50 The Boys Quotes that Make You Root for the Antiheroes

50 The Boys Quotes that Make You Root for the Antiheroes

If you’re looking for a slightly different spin on the classic superhero story, these The Boys quotes are for you!

The Boys is a television show that is based on a DC comic book by the same name.

It shares the story of a group of vigilantes that are working to expose the organization running the superheroes that the media is celebrating.

The group known as The Boys is trying to take down members of the Seven.

The Seven are superheroes who look good in the spotlight but are secretly corrupt. As you’ll see in The Boys quotes below, this show makes you cheer for the antiheroes.

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The Boys quotes by Billy Butcher

1. “What have you got to lose that you ain’t already lost?” ― Billy Butcher

2. “We’ll cross that bridge when we burn it.”  Billy Butcher

3. “A stranger is just a friend you ain’t met yet.” ― Billy Butcher

4. “Never go into shark-infested waters without chum.” ― Billy Butcher

5. “You just arse-bombed America’s sweetheart. You can’t just pi** off.” ― Billy Butcher

6. “Expecting a happy ending, were we? Well, I’m sorry, Hughie. It ain’t that kind of massage parlor.” ― Billy Butcher

7. “I’ll tell you what. When we’re all done here, I’ll buy you a nice, big, family-size bottle of top-shelf lube and I’ll tickle your balls till you beg me to stop and even then I won’t. I just won’t do it. ― Billy Butcher

8. “You tell anyone what you saw or heard here today, and I’ll cut your hands off and shove them so far up your ass, your fingers will give us a little wave out your throat, yeah?” ― Billy Butcher

9. “When they’re apart, they’re absolute f***ing rubbish. But, you put them together, they’re the goddamn f***ing Spice Girls.” ― Billy Butcher

10. “He’s got a hard-on for mass murder and giving kids cancer, and his big old answer to the existential clusterf*** that is humanity, is to nail his own bleeding son to a plank.” ― Billy Butcher

11. “People love that cozy feeling that Supes give them. Some golden c**t to swoop out of the sky and save the day so you don’t got to do it yourself.” ― Billy Butcher

12. “I’ll tell you who you are. A f***ing moron. “Translucent” doesn’t even mean “invisible”. It means “semi-transparent”.” ― Billy Butcher

The Boys quotes by Frenchie

13. “My father was bipolar. One night, when I was ten, he tried to smother me with a Hello Kitty duvet.” ― Frenchie

14. “You see, I know your secret. You’re not a bad person. Just a scared one.” ― Frenchie

15. “I know a little about a lot of things. I’m a gunrunner by trade, but, as you can see, I’ve developed a certain niche.” ― Frenchie

16. “Life has always been hard, but I don’t remember it being quite this crude.” ― Frenchie

The Boys quotes by Homelander

17. “You see, companies, they come and go, but talent… talent is forever.”  Homelander

18. “Sometimes it’s hard being superior to every single other person on the planet. It’s isolating. And gods should not have to feel that kind of pain. Because that is what we are. You and me. We’re gods.” ― Homelander

19. “You are dispensable, which means you answer to me.” ― Homelander

20. “Now you’re just another useless f*cking blind guy.” ― Homelander

The Boys quotes by Starlight

21. “We’re all alone. That’s the truth.” ― Starlight

22. “Since when did “hopeful” and “naive” become the same thing? I mean, why would you get into this business if not to save the world? That’s all I have ever wanted.” ― Starlight

23. “I don’t know if they really want you to be a hero. I think they just want you to look like one.” ― Starlight

24. “Here’s the truth. Anyone who tells you they know the answers is lying.” ― Starlight

25. “The good guys don’t win. The bad guys don’t get punished. What we do means nothing. It’s just all for money and I am in the middle of all of it.”  Starlight

26. “If you jump ship and you let the a**holes steer, then you’re part of the problem.” ― Starlight

27. “If Billy Butcher can do the right thing, then there’s got to be some kind of higher power.” ― Starlight

28. “I should’ve done a lot more stuff. Because there is nothing up there. There’s nobody in the sky watching over us. Not God, not Homelander. Not anybody. It’s all just lies.” ― Starlight

The Boys quotes by Hughie Campbell

29. “Just ’cause you fall on your ass doesn’t mean you have to stay there.” ― Hughie Campbell

30. “As a rule, I don’t usually go out after a gory massacre.” ― Hughie Campbell

31. “You know, I managed to go my whole life without seeing someone die horribly, and now I’m up to about a half dozen, so I think I’m good.” ― Hughie Campbell

32. “You know, you’re always calling people “c**ts” or “tw*ts”. But I never really got how that’s an insult? They’re flexible, take a pounding, and they’re the reason behind, like, 98% of my life decisions.” ― Hughie Campbell

33. “Yeah. You know, it has its charms. The rats are like Pokémon. With hep C.” ― Hughie Campbell

34. “You’ve been walking around for months like you want to kick my ass. So do it already.”  Hughie Campbell

35. “Let’s go f*** the wife. Consensually.” ― Hughie Campbell

The Boys quotes by Queen Maeve

36. “I really did want to make a difference. I really did care. I was just like you. And then I started giving pieces of myself away and I guess I gave away everything.” ― Queen Maeve

37. “It doesn’t matter what we do, nothing changes. Nothing ever changes or gets better.” ― Queen Maeve

The Boys quotes by Mother’s Milk

38. “Sometimes you get further with people by treating them like people.” ― Mother’s Milk

39. “If I’m gonna make a difference, I just feel more comfortable doing it on a smaller scale. I’m a motherf***er with a heart. Whereas you? You’re just a motherf***er.” ― Mother’s Milk

40. “I figured if you wait around long enough, two plus two equals nasty.” ― Mother’s Milk

41. “You are not a soldier, you’re not a spy. You’re just a kid that sells stereo equipment.” ― Mother’s Milk

42. “Butcher, how is it possible that you’re dumber than you look?” ― Mother’s Milk

The Boys quotes by Jonah Vogelbaum

43. “Some things are more important than the right thing.” ― Jonah Vogelbaum

44. “The thing about cross-breeding dogs, you get the right genes, you can get a perfect creation. But it doesn’t matter how perfect they are. It’s not enough.” ― Jonah Vogelbaum

45. “Moral compromise does have its privileges.” ― Jonah Vogelbaum

The Boys quotes by Madelyn Stillwell

46. “You want to be a superhero. You want to be famous. But nobody’s famous alone.” ― Madelyn Stillwell

47. “In a partnership, there is give and there is take.”  Madelyn Stillwell

The Boys quotes by Stormfront

48. “People love what I have to say. They believe in it. They just don’t like the word “Nazi”, that’s all.” ― Stormfront

49. “F*** this world for confusing nice with good. Be a b**ch if you want. Be whatever. Just drop the mask once in a while. Feels good. You can finally breathe.” ― Stormfront

The Boys quotes by Edgar Stan

50. “You are not our most valuable asset.” ― Edgar Stan

The Boys is a streaming series that received positive reviews of both the first two seasons. Because of this, there is a third season scheduled to be produced as well.

The cast performances have been commended as well as the writing.

In 2019, the series was found to be one of Amazon Prime’s most successful original series. It was made the Nielson Top 10 Streaming Shows list becoming the first non-Netflix series to do.

Along with the third season, fans of The Boys quotes and show can look forward to a potential spinoff that is being talked about as well.

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