50 Kim Possible Quotes from Your Favorite Crime Fighting Disney Hero

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The best Kim Possible quotes from one of your favorite Disney animated series.

Kim Possible is the star of her own show where she foils the plans of evil super-villains while also navigating the challenges of being a teenager. Kim is often assisted by her best friend Ron Stoppable and his naked mole-rat, Rufus.

This animated Disney action-comedy series provides an exciting storyline while also holding space for the reality of adolescence.

From fighting crime to dealing with bullies to vying for the attention of a crush, the series is full of fantastic Kim Possible quotes. Here are some of the most memorable.

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Famous Kim Possible quotes and catchphrases

1. “You can call me…beep me..if you want to reach me.” – Kim Possible

2. “So not the drama.” – Kim Possible

3. “What’s the sitch?” – Kim Possible

4. “Booyah!” – Ron Stoppable

5. “I am not jelling!” – Kim Possible

The Best Kim Possible Quotes from Ron Stoppable

6. “Yes, information? I’d like the number for 911 immediately, please!” – Ron Stoppable

7. “You don’t deserve to be kissed by a naked mole-rat.” – Ron Stoppable

8. “Ya know…In this light, you’re kinda cute.” – Ron Stoppable

9. “Oh, nap time. You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.” – Ron Stoppable

10. “Can’t spell inspiration without procrastination” – Ron Stoppable

11. “Good, then it will be my honor to collapse from exhaustion.” – Ron Stoppable

12. “Have I been placed on this earth to suffer?” – Ron Stoppable

13. “Suddenly, the whole world is full of holes that people just woosh away in.” – Ron Stoppable

14. “Time travel… It’s a cornucopia of disturbing concepts.” – Ron Stoppable

15. “The knuckle dragging ying to my knuckle headed yang.” – Ron Stoppable

Kim Possible Quotes from Villains

16. “I know I’m going to regret saying this, but you may have finally achieved “so dumb it just might work.”” – Shego

17. “I complain about the lemons!” – Dr. Drakken

18. “This is sick and wrong on so many levels!” – Shego

19. “Name your price, Stoppable! Power? Glory? When I take over the world, you can have a continent! Any continent… not Europe.” – Dr. Drakken

20. “I like kissy face!” – Shego

21. “It’s not the same when I rant to myself.” – Dr. Drakken

22. “Yeah I’d say im 30% serious 70% mock” – Shego

23. “Why did you have to break down the door? It wasn’t locked, and I just had it painted!” – Professor Dementor

24. “I don’t do cakes. I don’t bake em and I don’t jump out of them.” – Shego

25. “Word! Now let’s get this party started old school, yo!” – Dr. Drakken

Wholesome Kim Possible Quotes

26. “It’s what I do and nobody’s going to stop me!” – Kim Possible

27. “Yeah, you know, all that stuff was bad, KP. But you know what was worse? Spending a whole summer away from you.” – Ron Stoppable

28. “Ron, I couldn’t save the world without you.” – Kim Possible

29. “Deep breath and take the plunge” – Kim Possible

30. “I can do anything.” – Kim Possible

Funny Kim Possible Quotes

31. “What am I supposed to do? Let you take over the world?” – Ron Stoppable

32. “You’re a *rocket* scientist! Can’t you *do* something?” – Jim Possible

33. “You are so flawed …” – Kim Possible

34. “Check your calendar! This is not “Befriend a Loser Week!”” – Bonnie

35. “Wade, we’re free-falling off a cliff! This is no time for “oops!”” – Ron Stoppable

36. “I liked you better naked.” – Kim Possible

37. “Sorry, honey, I’ve got both hands in a sixty-two-year-old male’s temporal lobe.” – Dr. Ann Possible

38. “Between a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon, the best idea you can think of is minimum wage?” –Kim Possible

39. “Kim, don’t call it sci-fi! That degrades the genre, and it sickens me!” – Wade

More Kim Possible Quotes

40. “I am, what I is” – Ron Stoppable

41. “You were like ‘pow pow’ and I was like ‘zap zap’ and now you’re all ‘boo hoo’!” Ron Stoppable

42. “OK, I know this is beyond shallow, but I saved the world and I’m no closer to owning that Club Banana jacket.” – Kim Possible

43. “I think some serious physics just happened!” – Ron Stoppable

44. “Out there in here-So the Drama.” Ron Stoppable

45. “You have failed me for the last time!” – Gemini

46. “So this is a “take-over-the-world” thing…” – Kim Possible

47. “How many times can two people break up and get back together?” – Kim Possible

48. “Frankly, I find the whole “dating” thing to be overrated. Who subjects themselves to that?” Ron Stoppable

49. “You’re weird… but I like you.” Kim Possible

50. “I’m stuck in the now, and I’m fresh out of time monkey!” Kim Possible

Which of these Kim Possible quotes is your favorite?

As you can see, there is a lot of humor packed into this series while still delivering positive, relatable messages to viewers. Frequently watched by many, Kim Possible earned its title as one of Disney’s most popular series. The series also spawned two movies.

The series was such a hit that Disney even incorporated it into an interactive experience throughout Epcot’s World Showcase.

Like many Disney classics, Kim Possible is entertaining across all ages. With action, humor and heart, there is something for everyone to love. We may not all be crime-fighting teens, but we can live vicariously through Team Possible.

Did you enjoy reading these Kim Possible quotes and lines? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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