50 Dexter Quotes to Prepare for Season 9

50 Dexter Quotes to Prepare for Season 9

If you can’t get enough of Dexter, enjoy these Dexter quotes to relive the previous episodes.

Dexter is a crime drama TV series that gained tons of attention during its prime from 2006 to 2013.

However, many have pointed out that it was far ahead of its time when it comes to the psychological and mystery aspect of the show.

The show revolves around Dexter and an unorthodox, borderline psychotic sense of justice. Dexter is a forensic expert who works for the police who leads a parallel life of a vigilante serial killer.

The build-up of the story captivates the viewer to watch more and more episodes. Dexter has a rich background story, and every character has a justified reason for their actions, making it more digestible for the viewers.

These Dexter quotes will make you want to rewatch the whole series.

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Dexter quotes by Dexter Morgan

1. “How many more bodies would there have been had I not gotten to those killers? I didn’t want to save lives but save lives I did. Motivation aside, I think Harry and Lundy would agree on this one” — Dexter Morgan

2. “It’s Okay. Life doesn’t have to be perfect. It has to be lived” — Dexter Morgan

3. “ I love Halloween. The one time of year when everyone wears a mask… not just me.” — Dexter Morgan

4. “We create our own destiny every day we live.” — Dexter Morgan

5. “Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps me control the chaos “— Dexter Morgan

6. “People fake a lot of human interactions, but I feel like I fake them all, and I fake them very well. That’s my burden, I guess.” — Dexter Morgan

7. “There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.” — Dexter Morgan

8. “Tonight’s the night. And it’s going to happen again and again. It has to happen.” — Dexter Morgan

9. “I see their pain. On some level I even understand their pain. I just can’t feel their pain.” — Dexter Morgan

10. “If home is where the heart is, where do you go when you don’t have a heart?” — Dexter Morgan

11. “I’ve lived in darkness a long time. Over the years, my eyes adjusted until the dark became my world and I could see. But then Rudy turned on the light. He flooded my memory and now I’m blind.” — Dexter Morgan

12. “If you believe that God makes miracles, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve.” — Dexter Morgan

13. “Am I a good person doing ‘bad’ things or a bad person doing ‘good’ things?” — Dexter Morgan

14. “I don’t do my job to catch the bad guys. Why would I want to do that? No, my job is to make order out of chaos.” — Dexter Morgan

15. “There are many ways to stop the heart. Electric shock, bad diet… Sever the aorta – my personal favorite.” — Dexter Morgan

16. “You’re what makes me real. I want us to always go out for banana splits. And replant the lemon tree that keeps dying. And I never, ever want to miss a pizza night. And that’s how I know I want to marry you.”— Dexter Morgan

17. “Role playing. It’s such an important part of growing up. When we were kids, whatever role Deb assigned me – evil monster, treacherous Nazi, horrible alien – I played them to perfection. The only roles I had trouble with were the good guys – heroes, knights in shining armor. It just never felt right.” — Dexter Morgan

18. “I lie to everyone I know. Except my victims, right before I kill them. It’s hard to establish much of a rapport there.” — Dexter Morgan

19. “Harry’s heart gave out when he saw what’s inside me. He thought he could tame it, give it a purpose, help it find a place in the natural order. Guess he was wrong.” — Dexter Morgan

20. “Can’t live with her, can’t kill her.” — Dexter Morgan

21. “I know — your big bad wolf has racked up a tidy little death toll.” — Dexter Morgan

22. “Pretend. You pretend the feelings are there, for the world, for the people around you.” — Dexter Morgan

Dexter quotes by Debra Morgan

23. “A baby!? A motherfucking roly-poly, chubby cheeked shit-machine?! Are you kidding me?” — Debra Morgan

24. “You’re such a guy. When I get pissed I say stuff I don’t mean all the time: I hate you. I faked it. You’re hung like a grape.” — Debra Morgan

25. “Dex, you are all the family that I have, and I barely know you. So, if you’re going to eat steaks with somebody after a rough day, somebody’s going to break through your fucking walls, I think it should be me! I think I have earned it!” — Debra Morgan

Dexter quotes by Rita Bennett

26. “Dexter, you’ve been working such killer hours lately.” — Rita Bennett

27. “You know, I can’t believe I found the one good truly decent man left on the planet.” — Rita

Dexter quotes by Harry Morgan

28. “Keeping the truth from the people closest to you is how you’ll survive, and how you’ll protect them if anything ever goes wrong.” — Harry Morgan

29. “When you take a man’s life, you’re not just killing him. You’re snuffing out all the things he’ll ever become. As a cop, I only fire my weapon to save a life – that’s a code I live by. Killing must serve a purpose. Otherwise, it’s just plain murder.”— Harry Morgan

More Dexter quotes by Dexter Morgan

30. “Keeping my face pinched in sorrow for two hours straight’s a real chore.” — Dexter Morgan

31. “My sister puts up a front so the world won’t see how vulnerable she is. Me? I put up a front so the world won’t see how vulnerable I’m not.” — Dexter Morgan

32. “I’m a very neat monster.” — Dexter Morgan

33. “Never jump the fence if you’re not willing to face what’s on the other side.” — Dexter Morgan

34. “Most people believe we have free will. That we all choose our path. Sometimes the path is clear, sometimes not so much. Every twist, every turn, can challenge our sense of direction. But it’s the choices we make when we reach a fork in the road that define who we are.” — Dexter Morgan

35. “We all want life to have some meaning. Seems like the older we get, the harder we look for it. And the harder it is to find.” — Dexter Morgan

36. “Despite having considered myself a monster for as long as I can remember, it still comes as a shock when I’m confronted with the depth of evil that exists in this world.” — Dexter Morgan

37. “Don’t be sorry your darkness is gone. I’ll carry it for you. Always. I’ll keep it with mine.” — Dexter Morgan

38. “Is that the purpose of remorse, to keep you from repeating mistakes?” — Dexter Morgan

39. “This is what makes a home: The noise of happy children, the warmth of a full house, and the chill of an angry wife.” — Dexter Morgan

40. “My dark passenger is like a trapped coal miner, always tapping, always letting me know it’s still in there, still alive.” — Dexter Morgan

41. “There are few milestones in life that evoke a stronger response than our final act. Death.” — Dexter Morgan

42. “I’ve never had much use for the concept of hell, but if hell exists, I’m in it. The same images running through my head, over and over.” — Dexter Morgan

43. “The trifecta: weapon, ammo, and impaired judgment. Throw in a little domestic violence, and you have the perfect recipe for a family slaughter.” — Dexter Morgan

44. “Trust me, I definitely understand. See, I can’t help myself either. But children? I could never do that. Not like you. Never … ever … kids.” — Dexter Morgan

45. “Harry was a great cop here in Miami. He taught me how to think like one; he taught me how to cover my tracks.” — Dexter Morgan

46. “There’s something strange and disarming about looking at a homicide scene in the daylight of Miami. It makes the most grotesque killings look staged, like you’re in a new and daring section of Disney World: Dahmerland!” — Dexter Morgan

47. “I can kill a man, dismember his body, and be home in time for Letterman. But knowing what to say when my girlfriend’s feeling insecure … I’m totally lost.” — Dexter Morgan

Dexter quotes from memorable conversations within the show

48. Batista: “How much caffeine have you had?”

Debra: “A metric fuck-ton.”

49. Dexter: “We have an elephant in the room, and its name is sex.”

Rita: “Tell me about it.”

Dexter: “Hey, as far as I’m concerned, it can just stay in the corner and mind its own damn business.”

50. “Don’t go down that emotion road, just go down on her. It’s easier, she’ll be distracted.” — Angel Batista

Which of these Dexter quotes is your favorite?

The show received critical acclaim for its ingenious storytelling and character build-up.

Although Dexter is a serial killer and borderline psychopath, it isn’t so hard to empathize with the protagonist and be absorbed in his worldview.

Furthermore, the show’s episodes are derived from real crime stories, which makes it even more intriguing.

Dexter is undoubtedly a story that will stick in your mind for years to come. Its unforgettable narrative, quirky dialogues with a mix of dark, thrilling atmosphere and characterization is the perfect combination to binge-watch with someone.

Arguably, there’s simply no boring episode in Dexter. Share these Dexter quotes and lines with someone to remind them how great this show is.

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