50 Russian Doll Quotes that Will Inspire You to Mix Up Your Day a Little

50 Russian Doll Quotes that Will Inspire You to Mix Up Your Day a Little

These Russian Doll quotes will make you want to break up the mundane in your life.

The Russian Doll Netflix series is easily one of the most interesting pieces of media out there and it is entirely written and directed by women.

This show is about death, untimely timelines, and alternate possibilities mixed with roller coaster elements of life.

The story revolves around Nadia, a woman who cannot stop dying and ends up repeating the same day over and over like being trapped inside a loop.

Metaphorically, this show mirrors our daily lives of repeating the same routine over and over. And each day passing, a little bit of us dies along with it.

Enjoy the Russian Doll quotes below and savor the masterful scriptwriting of some of the best-talented writers in television.

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Russian Doll quotes by Ruth Brenner

1. “That’s why therapists are important. Without them, we are very unreliable narrators of our own stories.” — Ruth Brenner

2. “Why don’t we sit crooked and then talk straight?” — Ruth Brenner

3. “Nothing in this world is easy, except pissing in the shower.” — Ruth Brenner

4. “Holding two incompatible ideas in your head at the same time and accepting both of them that’s the best of being human. Yes-no, good-bad, life-death.” — Ruth Brenner

Russian Doll quotes by Nadia Vulvokov

5. “It’s my bad attitude that keeps me young.”  Nadia Vulvokov

6. “You’re supposed to ask people about their kids. Okay? It’s polite. It gives everybody a moment to pretend there’s gonna be a future.” — Nadia Vulvokov

7. “With the amount of guilt, I’m surprised you’re not a Jew.” — Nadia Vulvokov

8. “What do time and morality have in common? Relativity. They’re both relative to your experience.” — Nadia Vulvokov

9. “That’s my drug dealer. I gotta take this.” — Nadia Vulvokov

10. “Sometimes Hail Marys are the best Marys we’ve got.” — Nadia Vulvokov

11. “Routine is an incredible thing. We become what we repeatedly do.” — Alan Zaveru

12. “Like is like a box of timelines.” — Nadia Vulvokov

13. “The universe is trying to fuck with me, and I refuse to engage.” — Nadia Vulvokov

14. “Sexualizing self-hatred is the hallmark of any relationship that begins with extra-marital infidelity.” — Nadia Vulvokov

15. “Religion is a dumb as fuck, all right? It’s racist. It’s sexit. There’s no money it… anymore. Who needs it?” — Nadia Vulvokov

16. “Oh my God. Seriously? Come on. No I did not kill somebody. If I killed somebody, I’d play it cool, move to Mexico, start a band.” — Nadia Vulvokov

17. “Look, I got bigger fish to fry, okay? I got to figure out how to get down the stairs.” — Nadia Vulvokov

18. “I mean, I smoke, what, like two packs a day. I have the internal organs of a man twice my age. If I make it to my low 70’s, I’ll be shocked.” — Nadia Vulvokov

19. “Fun is for suckers, Max. Two minutes ago, I turned 36. Staring down the barrel of my own mortality always beats fun.” — Nadia Vulvokov

More Russian Doll quotes by Nadia Vulvokov

20. “I don’t know what I’m doing. I was gonna go home and fuck this guy, but now I just feel so profoundly empty.” — Nadia Vulvokov

21. “What is this ‘bad person?’ I mean, there’s Hitler and then there’s everybody else.” — Nadia Vulvokov

22. “Humanity… a little bit overrated, no?” — Nadia Vulvokov

23. “Hey, bartendress! Hello. Uh, more drunk please.” — Nadia Vulvokov

24. “Now, do guys like blow jobs, or is that just a rumor?” — Nadia Vulvokov

25. “Looks like someone just threw a gauntlet right into my puss-puss.” — Nadia Vulvokov

26. “Therapists are important. Without them, we are very unreliable narrators of our own stories.” – Ruth Brenner

27. “Do you think it’s weird that we live in the same neighborhood? Do you think it means anything? Do you think we’re dead? That we’re the same person? You know, I got a couple of theories that I’m working on. Us being the same person is my current favorite.” — Nadia Vulvokov

28. “Oh, this is Alan. He’s basically a child that the universe has tasked me with babysitting.” — Nadia Vulvokov

29. “This is like The Game. I’m Michael Douglas!” — Nadia Vulvokov

30. “For my birthday, tell me if I’m a bad person. Okay, cool.” — Nadia Vulvokov

31. “Well, this little fucking shit belongs to no one, but yes, that’s my cat.” — Nadia Vulvokov

32. “I think our friendship can handle me being honest with you.” — Nadia Vulvokov

33. “And someone stole your shoes? Hey, what the fuck is going on in America, huh?” — Nadia Vulvokov

Russian Doll quotes by Alan Zaveri

34. “People thinking I’m crazy is one of my biggest fears.” — Alan Zaveri

35. “No matter how much we think that we’re fooling people, our bodies, they can’t keep lying the way that our minds can.” — Alan Zaveri

36. “It doesn’t matter. I die all the time.” — Alan Zaveri

37. “You are fucking garbage and someone needs to bag you up and take you outside, throw you into the East River, and put everyone who can smell your fucking stench out of their goddamn misery.” — Alan Zaveri

38. “Thank you for changing my life. Lives are hard to change.” — Alan Zaveri

Russian Doll quotes by Maxine

39. “I don’t know what’s going on here, but either you guys suck each other’s dicks or get the fuck out of my apartment!” — Maxine

40. “Oh no, no. I love that you’re a cunt. It makes me feel morally superior.” — Maxine

41. “You can eat anything, take anything, do anything. It’s impossible to destroy you. You will never die.” — Maxine

Russian Doll quotes by Ferran

42. “You just blew up your whole life and you are serial-killer calm about it.” – Ferran

43. “No one can do anything by themselves.” — Ferran

Russian Doll quotes by Rabbi

44. “Buildings aren’t haunted. People are.” — Rabbi

45. “Mysticism teaches that there is wisdom inaccessible to the intellect. You can only reach it through surrender, being nothing. Turn away from the physical world and turn toward the spiritual one.” – Rabbi

Russian Doll quotes by other characters

46. “She didn’t choose me, Alan. The only choice she made was not you. Nobody chooses me. I’m the hole where a choice should be.” — Mike

47. “Naturally, I’m a Virgo, we believe in astrology. And you’re Capricorn so you don’t.” — Katia

48. “Go with purpose. Triggers people’s curiosity.” — Lizzy

49. “I realized that there was never gonna be a right time for me to tell you anything.” – Beatrice

50. Alan: “You promise me I’ll be happy?”

Nadia: “No. But I can promise you you will never be alone.”

Which of these Russian Doll quotes is your favorite?

The Russian Doll is such a unique and creative series that everyone can easily enjoy. The entire series from the ground-up is a work of art that gives the audience the satisfaction they crave for a TV show.

It doesn’t underestimate its audience and is bold enough to throw out complex and beautiful concepts of time and space and mix them with engaging storytelling.

The mix of drama and real-life portrayal of this series attract fans all over the world. The ability of the creators to pack so much stuff in a single episode will keep you hooked every single time.

Take a deep breath and do something different today and put a difference in your day. Hopefully, these Russian Doll quotes and sayings will inspire you more each day.

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