50 Firefly Lane Quotes for Every Woman

50 Firefly Lane Quotes for Every Woman

These Firefly Lane quotes will help you relive your favorite moments of the series.

Firefly Lane is an American television show that aired in 2021. The series is based on the book of the same name written by author Kristin Hannah.

The story follows the friendship of two women who became fast friends as 8th graders and it follows them throughout decades of their lives and friendship.

While the book tells the story in chronological order, the television series jumps back and forth.

If you’re wondering if the show is for you, these Firefly Lane quotes will help you know.

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Firefly Lane quotes from Kate

1. “Of course you can fall in love, You just have to let yourself, They don’t call it falling for nothing.”  Kate

2. “We’re always a family, no matter what.”  Kate

3. “I don’t want you keeping everything all bottled up inside.” — Kate

4. “You can’t just lie by accident Tully, It’s not like tripping and falling.”  Kate

5. “The future of journalism is women.” — Kate

6. “Admit it, I look like the “before” in one of your makeover shows.” — Kate

7. “You don’t get it. You don’t know what it’s like to fail. You succeed at everything you try. You are so much braver than me.” — Kate

8. “I shouldn’t be surprised. You don’t know there is a line.” — Kate

9. “Maybe I should just make a break for it while the boundaries are working in my favour.” — Kate

10. “Might feel good to get your feelings out, it’s not gonna make you feel better to run away.”  Kate

11. “ I gotta figure out who I am and what I want because I have no idea.”  Kate

12. “Sometimes the braver choice is knowing when to let go.”  Kate

13. “The worst part about being 14 is you have zero control over anything.” — Kate

Firefly Lane quotes from Tully

14. “Why do we all pretend that we’re okay when we’re not?”  Tully

15. “She’s the kindest person I’ve ever met, Even at 14 she was kind, nobody’s kind at 14, that’s why I was drawn to her.”  Tully

16. “Your family, that is the real accomplishment.” — Tully

17. “You don’t get married to be happy, You get married so, you know, you have someone to share your unhappiness with.” — Tully

18. “But it’s like a pint of ice cream at midnight, you know you shouldn’t be eating it, But that’s what makes it taste so good.” — Tully

19. “If people annoy me, that’s on them, not me.” — Tully

20. “You’re not alone babe, you got me.” — Tully

21. “When you least expect it, someone can come into your life who just opens you up.” — Tully

22. “You’ve always been strong enough to stand on your own, even when you didn’t know it.” — Tully

23. “Growing up isn’t easy for anyone, but I prefer to look forward.”  Tully

24. “Whatever pain I’ve experienced in my past is what made who I am today.” — Tully

25. “She was playing divorce chicken, and you lost buddy.”  Tully

26. “People like us can’t live regular lives. When we try, it kills us.” — Tully

27. “I’m not a success. I’m broken.” — Tully

28. “The universe doesn’t give signs.”  Tully

29. “I want to run towards something.”  Tully

30. “Love changes everything.”  Tully

31. “To give another person your heart is the ultimate act of trust.”  Tully

32. “Sometimes the road will get bumpy, but it’s worth it for the view.”  Tully

Firefly Lane quotes from Margie

33. “Life is hard sometimes, even at 14.”  Margie

34. “It’s never any good to just sit around and wait for someone or something to come and change your life.”  Margie

Firefly Lane quotes from Kimber

35. “Everything is virtual, love is dead.” — Kimber

36. “Technology is the death of modern romance.” — Kimber

Firefly Lane quotes from Johnny

37. “People underestimate you at their peril.”  Johnny

38. “There’s a difference between boundaries and crazy.” — Johnny

39. “We want to fight wars, but we don’t wanna know about them.” — Johnny

40. “Marriage, it’s elemental isn’t it?” — Johnny

Firefly Lane quotes from Cloud

41. “You’re a bright light Kim, don’t forget to shine.”  Cloud

42. “Make the audience follow you, steal their attention and don’t give it back.”  Cloud

43. “TV is the opiate of the masses.”  Cloud

44. “The womb has wisdom that western medicine doesn’t understand.”  Cloud

45. “You have a fire inside of you and it lights up everyone you meet.”  Cloud

Firefly Lane quotes from Sean

46. “Every love has compromises.” — Sean

47. “ I admire you, that you know when to stop struggling or pretending.” — Sean

Firefly Lane quotes from other characters

48. “Journalism is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.” — Chad Wiley

49. “To yell at someone like that you have to be really crazy about them.”  Mutt

50. “I’d rather have them stand up for what they believe in, even if it’s a bit messy.”  Travis

Which of these Firefly Lane quotes is your favorite?

The Firefly Lane series is scheduled to release a second season in 2022 with the date still to be announced.

While the initial review numbers didn’t look good on platforms like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, there still seems to be something that draws people into the storytelling.

Maybe it’s that it tells many life stories that many viewers can relate to or maybe it’s people’s love of the original book.

Whatever it is, people enjoy the chemistry between the actresses and are willing to overlook the imperfections.

If you’re wondering what the show is about or patiently anticipating the second season, you can enjoy these Firefly Lane quotes and sayings until then.

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