50 Little Fires Everywhere Quotes for Strong Women Everywhere

50 Little Fires Everywhere Quotes for Strong Women Everywhere

These Little Fires Everywhere quotes will empower you.

Little Fires Everywhere is an American drama streaming television miniseries. It is based on the 2017 novel Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.

It premiered on March 18, 2020, on Hulu. This series was produced by Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Liz Tigelaar, Lauren Neustadter, and Pilar Savone.

The story is set in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio, during the late 1990s.

It follows the intertwined fates of the picture-perfect Richardson family and a mysterious mother-daughter who turn their lives upside down.

It explores secrets, the nature of art and identity, motherhood, socioeconomic background difference, and danger in believing that following the rules can avert disaster.

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Little Fires Everywhere quotes by Elena Richardson

1. “I just wonder if you ever look back at your life and have regrets.” — Elena Richardson

2. “After all we’ve been through, I just thought that maybe we should clear the air.” — Elena Richardson

3. “It’s like, one day, you wake up and it’s settled.” — Elena Richardson

4. “If you want to live in this house, you have to live by my rules.” — Elena Richardson

5. “You shouldn’t let those girls write a story for you.” — Elena Richardson

6. “I take motherhood for granted sometimes. That they’ll love you forever. That they’ll love you at all.” — Elena Richardson

7. “You lost the privilege of being you when you set your hair on fire.” — Elena Richardson

8. “Journalism can be so prescribed, you know? But I find comfort in the who, what, where.” — Elena Richardson

9. “I’m not fixating, I’m mothering.” — Elena Richardson

10. “It is a beautiful thing to know your actions can affect another person’s life.” — Elena Richardson

11. “You know what felt good? Helping.” — Elena Richardson

12. “Do you think I wanted a daughter like you? I never wanted you in the first place.” — Elena Richardson

13. “I think hard work and sacrifice is a hardship as well.” — Elena Richardson

14. “I called you because I needed a friend, not someone to take advantage of me in a hard moment.” — Elena Richardson

15. “You know being gay is a very rare thing.” — Elena Richardson

Little Fires Everywhere quotes by Mia Warren

16. “Is this your thing now? Lying to me.” — Mia Warren

17. “Yeah, the thing about portraits is you need to show people how they want to be seen. I prefer to show people as they really are.” — Mia Warren

18. “How can we see ourselves when we’re afraid to look at who we really are?” — Mia Warren

19. “You’re letting some rich, spoiled white girl turn you into her dress-up doll.” — Mia Warren

20. “She doesn’t own you. You don’t belong to Lexi Richardson.” — Mia Warren

21. “A mother is a mother and you will always be hers.” — Mia Warren

22. “If anyone has the ability to excel anywhere, it’s you.” — Mia Warren

23. “If you don’t stand up for yourself, who will?” — Mia Warren

24. “We artists got to stick together.” — Mia Warren

25. “You didn’t make good choices, you had good choices.” — Mia Warren

26. “Sex is rarely simple. Even when you want it to be.” — Mia Warren

27. “It breaks my heart that she can’t see you for you. That she only sees what you can do for her?” — Mia Warren

28. “Sometimes you have to scorch everything to start over.” — Mia Warren

29. “There’s no pain like the loss of a child.” — Mia Warren

30. “No mother would want to be judged by the choice she made in her hardest, most desperate moment.” — Mia Warren

31. “You say you want to create something that will change the world. What if it’s her?” — Warren

32. “Options that being rich, and white, and entitled gave you.” — Mia Warren

Little Fires Everywhere quotes by Pearl Warren

33. “He seemed like that guy, you know? Like the kind of guy that you want your first time to be with. Like it’d be easy. And fun and simple.” — Pearl Warren

34. “I’ll miss being next to you.” — Pearl Warren

35. “You’re my mother. You’re always my mother. No matter what.” — Pearl Warren

Little Fires Everywhere quotes by Moody Richardson

36. “You are someone that isn’t afraid of anyone or anything.” — Moody Richardson

37. “I lift things all the time. It’s kinda my thing.” — Moody Richardson

Little Fires Everywhere quotes by Izzy Richardson

38. “My mom believes what she wants to believe.” — Izzy Richardson

39. “You seem very angry. Is it because she might be helping Bebe? Or is it that she’s in the New York Times, and you’ll never be?” — Izzy Richardson

Little Fires Everywhere quotes by other characters

40. “The art should either bring something new into the world or something strange and familiar and terrifying, or at the very least, uncomfortable. It should give us the uncanny. ” — Young Mia

41. “What’d you used to say? Um being right is better than sex.” — Jamie Caplan

42. “When she’s afraid, she reaches for me. She didn’t come from my body, and I’m sad about that. But that doesn’t make me any less of a mother.” — Linda

43. “That’s the point of what we’re doing here. Either put something into the world, or use what you have to show me what is terrifying, repulsive, and uncanny about you.” — Pauline

44. “You gotta treat her kind shitty. Make her think she did something wrong.” — Trip

Little Fires Everywhere quotes from memorable conversations within the show

45. Bill: “You are becoming completely unraveled.”

Elena: “I am completely raveled.”

46. Bill: “Linda is not going to lose her baby.”

Elena: “Why do you say that?”

Bill: “Because people like Bebe Chow don’t win.”

47. Lexie: “Do you think that I made the right decision?”

Mia: “Only you know that.”

48. Lexie: “If you were in my position. If you were me.”

Mia: “I’m not you.”

49. Bebe: “You have children miss?”

Elena: “Yes I do, I have four children”

Bebe: “How much you sell them for?”

50. Isabelle: “So you overcame your shame of being flat by living a lie?”

Elena: “No I shaped the story I wanted to tell. Literally.”

Which of these Little Fires Everywhere quotes is your favorite?

Little Fires Everywhere has a resemblance with Big Little Lies. It brings forth the tradition of Hollywood of doing a women’s picture – movies that are mostly made by men that accompanied female stars and domestic situations by wrapping them in high-pitched melodrama.

This series stresses the topic of motherhood, suburban conformity, female ambition, and sexual politics.

Similar to reality, we may know someone like Elena Richardson, a wealthy mother with a picture-perfect family or Mia Warren, an artist and nomadic single mother. Yet, the commonality is their motherhood and the struggle of being a parent.

Read on these Little Fires Everywhere quotes and sayings and discover your strength as a woman and as a mother.

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