain in their back or limbs. They may have physical reactions to their stress, too. Some teenagers will startle easily, tremble, sweat, flush, or hyperventilate due to their anxiety.   

Another sign that a teen may be experiencing anxiety is when they begin avoiding social situations or activities they once enjoyed due to experiencing social anxiety. They might seem shy all of a sudden. Or, they may have the opposite reaction and begin to engage in risky or impulsive behaviors. They might start using or experimenting with drugs, begin or increase sexual activity, or partake in other reckless behaviors.  

If you’re helping teens with anxiety, an overview of symptoms can be useful. Anxiety in teens can present itself as any of the symptoms below or a combination:

  • Irritability
  • Sensitivity to any criticism
  • Intense self-consciousness
  • Avoiding new (or difficult) situations
  • A sudden dip in school grades
  • Refusing to go to school or avoiding school
  • Sleep issues
  • Recurring sudden fears or worries about normal daily life
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Unexplained withdrawal from social engagements and activities
  • Chronic headaches or stomach aches
  • Asking for reassurance repeatedly
  • Substance-abuse

If you think a teen in your life may be showing symptoms of anxiety, consider starting with our anxiety test. You can learn more to see if they should connect with a licensed therapist.

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