50 The Undoing Quotes that Pull You Into the Mystery Thriller

50 The Undoing Quotes that Pull You Into the Mystery Thriller

These Undoing quotes will keep you hooked and looking for more mystery thriller shows.

The Undoing is a psychological thriller TV series based on Jean’s novel “You Should Have Known”.

It was one of the most successful TV shows on HBO in 2020 and even beat the record of Game of Thrones for the biggest US launch due to its top-notch acting and storyline.

The series follows Grace Fraser, a psychologist who is suddenly caught in a murder investigation of Elena, an unexpected acquaintance in her child’s school. As the story unfolds, viewers will find themselves in a gut-wrenching turn of events.

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The Undoing quotes from Grace

1. “Why the tie? Not another funeral?” — Grace

2. “He’s an Onocologist, Sally. Who’s gonna bid on cancer?” — Grace

3. “Nothing about this entire day makes any sense to me.” — Grace

4. “Does he usually do that before he leaves on a trip?” — Grace

5. “I don’t know what to tell myself. He didn’t just leave his phone behind, he arranged to be unreachable.” — Grace

6. “Am I going to need a lawyer?” — Grace

7. “My husband is a warm, warm man.” — Grace

8. “You didn’t just do this to me, you did this to your son.” — Grace

9. “I just need a little unconditional support from my loving father right now. That would be nice.” — Grace

10. “My mind is stronger than my heart. And while you might not be a murderer, you’re not my husband.” — Grace

11. “Exactly how weak do you think I am?” — Grace

12. “I’m here. Under the circumstances I think I deserve a medal.” — Grace

13. “Be inhuman, I get it.” — Grace

14. “You said the jury will relate to me.” — Grace

15. “He is a man of empathy. It is not within him to do what he has been accused of doing.” — Grace

16. “I know who and what I married.” — Grace

17. “Sometimes I think we should move out of the city.” — Grace

The Undoing quotes from Elena

18. “Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome. I felt like an intruder, you made me feel at home.” — Elena

19. “Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed and lost. Do you ever feel that?” — Elena

20. “You will never hurt me. You will never leave me.” — Elena

The Undoing quotes from Henry

21. “You can be joyless when you’re stressed.” — Henry

22. “He knew that I knew.” — Henry

23. “If we can survive this far, we can survive anything.” — Henry

24. “I think we’re gonna win.” — Henry

The Undoing quotes from Jonathan

25. “Don’t scream, it is me. I didn’t do it. I didn’t kill her.” — Jonathan

26. “There were lines I crossed, but I didn’t take Elena’s life.” — Jonathan

27. “I just left you.” — Jonathan

28. “We can just….lose ourselves sometimes.” — Jonathan

29. “It’s all so classy and understated.” — Jonathan

30. “Everyone presumes they know their own family, but I can assure that’s not the case.” — Jonathan

The Undoing quotes from Haley

31. “Because it’s what rich people do when they feel threatened.” — Haley

32. “This case may come down to you. Before I put you on the stand, I have to kick the tires.” — Haley

33. “Don’t bite anyone else.” — Haley

34. “But you weren’t everything to him.” — Haley

35. “Don’t pretend to be a good husband or father because arguably you are neither.” — Haley

36. “I can neither advise nor instruct you to conceal or destroy.” — Haley

37. “She was in your camp and you lost her.” — Haley

38. “Don’t pretend to be honest, because you’ve told too many lies.” — Haley

39. “I don’t make jokes. I’m not funny.” — Haley

40. “They conceal their ugly truths to protect themselves.” — Haley

The Undoing quotes from Franklin

41. “Grace, your husband is the lead suspect in a murder investigation.” — Franklin

42. “Lawyers are like car mechanics, you pay them to fix your problems.” — Franklin

43. “I look forward to clearing my name in court.” — Franklin

44. “You speak of ugliness. You have not yet met ugliness.” — Franklin

45. “He’s a putz.” — Franklin

46. “The idea that this best serves Henry is absolute nonsense.” — Franklin

47. “Even his family doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.” — Franklin

48. “Put up a fight!” — Franklin

The Undoing quotes from Detective Mendoza

49. “Are we upsetting you, Doctor?” — Detective Mendoza

50. “I think at this point, you are more angry at him than us and you have a right to be.” — Detective Mendoza

The seemingly dark atmosphere of the story adds a massive impact on this series and combines well in the intricate web of deceptions, fear, fidelity and betrayal.

If you are a fan of psychological thrillers with a mix of mystery and affair, then this is a show you would not want to miss.

The Undoing reflects how a perfectly normal family set-up can be ruined by one action and that years of building trust can crumble in an instant.

So why not share these The Undoing quotes and sayings with your friends who enjoy dramas as you browse for more thrillers to watch.

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