50 Virgin River Quotes if You Already Binged Seasons 1-3

50 Virgin River Quotes if You Already Binged Seasons 1-3

If you can’t get enough Virgin River, these Virgin River quotes will help get you through.

Virgin River is a romantic drama series on Netflix based on the Virgin River novels by Robyn Carr.

The story revolves around Melinda Monroe, a nurse who takes the leap to start a new life and move on from her past in the remote Northern California town of Virgin River.

But, unfortunately, small-town living isn’t that easy. She must learn to heal herself first before creating a new home.

Virgin River is a story of hope, love, and triumph against regret and traumatic events. The theme is so appealing for people who want a fresh start and to close a painful chapter of their lives.

These Virgin River quotes will guide you to feel the warmth of this wonderful story.

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Virgin River quotes from Hope

1. “Those two have more sparks than a 4th of July parade.” ― Hope

2. “I keep odd hours and vacuum in the nude.” ― Hope

3. “How can I stand by and watch Charmaine blow his life up, knowing I could have done something about it?” ― Hope

4. “Charmaine, I can’t know this, and now I do know this, and I can’t un-know something that I already know!” ― Hope

5. “I know I’m not one to talk, but recently I’ve come to the conclusion that you need to go after what you want, even if it’s a rougher road.” ― Hope

6. “I am not supposed to be involved in Jack’s personal affairs, so I’m officially passing the baton to you.” ― Hope

Virgin River quotes from Mel

7. “Why didn’t I just let your call go to voicemail?” ― Mel

8. “Look, if the situation were reversed, Jack wouldn’t hesitate to help you. Even after everything that you’ve done. Even after the way you’ve treated him. Jack would protect you no matter what, and he’s proven that over and over. Now he needs your help.”  Mel

9. “I’m so sorry that I pushed you away. I just, I thought that by protecting my heart, I couldn’t get hurt. But the thought of not having you in my life is so painful.”  Mel

10. “Actually. I’m sorry. Let me rephrase my last statement. You’re being an ass! And if we didn’t have a room full of patients, I would walk right out of here.” ― Mel

Virgin River quotes from Lydie

11. “Don’t let Connie make you feel bad. Her heart’s in the right place, it’s just her mouth that’s misguided.” ― Lydie

12. “I love Connie, but, uh, she’s always been a little self-righteous when it comes to other people’s business.” ― Lydie

Virgin River quotes from Connie

13. “Your degenerate grandson defiled my niece.” ― Connie

14. “You know, you can tell how a person feels about someone by the sacrifices they’re willing to make. I know you loved her. And I hope for your sake, she comes back one day.” ― Connie

15. “I know you’re not supposed to talk badly about kin, but the girl is more idle than a Sunday afternoon.” ― Connie

16. “I’m what they would consider a credible alibi. We’re not related. We’re not friends, and you don’t work for me.” ― Connie

17. “Only 10% of felonies end in conviction. Ninety percent of those are because the suspect confessed. If they haul you in, there’s only one thing to do. Deny.”  Connie

Virgin River quotes from Doc

18. “Well you may not be who she wants, but I’m pretty damn sure you are gonna be who she needs.” ― Doc

19. “I know I’ve been a little gruff lately, but I’m gonna try to be in a better mood from now on.” ― Doc

20. “I heard somewhere that people don’t truly process something until they’ve heard it six or seven times. So, with that in mind, I am prepared to tell you over and over and over again that I’ve loved you from the first day that I met you, and I will be yours until the day I die.” ― Doc

21. “The issue is that this is information that Jack needs to know, but if it comes from you, he may shoot the messenger.” ― Doc

22. “I can’t say I know what you’re going through, but I do know it can’t be easy.”  Doc

Virgin River quotes from Preacher

23. “I believe there is nothing more righteous than defending those who can’t defend themselves.” ― Preacher

24. “Brady for a little man, you sure got a big mouth.” ― Preacher

25. “You know, ever since this thing started with Calvin and then the guys, they brought up Lonerghan, you’ve been on edge.” ― Preacher

Virgin River quotes from Jack

26. “I’m gonna need a little more than ‘Hi, Jack.’” ― Jack

27. “Hope, I was with Mel the morning after the anniversary, and I mean she was destroyed. Look I have to come to terms with the fact that she isn’t ready for anything but friendship. And she may never be.” ― Jack

Virgin River quotes from Calvin

28. “I need you to show me I can trust you.” ― Calvin

29. “Now you listen to me, Jack. Today you walk. Next time you poke your nose in my business, show up on my land, talk to my crew, that day will be your last.” ― Calvin

Virgin River quotes from other characters

30. “Isn’t this turning out to be a banner day?” ― Charmaine

31. “You know you lie about as well as you play canasta.”

32. “We don’t have the resources to mount any sort of manhunt, so unless [Wes] draws attention to himself, there’s not a whole lot we can do.” ― Sheriff

33. “Look, if Calvin finds out that I ratted him out, I’m dead. My family is dead.” ― Spencer

34. “Before everything that happened with Mark and the baby, I hadn’t cried since my dad


35. “I would give anything for just one more afternoon with the love of my life, and yours is just a few blocks away. I don’t want you to miss your chance just because you’re playing it safe.” ― Lilly

36. “Don’t sweat the small stuff. ‘Course, it’s all small stuff.” ― Bert

37. “You got your ex-girlfriend pregnant, and you’re in love with someone else! I don’t think you’re in the position to be handing out advice on women to anyone.” ― Ricky

Virgin River quotes from memorable conversations within the show

38. Lizzie: “You’re Romeo and I’m Juliet. We’ll be two star-crossed lovers carrying on a secret love affair. It’ll be so hot”

Ricky: “You know that Romeo and Juliet die in the end right?”

39. Jack: “How are you feeling?”

Mel: “Happy and safe.”

Jack: “Exactly how I want you to feel.”

40. “I know about you and Michelle. So, give her a message for me, will you? Tell her I’m coming for her. And one way or another, she’s gonna pay for what she did to my brother.” ― Vince

41. Charmaine: “You don’t wanna be together. I get it. But I want a husband.”

Jack: “And I want you to have that.”

Charmaine: “Well, the man I eventually marry will be the twins’ father, and we’ll just have to see where you fit in.”

42. Jack: “Char, you deserve more.”

Charmaine: “I don’t want more. I want you.”

43. Charmaine: “You’re making me look crazy and I’m not.”

Jack: “I never said you were.”

44. Charmaine: “Well, what am I supposed to think Jack? I mean, I’m having your babies, and you gave me a freaking puppy.”

45. Lizzie: “Aunt Connie, is it the sex or the location that’s making you so mad?”

Connie: “Stop saying sex.”

46. Jack: “Still feeling okay? About us?”

Mel: “Yeah, I am.”

Jack: “So, if I told you I love you…”

Mel: “I love you, too.”

47. Hope: “I’m sorry. Looks like you’re stuck with me.”

Doc: “What does that mean?”

Hope: “It means yes, you old fool. I’ll marry you again.”

48. Mel: “When I couldn’t find you, I thought something happened to you. It felt like I couldn’t breathe.”

Jack: “That’s how I felt about you when you left for L.A. And the worst part, was when you were gone, I realized I don’t want to live my life without you.”

49. Mel: “Charmaine, if you take the babies away, it’s gonna break Jack’s heart.”

Charmaine: “Well, he breaks my heart every day.”

50. Hope: “Women have been calling their husbands’ voicemails since the day voicemail was invented.”

Lilly: “I never listened to Buck’s private messages.”

Hope: “I’m sorry we can’t all be saints.”

51. Charmaine: “I didn’t ask for a house call.”

Mel: “No, I know. I just – I’m wondering if Jack is here.”

Charmaine: “That’s funny. I thought I was the only one who chased after him.”

Which of these Virgin River quotes is your favorite?

The series has a unique appeal to its fans due to the successful natural delivery of the story. The show isn’t about sudden and crazy surprises or problems happening, providing a sense of tranquility for the viewers. A perfect companion for a relaxed evening.

This series will inspire you to love genuinely and be mature in both life and love. Our past will forever be a part of us, but it will never define us. All we have to do is start anew and come to terms with ourselves.

So, pack up your things, and maybe this is an excellent time to relax somewhere far away with these Virgin River quotes and sayings.

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