60 iZombie Quotes that Give a New Take on the Zombie Typical Story

60 iZombie Quotes that Give a New Take on the Zombie Typical Story

These iZombie quotes will make you want to rewatch the series.

iZombie is a supernatural American crime drama series streaming for The CW. It is based on a comic book series published by DC comics under the same name.

The series follows the story of Olivia “Liv” Moore, a decorated police medical examiner who solves murders.

Unfortunately, Dr. Liv turned into a flesh-eating zombie who retains her sanity and continues to solve murders by inheriting the victims’ memories and personalities by eating their brains.

This series will give you tons of fun and excitement with each episode through its wits and good story narrative. So sit back and relax as you enjoy these iZombie quotes.

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iZombie quotes from Liv

1. “I don’t have post-traumatic stress. I have post-traumatic ennui. Post-traumatic defeatism. Post-traumatic ‘what’s the point?’” — Liv

2. “There are zombies in the world, Peyton. And I’m one of them.” — Liv

3. “I take back every bad thing I ever said about frat boys. These brains are fun as hell!” — Liv

4. “Love is only a delay of death. Tragedy waiting in the wings.” — Liv

5. “Idle brains are the devil’s workshop.” — Liv

6. “I’m here to surrender. I’m Renegade.” — Liv

7. “We’re zombies. We don’t need Ocean’s 11 to do this job. We just need the right brains.” — Liv

8. “I’m tired of watching people I care about get killed!” — Liv

9. “The rotting brain of a dead pickpocket. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever did for me.” — Liv

10. “U-G-L-Y, Gayle ain’t got no alibi.” — Liv

11. “Our parents screw us up. If we’re lucky, sometimes they lift us up.” — Liv

12. “We might lose faith sometimes, but you can’t give up on family. It might be the most important thing we’ve got.” — Liv

13. “Beethoven was deaf. Suck it up.” — Liv

14. “Did I mean for Steve to get shot? Of course not. Could the plan have gone better? Sure, but ask yourself, could it also have gone worse?” — Liv

15. “Hey, look at me. Nobody puts Ravi in a corner.” — Liv

16. “Are you mansplaining the case to me, detective? I’m up to speed.” — Liv

17. “Clive, lemme mess him up. We’ll say he fell down the stairs.” — Liv

iZombie quotes from Blaine

18. “First rule of brain club, you don’t talk about brain club.” — Blaine

19. “Think for a second what you would do to get into a skull if you didn’t work here. How would you do it? An ice pick’s no good, you have to stab it a hundred times, and a handsaw works, but it takes forever. The best thing I’ve found is a rock.” — Blaine

20. “You can’t pay the rent with patriotism.” — Blaine

21. “Acrobat brain, huh? New man in your life? I’ll take that glare as a no. You’re not so good with the boyfriends, no?” — Blaine

22. “Let’s go round up some rugrats.” — Blaine

23. “Am I a monster? Maybe I am. Because sometimes they just don’t leave you any choice.” — Blaine

24. “You may be out of the brain biz.” — Blaine

25. “Strike three, monkey fighter!” — Blaine

26. “I’m the most hated man in Seattle. Why wouldn’t my house get torched?” — Blaine

27. “Let’s face it. We all have a little monster in us.” — Blaine

28. “You know what I enjoy? Killing people who piss me off, and that’s not hyperbole.” — Blaine

iZombie quotes from Ravi

29. “Her life is like the whorey version of that movie, Memento.” — Ravi

30. “I believe the professional term is… bleh.” — Ravi

31. “If you have sex, Major will become a zombie. That’s not a risk, it’s a certainty.” — Ravi

32. “Science is a marathon, not a sprint!” — Ravi

33. “We don’t bargain with kid-murdering, cure-thieving pieces of shit.” — Ravi

34. “What is this? She eat the cast of Clueless or something?” — Ravi

35. “Coffee is for closers.” — Ravi

36. “Blaine lies, cheats, steals, kills, and prospers. Meanwhile, I can’t even prevent a bunch of dying kids from being hunted like dogs.” — Ravi

37. “You better not be on a plane back here. You stay there until it’s safe. There’s going to be a day of reckoning once we run out of brains.” — Ravi

38. “It appears the antigen produced by Isobel’s brain isn’t a vaccine. It’s a cure.” — Ravi

39. “I’m proud of my body, and if I want to show it, I’m going to. No one is making you look.” — Ravi

40. “Oh no, it’s that crap episode of zombie high where it’s clear the show ran out of money, so everything cool happens offscreen, and the characters just talk about it afterward.” — Ravi

iZombie quotes from Clive

41. “Don’t bother with the cause of death. I think I got it.” — Clive

42. “You gave my fifty shades of psychic and no vital details.” — Clive

43. “We are in the south now. You don’t put stolen jewelry in a black man’s pocket.” — Clive

44. “Rob all the places you want. We solve homicides.” — Clive

45. “The man’s having a bad day. Let’s go make it worse.” — Clive

46. “I love Dale, but I’ve also been thinking about how every future I imagine for myself had kids in it. I want to be a dad, Liv. With a human like Michelle that can happen. They’re not letting zombies adopt so, with Dale that means no kids. Never.” — Clive

iZombie quotes from Major

47. “Yes, some of us are going to die, so that all of us don’t die. If that’s not what you signed up for then go. That goes for all of you.” — Major

48. “Chase Graves had no interest in being popular whereas being popular is what I live for.” — Major

49. “A year from now, you’ll be patriots. There will be statues of you in the time square. Zombie children will be taught nursery rhymes about your exploits. Zombie teenagers will go to De Beers high. There will be Don E’s deep fried brain stands across the city.” — Major

50. “Hey Liv it’s me. I’m about to do something, but if it works big if, it could save lives. Basically what I’ve been asking myself before any big decisions is what would Liv Moore do? “ — Major

51. “Whatever happens, know this. It’s always been you. I always loved you, and I always will. Take care of yourself. Bye.” — Major

52. “I’m really glad we’re at this place in our relationship where we can dig up a grave without having to talk.” — Major

53. “I’m thinking you picked the wrong team, brother.” — Major

54. “I’m a social worker. My insurance covers like one bandaid a year.” — Major

55. “Young man, if I’m going to die, I’d rather die knowing you starved.” — Major

56. “You’re her, aren’t you? You’re Renegade. Of course, you are. Seattle needed a hero and guess who volunteered. The girl who can’t find meaning in her life any other way. This is going to get you killed, Liv. But hell you’re going to get me killed too.” — Major

57. “I was just working up the courage to knock. I should have listened to you. You were right about Chase. You were right about everything.” — Major

iZombie quotes from Peyton

58. “How funny would it be if now I knocked you in?” — Peyton

59. “Take care of Ravi please, I’m probably going to marry the guy.” — Peyton

60. “I’m keeping my end of the bargain if you’re too overwhelmed to return a phone call, maybe you’re a little out of your depth.” — Peyton

Dr. Liv realized that if she could not satisfy her urge to eat human flex, particularly the brain, she would turn into a typical mindless zombie.

The series quickly turned into a fun and exciting show as it became more profound and more complex.

Soon Dr. Liv found out that she was not the only zombie living in Seattle. And there is an actual ongoing epidemic of zombie infection, which is covered up by different factions for their own selfish gains.

This series is an awesome twist and reimagination of what a zombie affliction would look like and how humanity will deal with it in a creative way.

Share your thoughts about these iZombie quotes and sayings, and now would be a great time to rewatch this series if you got the time.

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