50 Ratched Quotes to Keep You in Suspense

50 Ratched Quotes to Keep You in Suspense

These Ratched quotes will draw you into the series.

Ratched is a psychological thriller TV series streaming on Netflix. It is actually a prequel to the 1975 film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

The series revolves around the story of Mildred Ratched, a nurse in a leading asylum in Northern California.

The practice of mind and brain treatment is fairly new at this time and horrific experiments are being performed on psychiatric patients.

Mildred presents herself as the ideal nurse for the asylum and begins her way of infiltrating the system in place and those within it.

Behind her stylish and upright attitude, there’s a creeping darkness within her eyes, a remnant of abuse and violence.

These amazing Ratched quotes will make you want to rewatch this series.

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Ratched quotes from Mildred Ratched

1. “Save one life, and you’re a hero. Save 100 lives, well then, you’re a nurse.” — Mildred Ratched

2. “All I was guilty of, was showing these men mercy when no one else would.” — Mildred Ratched

3. “I believe there are some things that are worse to feel than simply feeling nothing.” — Mildred Ratched

4. “He wasn’t born a monster. Somebody turned him into one.” — Mildred Racthed

5. “We had a saying in the Core, ‘Save one life, and you’re a hero. Save 100 lives, well then, you’re a nurse.’” — Mildred Ratched

6. “You should bathe more often. You’re fingernails are filthy.” — Mildred Ratched

7. “Do you believe the human mind can be cured?” — Mildred Ratched

8. “Search yourself and I think you’ll realize it would be wise to do what I ask.”  Mildred Ratched

9. “Oh Edmund, what have you done?”  Mildred Ratched

10. “I don’t feel quite free from the past the way you might.” — Mildred Ratched

11. “Do you have scat throwers here? Patients who throw their feces?” — Mildred Ratched

12. “If there is one thing I’ve learned Doctor, it’s that life can be quite unpredictable.” — Mildred Ratched

13. “Let’s pretend we are husband and wife and we just had a fight.” — Mildred Ratched

14. “Tell him this town is poison and you want to get as far away from it as possible.” — Mildred Ratched

15. “You are going to spend the rest of your life here because your family never wants to see you again.”  Mildred Ratched

16. “My mother gave this to me on the morning of my first communion. And I want you to have it so you know there is another child of God out there who is praying for you.” — Mildred Ratched

17. “Oh look, my peach.” — Mildred Ratched

18. “I feel as if I have seen the future.” — Mildred Ratched

19. “Monterey is nothing but longshoremen and morphine addicts trying to sell their poetry.” — Mildred Ratched

Ratched quotes from Edmund Tolleson

20. “You’ve given me more life than I ever deserved.” — Edmund Tolleson

21. “I’m probably the least scariest man you’ve ever met.”  Edmund

22. “I kind of like that part. I like feeling them soap up my balls.” — Edmund

23. “It’s been a long time since I’ve kissed a woman.” — Edmund

Ratched quotes from Louise

24. “I’d let him sink his teeth into me and suck me dry.” — Louise

25. “I don’t tolerate fornication in my hotel, especially when it’s out of wedlock.” — Louise

26. “And just so you know, if you happen to have any gentlemen callers, I’m going to know about it. And I do not run a house of ill repute. Do you understand me?”  Louise

Ratched quotes from Dr. Hanover

27. “You see, Governor, I don’t run a loony bin. My hospital is a bastion of recovery and rehabilitation unlike any other.” — Dr. Hanover

28. “We don’t chain anyone up, he is a human being.” — Dr. Hanover

29. “I believe the human mind can crack. I believe a person can snap when experiencing certain stimuli, specific traumas. A person can quite literally lose control and commit unspeakable acts of violence and depravity. They can rape and mutilate one priest, stab another, shatter the skull of a third, and nearly decapitate a fourth, and still they are not necessarily insane, nor are they beyond rehabilitation.” — Dr. Hanover

30. “Dissociative disorders are notoriously difficult to diagnose. They present as a whole host of maladies; mania, dementia, melancholy, amnesia, schizophrenia. She’s an extraordinary case, which makes the proper treatment all the more important.” — Dr. Hanover

31. “I think I helped someone today. I really helped someone” — Dr. Hanover

32. “I am sick and tired of women telling me what to do and I’m not going to take it anymore.” — Dr. Hanover

Ratched quotes from Gwendolyn Briggs

33. “The way to show strength is actually to show mercy.” — Gwendolyn Briggs

34. “The governor believes this facility can become a shining example, not just of what we can accomplish as a state, but what we’re capable of as a nation.” — Gwendolyn Briggs

35. “And when the time comes, we’ll be sitting on a balcony. A hacienda on the beach, margaritas in hand. And I could just slip away, While the sun sets over the ocean.” — Gwendolyn Briggs

36. “This procedure is sadistic and Governor Wilburn is staking his entire relection on it, something that I don’t know that voters are able to accept.” — Gwendolyn

Ratched quotes from Lenore Osgood

37. “I sent a man to do what was clearly a woman’s job.” — Lenore Osgood

38. “Dr. Manuel Banaga is a monster. He’s brilliant, charismatic, but he’s insane, and he doesn’t know it. That really makes him the most dangerous kind of person there is, don’t you think? I can’t rest until I know he’s dead.” — Lenore

39. “I don’t know who you are or whether you’ve intentionally inserted yourself into my affairs or whether it was by pure accident. But allow me to warn you that you have found yourself in the most unenviable of positions.” — Lenore

Ratched quotes from

40. “I’m not your secretary. Pick up the phone and ask them yourself.” — Nurse Bucket

41. “Mrs. Cartwright, the lesbianism that has so plagued your life is a nervous impulse that you evidently can’t control.” — Nurse Bucket

42. “There are two things in this world that make me feel right in myself. And one is Dr. Hanover, and the other is revenge. Mildred Ratched.” — Nurse Bucket

43. “That’s your fucking problem now, Head Nurse. I’m just here to dance with my man.” — Nurse Bucket

Ratched quotes from Charlotte

44. “I am a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music. The Royal Academy of Music. Of the Juilliard School of Music.” — Charlotte

45. “If I tell you, they will make me go away again and I don’t want to go away.”  Charlotte

Ratched quotes from other characters

46. “You are not sorry, but you will be!” — Ratched

47. “We could be free from whatever you and I did in our past. We wouldn’t have a past. Only the future stretching out ahead of us as far as we can see.” — Nurse Dolly

48. Bucket: “What the hell is this?”

Mildred: “Handled.”

49. “May God have mercy on you. Cause I ain’t gonna.” — Governor George Wilburn

50. “Mildred Ratched you are an angel of mercy.”  Huck

Which of these Ratched quotes is your favorite?

Ratched became a successful hit and many are waiting for its second season. The amazing portrayal of Mildred Ratched gave life to the series and amplified the impact of the story making it digestible and exciting to watch.

This series tackles the condition of mental asylums back in the 80s and 90s where patients are treated like lab rats and living in horrific conditions.

Furthermore, the background story of Mildred reveals how true monsters are made, not born. This series shows how vital childhood is and that it is essential to protect the welfare of children.

Share these Ratched quotes and sayings with a friend while you are waiting for the next season.

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