50 Good Girls Quotes that Give a Fresh Take on the Old Crime Dramas

50 Good Girls Quotes that Give a Fresh Take on the Old Crime Dramas

If you’re looking for a show different from the rest, these Good Girls quotes will draw you in.

There are a lot of crime dramas that have been on network television and streaming platforms over the past decade.

However, Good Girls took a fresh approach that helped set it apart from the others. It was a comedy crime-drama, adding humor into the mix.

The writers of the show found a smart balance between including humor and not overdoing it.

The show is the story of three moms that turn to a life of crime in order to help meet the financial needs of their families.

If you’re never watched it and aren’t sure what to expect, read through the Good Girls quotes below.

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Good Girls quotes by Ruby

1. “You say you don’t know who I am, well let me introduce myself. I’m the crazy-ass bitch that robbed a grocery store, to save her child and protect her family.” — Ruby

2. “Ya’ll realize we’re using a baby as a human shield.” — Ruby

3. “He smells like hamsters and burps.” — Ruby

4. “I’m disgusting. I’m sewage. You know how they drain it for fertilizer or whatever, I’m what they can’t use. I’m the sewage so rancid they have to bury it a hundred miles in the earth and hope that no one ever finds it. I’m that garbage.” — Ruby

5. “Is he more Martha Stewart or Suge Knight?” — Ruby

6. “You’re a child. You do whatever you want, whatever you want without thinking about anyone else but yourself.” — Ruby

7. “That bitch moves like a gazelle.” — Ruby

Good Girls quotes by Rio

8. “I don’t give a damn if you try. You gotta win, bitch.” — Rio

9. “Nah. You need a fall guy if you ever tying to make money again.” — Rio

10. “You wanna be king, you gotta kill the king. This stuff’s medieval darling.” — Rio

11. “Tell them we’re making love. Make me sound good though, yeah?” — Rio

Good Girls quotes by Annie

12. “I’m just scared . . . that if I died tomorrow the only thing that people would remember about me was what was in my purse.” — Annie

13. “Sure, whatever. The point is that if Ben was here, I wouldn’t have even had to look it up because he’s so much smarter than me. And better than me. And everything in my life is just a lot better whenever he’s with me.” — Annie

14. “Resolved. That my son is the coolest, smartest, most talkiest debater in all of southeastern Michigan.” — Annie

15. “You could see every shrink on the planet and you’d still never sack up.” — Annie

16. “I don’t know, but she is gonna go down for this because at this point the only murder that I would willingly do time for is hers.”  Annie

Good Girls quotes by Beth

17. “You have no idea what I have done or even who I am. And that little wifey of yours who lived to make you dinner has left the building, and she is not coming back.” — Beth

18. “No boys gonna break us up.” — Beth

19. “I’m the banker, bitch.” — Beth

20. “What makes the most sense is couple’s therapy. Not grand larceny.” — Beth

21. “Not just cards, Judith.” — Beth

22. “It feels good to be really good at something.” — Beth

Good Girls quotes from memorable conversations within the show

23. Beth: “We know nothing about running a strip club.”

Rio: “Didn’t know much about cars or hot tubs either.”

24. Rio: “Always want what I already have, huh?”

Nick: “Always get it, too.”

25. Rio: “Bitch like that don’t need to be romanced.”

Nick: “Oh, yeah? What does she need?”

Rio: “Someone to yank her by that ponytail.”

26. Rio: “You’re not supposed to be here.”

Dean: “Yeah, neither are you.”

27. Gene: “Where do a bunch of bitches like you get a bunch of money like this, though? Huh?”

Beth: “Oh, now you’ve got a moral code?”

Gene: “I just don’t do business with bitches, that’s all.”

28. Sniper: “So, hows a lady like you get involved with a man like that?”

Beth: “I was just bored.”

29. Annie: “Did you check Facebook?”

Beth: “Cuz a hitman’s gonna friend request me?”

Annie: “Oh, like you’re so versed in how they communicate.”

30. Annie: “Don’t tell me, this is the part where you want me to realize out loud that I’m some kind of narcissist and I’ve been ignoring my son?”

Dr. Cohen: “The out loud part is optional.”

31. Annie: “Where did this guy go to prison?”

Beth: “I don’t know. He didn’t have a resume.”

32. Greg: “It came out wrong.”

Annie: “Which part, the um, ‘needy and slutty’, or the ‘lost and broken’?”

33. Beth: “Why should it be you or Annie? I made you do it. Can I have my drink back?”

Ruby: “Made us? Which part?”

Beth: “The store, the money, Jeff, all of it. Take your pick.”

34. Ruby: “I am not your yes-man.”

Beth: “No. You’re a really good friend.”

35. Rio: “So, listen, I wish I could help.”

Beth: “You could. You choose not to.”

36. Beth: “Where were you?”

Rio: “I was at Legoland.”

37. Ruby: “That’s a white boys thumb.”

Annie: “Could be a toe.”

38. “Oh, I don’t know. There’s always some idiot willing to do something stupid for money.” — Ruby

39. Annie: “You know if Beth would have suggested this, you would have been all in.”

Ruby: “Like I’m some kind of yes man?”

Annie: “Ruby, want to rob a grocery store? Sure, Beth! Hey, Ruby, want to drink some gasoline? Yeah, sounds yum, Beth. Pour it in my mouth!”

Good Girls quotes from the show’s other characters

40. “You know who the really important people are? The ones who don’t have to tell you how important they are.” — Mick

41. “We have never made you smile like all this just did.” — Dean

42. “All my life I’ve been swimming upstream, fighting it. And you know where that gets you? It doesn’t get you respect. It doesn’t get you a badge. Doesn’t get you a proper wedding ring. It just gets you tired. And then you get washed right back down again.” — Stan

43. “Don’t miss too many bedtimes. You never know how many you got left.” — Dean

44. “Women like your wife, they use people. And when they’re done, they throw them in the trash.” — Phoebe

45. “I know the wrong person is sitting across from me right now.” — Phoebe

46. “I won’t kill him. It’ll just feel like I did.” — Mick

47. “You make fun of everyone, but no one’s life’s a bigger joke than yours.” — Ben

48. “ I don’t know where we’re going. I just wanna go there together.” — Stan

49. “We’re not paying her to check Instagram. We’re paying her to make sure our baby doesn’t die.” — Nancy

50. “I’m a d-bag, okay? So I know when I see one. Just be careful.”  Gregg

Which of these Good Girls quotes is your favorite?

Good Girls received positive reviews during the four seasons that aired on network television. At a time when many of the shows had the same feel, this one gave viewers something different to watch.

It also helped show that network television could still compete with streaming platforms for quality shows.

Another thing that viewers commented on was the refreshing “modesty” of the show. They weren’t trying to constantly push the boundaries of what was acceptable to put on the show.

So if you’re growing tired of modern shows, this is one you can binge-watch that’s different from the rest.

Did you enjoy these Good Girls quotes and sayings? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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