50 Yellowstone Quotes for the Modern Day Rancher in You

50 Yellowstone Quotes for the Modern Day Rancher in You

The wild west meets modern-day in these Yellowstone quotes from the popular television drama.

The show Yellowstone is on the Paramount Network and has been growing in popularity over the past several seasons.

The show follows the story of the fictional Dutton family. They own the largest ranch in the United States which causes them to have constant drama with the neighboring Native American reservations and local government.

While the third season of the show had higher ratings, the first season was met with mixed reviews.

The constant dark drama that the family experiences, or creates, is a lot for some people to handle.

However, the show also has many fans that are on the edge of their seats waiting for the premiere of the fourth season.

Get a taste of the show from these Yellowstone quotes below.

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Yellowstone quotes by Kayce

1. “God sure finds interesting ways to put people out of business.” — Kayce

2. “Soldiers don’t tell war stories anymore, dad, because wars these days, it’s just about trying to live through them.” ― Kayce

Yellowstone quotes by Lloyd

3. “You’re either born a willow or born an oak. That’s all there is to it.” — Lloyd

4. “You know, you did something that no one does, Rip. You’ve outlived your past.” — Lloyd

Yellowstone quotes by Walker

5. “Karma comes in all shapes and sizes. Guess it’s me today.” — Walker

6. “Mister, I don’t know you, but if you’re wearin’ that brand, you must be a bad man.” — Walker

Yellowstone quotes by Jimmy

7. “We’re with the Yellowstone. Nobody’s gonna mess with us.” — Jimmy

8. “You ever have a girl look at you, and your whole world just stops?” — Jimmy

Yellowstone quotes by other characters

9. “Serve your father’s family or serve your own. Like it or not, that choice is coming.” ― Christina

10. “I hope I never meet the first man who thought it was a good idea to ride a bull.” — Carl

11. “When the misery is bad enough, tomorrow is rarely factored into decisions.” — Monica

12. “Should is a useless word, almost as useless as hope.” — Willa

13. “A man who puts a hand on a member of my family never puts a hand on anything else.”  Jamie

14. “We need to find a less subtle means of expressing our displeasure.” ― Malcolm Beck

Yellowstone quotes by John Dutton

15. “Leverage is knowing that if someone had all the money in the world, this is what they’d buy.”  John Dutton

16. “Learn to be meaner than evil and still love your family and enjoy a sunrise.” — John Dutton

17. “We’re enemies now.” — John Dutton

18. “Your grandfather used to say you can’t fix a broken wagon wheel, but you can use the parts to make a new one.” — John Dutton

19. “No one has a right. You have to take a right, or stop it from being taken from you.” — John Dutton

20. “Lawyers are the swords of this century. Words are weapons now. I need you to learn how to use them.” — John Dutton

21. “All the angels are gone, son. There’s only devils left.” — John Dutton

22. “It’s the one constant in life. You build something worth having, someone’s gonna try to take it.” — John Dutton

23. “This is America. We don’t share land here.” ― John Dutton

24. “As a friend. I’ve always treated you as an equal.” ― Jamie Dutton

25. “It wasn’t a move. I’m just meaner than you.” — John Dutton

26. “Well, if you’re marrying Beth, you’ve already proved you’re not scared of anything.” — John Dutton

Yellowstone quotes by Beth Dutton

27. “Just tell me who to fight.” — Beth Dutton

28. “I made two bad decisions in my life based on fear, and they cost me everything.” — Beth Dutton

29. “You are the trailer park. I’m the tornado.” — Beth Dutton

30. “Where’s the fun in wrecking a single man? When I break you, I want to know I’m breaking generations.” — Beth Dutton

31. “You can’t unmake family, Jamie, but you can take their gold card.” — Beth Dutton

32. “Well, that’s what it means. It means that you have me, that I’m yours. It means come live your life with me. The only thing I ask is that you outlive me so I never live another day without you.” — Beth Dutton

33. “Everything I do is for him, and everything you do is for you.” — Beth Dutton

34. “I believe in lovin’ with your whole soul and destroying anything that wants to kill what you love. That’s it. That’s all there is.” — Beth Dutton

35. “You should try Zumba. Get your cardio up.” — Beth Dutton

36. “Every so often, you say something that makes me think you’re smart. And then I look at you, and that thought fades.” — Beth Dutton

37. “My mother was the spine of this family. She was the center. Without her, he’s, well the best of him died with her.”  Beth Dutton

38. “I have been down this road many, many times before, buddy. And no one who tried it is alive to tell you how poorly that worked out for them.” — Beth Dutton

39. “The only thing I ask is that you outlive me, so I never live another day without you.” — Beth Dutton

40. “I’m chopping your family tree down.” — Beth Dutton

Yellowstone quotes by Rip Wheeler

41. “You know what work is, don’t you?” — Rip Wheeler

42. “There’s sharks and minnows in this world. If you don’t know which you are, you ain’t a shark.” — Rip Wheeler

43. “‘I’m sorry’ are two words you never have to say to me.” — Rip Wheeler

44. “I wish that they’d come back to life so I could kill ’em again.”  Rip Wheeler

45. “I’m gonna give you one last chance. You leave now or you never leave.” — Rip Wheeler

46. “I don’t choose the way. I make sure no one questions yours.” — Rip Wheeler

47. “I look at every day with you as a gift.” — Rip Wheeler

48. “Be a man about it. Don’t scream.” — Rip Wheeler

49. “You know, when you boil life down, it’s funny just how little you need, isn’t it?” — Rip Wheeler

50. “I’d rather kill a thousand men than shoot another horse.” — Rip Wheeler

Which of these Yellowstone quotes is your favorite?

The cast of Yellowstone includes Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, and Luke Grimes among others.

Their characters handle internal and external conflict as the family doesn’t always get along well with those around them or those within the family.

But that conflict is what continues to keep some fans coming back for more. There is even word of two possible spinoffs of the show to continue on with the storytelling.

If you can’t get enough of old westerns or which you lived in those wide-open spaces, you just might find yourself liking these Yellowstone quotes and the series too.

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