50 Emily in Paris Quotes that Give You A Taste of France

50 Emily in Paris Quotes that Give You A Taste of France

These Emily in Paris quotes will make you want to take a trip to the city.

Emily in Paris is a hit comedy-drama being streamed thru Netflix. It focuses on the personal and career life of Emily Cooper, a marketing executive in Chicago who was assigned to provide an American perspective in a Paris-based marketing firm.

With her wit and intelligence, Emily sets foot in Paris and tries to adapt to the culture while looking for love and friendships in the process.

She describes her American life as mundane and boring and the assignment to work in Paris is something that challenges her fashion sense, smartness, social media savviness, and business in general.

Many ex-pats in Paris can relate to the series, giving them a representation of what it is like living and working in the city.

The series also tickles the travel bug for the viewers. It shows great Paris attractions and must-see destinations, itching the feet of viewers and longing for them to see the great views in their own eyes someday.

Read these Emily in Paris quotes to see what you think.

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Emily in Paris quotes from Emily

1. “I feel like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge.” — Emily

2. “RoomWithAView” — Emily

3. “Butter + Chocolate = [heart emoji]” — Emily

4. “I like Paris, but I’m not really sure Paris likes me.” — Emily

5. “The irony of menopause. Just when you have the time to really explore your mature, adventurous, sensual self, the vagina goes on strike.” — Emily

6. “We never really had a chance but at least now, we have this one perfect thing.” — Emily

7. “Like wearing poetry.” — Emily

8. “Paris is for cheese lovers.” — Emily

9. “A little ‘bonjour’ goes a long way.” — Emily

10. “Well, this will give you something to dream about.” — Emily

11. “#EverythingsComingUpRoses!” — Emily

12. “With a little help from mon amie.” — Emily

13. “Smudge-proof. Even when you’re berry hungry.” — Emily

More Emily in Paris quotes from Emily

14. “Let’s send it off with a bang.” — Emily

15. “Without basic b*tches like me, you wouldn’t be fashionable.” — Emily

16. “How about you do you, and I’ll do me?” — Emily

17. “I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m about to wake up.” — Emily

18. “I did Rosetta Stone on the plane, but it hasn’t kicked in yet.” — Emily

19. “Your language is seriously effed up.” — Emily

20. “I’m not somebody who can share a crepe. I need the whole crepe.” — Emily

21. “The entire city looks like Ratatouille.” — Emily

22. “Has anyone noticed this is a very dysfunctional workplace?” — Emily

23. “The Container Store is my happy place.” — Emily

24. “ I just schlepped up these bags five flights. This is the fifth floor.” — Emily

25. “#OhCrepe” — Emily

Emily in Paris quotes from Mindy

26. “I’d bone appétit him.” — Mindy

27. “Chinese people are mean behind your back. French people are mean to your face.” — Mindy

28. “It’s Paris, everyone’s serious about dinner.” — Mindy

29. “The road which leads to the end.” — Mindy

30. “The French are romantics, but they’re also realists.” — Mindy

31. “Beyoncé is worth far more than the Mona Lisa.” — Mindy

32. “You haven’t done Paris right until you’ve had at least one wildly inappropriate affair.” — Mindy

33. “Please for my sanity, use your words.” — Mindy

Emily in Paris quotes from Pierre Cadault

34. “I can’t believe it was Dan. Gossip Girl. We watched the entire series to find out it’s Dan.” — Pierre Cadault

35. “I have been sleepwalking for too long. And now, I wake up.” — Pierre Cadault

Emily in Paris quotes from Brooklyn Clark

36. “We came here to lose ourselves and find adventure.” — Brooklyn Clark

37. “We’re on the precipice of the rest of our lives.” — Brooklyn Clark

Emily in Paris quotes from Camille

38. “Paris seems like a big city, but it’s really just a small town.” — Camille

39. “To sleep under the stars.” — Camille

Emily in Paris quotes from Gabriel

40. “I love sleeping under the stars.” — Gabriel

41. “You’re in Paris now. I’m sure we can find you something better than peanut butter.” — Gabriel

Emily in Paris quotes from Luc

42. “You can never escape life. Never.” — Luc

43. “You live to work. We work to live.” — Luc

44. “It’s one thing to cheat on your wife with your mistress. It’s another thing to cheat on your mistress with a young America.” — Luc

Emily in Paris quotes from Julien

45. “Yeah, happy endings are very American.” — Julien

46. “You’re the one bringing the drama.” — Julien

47. “We don’t speak of Durée in this office. They used to be a client.” — Julien

Emily in Paris quotes from Paul

48. “He is the best nose in France.” — Paul

49. “Smoking is a pleasure, and without pleasure, who are we?” — Paul

50. “So you create the disease, then you treat the disease, then you market the treatments of the disease.” — Paul

Which of these Emily in Paris quotes is your favorite?

Although it has only released its first season, many critics lauded the series for bringing a breath of fresh air into the television world.

Lily Collins plays her part convincingly and has been praised by many critics for her great acting chops.

Despite its huge success, the series also has misguided remarks, showing differences between American and French culture.

Although it is a comedy-drama that aims to only be light and happy, the show also gathered negative feedback with issues of superiority, unrealistic lifestyle, French cliches, and fashion sense.

Despite this, Emily in Paris is still set to have another season on Netflix and many fans are hoping that the series would improve with regards to well-researched plots and character development in each coming episode.

If you liked these Emily in Paris quotes and sayings, give the show a try.

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