Are Coffee Table Books Still in Vogue?

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As we go into the holiday season, you may be considering a coffee table book as the perfect gift. There’s bound to be a beautiful option for anyone on your list, no matter their hobbies or interests. Have you wondered whether or not these books are still in vogue? They have been looked on at times with derision, even called at one point “nonbooks.”

Today is National Author’s Day and as I planned this post, I got to thinking about the different types of books one can author. As you know, I am an author, something I am very proud of. My book, Stories for my Grandchild, was a labor of love. 

Each type of book serves a different purpose or mood. Are we in the mood to laugh or cry? Is there an intention to learn something new? Books can bring clarity and focus. They can be inspirational and aspirational. Coffee table books are no different.

These books have graced the tables of elegant homes for many years. As a matter of fact, the idea of using books as a display rather than strictly for reading dates back to the 1700’s. Their purpose can range from a purely decorative pretension to an intriguing and informative conversation piece. 

They can tell a story of style. 

This single object can encompass a variety of conversation-starting topics from the history of the Porsche, to inspiring pictures of travel destinations. They are used as a display pedestal for an object of great, personal importance. These books are also simply read for entertainment. While their purposes are varied, the question remains: Are coffee table books still in vogue?

While there are two schools of style, when it comes to personal fashion as well as home decor – minimalist and maximalist – the answer is the same. Yes, coffee table books are here to stay. Wonderful news, if you ask me, dear reader, as this world turns more and more digital. How delightful is the idea that your grandchild will flip through a thoughtfully chosen book on their next visit instead of staring at a screen? 

Home interiors featuring coffee table books
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To me, a coffee table book is a little message to guests and a palette for the mistress of the home. Displayed on my coffee table, I have two beautiful books. One is a stunning collection of  Warhol and the other of the master French painter Manet

Two vastly different styles of art— one pop art with bold, bright colors in high contrast, and the other a Modernist who painted life in a style that bridged realism and Impressionism. Both innovative and ahead of their time, radical even. Two sides of the coin, two sides of my personality. And I carry that dichotomy throughout my home. 

A Dichotomy of Styles

A woman has a right to be contradictory and so it is with style. You could have a sofa that is a daring statement piece and laid over the arm could be a casual throw designed for comfort. In dress, too, you can be a literal walking contradiction in a bold, brightly patterned dress paired with classic and simple heels. As mistress of your own personal style, you are empowered to do what pleases you. Be bold if that is your wish, or be demure. 

What do your coffee table books say about you and your style? Do you carry that style throughout your home and life? 


Coffee Table Books
The Bucket List at Anthropologie


Coffee table book; Plantopedia
Plantopedia: The Definitive Guide To Houseplants at Bloomist


Coffee table book, Porche
Porsche 70 Years, Leather-Bound Book at Bergdorf Goodman


Amalfi Coast coffee table book
Amalfi Coast at Bergdorf Goodman

This series also includes Ibiza Bohemia and Marrakech Flair


Chanel coffee table book
Chanel: The Impossible Collection at Neiman Marcus

Do you have a favorite coffee table book? Was it a gift? Please share with me in the comments! 

Warmly, Honey

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