50 Dead to Me Quotes on Friendship Through Difficult Times

50 Dead to Me Quotes on Friendship Through Difficult Times

These Dead to Me quotes both entertain and encourage.

Dead to Me is a story of friendship, love, and companionship. The story revolves around the unexpected meeting between Jen and Judy.

Jen is a recently widowed real estate agent trying to come to terms with her past but somehow finds it difficult to move on with her life.

That’s when she finds Judy, a positive comforting stranger turned friend with a hidden past.

This show will take you on a wild roller coaster ride. It’s a series like no other and will leave you wanting more details into the lives of each character after watching it.

These Dead to Me quotes will make you miss your true friends in moments of despair.

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Dead to Me quotes by Jen Harding

1. “You are not alone. You’ll always have me.” — Jen Harding

2. “Fucking don’t fucking cuss at me.” — Jen Harding

3. “You want me to take comfort in the fact that we live in a world where everyone knows what the truth is and there are no consequences?” — Jen Harding

4. “Thank you for fucking nothing again.” — Jen Harding

5. “He made me feel so disgusting.” — Jen Harding

6. “You are an addict. And he’s meth, with impish good looks.” — Jen Harding

7. “No means motherfucking no.” — Jen Harding

8. “You don’t know what I can handle.” — Jen Harding

9. “The dominos have fallen, bro.” — Jen Harding

10. “I guess that’s one good use of the shrine. I can always find where my husband was mowed down.” — Jen Harding

11. “Holy eye contact that just happened.” — Jen Harding

12. “Mommy can do whatever she wants.” — Jen Harding

13. “Don’t ever tell a woman that she is overreacting, because most of the time women are underreacting.” — Jen Harding

14. “That’s just my face. I have an upset face.” — Jen Harding

15. “It just came out of my mouth, I couldn’t shove it back in there.” — Jen Harding

16. “How do you live in the same house as someone and have no idea what they’re going through?”— Jen Harding

More Dead to Me quotes by Jen Harding

17. “But it’s not complicated, Judy, because he’s not fucking dead.” — Jen Harding

18. “How do you forgive someone who hits your husband with their car, and then drives away, leaving him to bleed to death on the side of the road?” — Jen Harding

19. “You fell in love in that heartbeat.” — Jen Harding

20. “I’m an excellent judge of character.” — Jen Harding

21. “You know, I’m gonna go get the first aid kit ’cause this looks like a horror movie.” — Jen Harding

22. “Men called women nuts and crazy way too often just to undermine us.” — Jen Harding

23. “I am the woman of the house and I do the protecting.” — Jen Harding

24. “When I’m talking to her, I’m imagining stabbing her in the fucking throat.” — Jen Harding

25. “She is the only person who has been here for me. The only person that doesn’t make me feel like I am failing at everything.” — Jen Harding

26. “Fine. Then I wanna know how the fuck this happened, when the fuck, why the fuck, and what the fucking fuck, and then tell her that he’s dead.” — Jen Harding

27. “But, you know, I’m the one with the uterus, and I’ve gotta be the grown-up here, and for what?”— Jen Harding

Dead to Me quotes by Steve Wood

28. “I really hope that this new guy knows how to take care of you.” — Steve Wood

29. “I liked the hike we went on, though. Even though I burned my dick.” — Steve Wood

Dead to Me quotes by Christopher Doyle

30. “Let’s just say an atmosphere of polish and professionalism was not achieved.” — Christopher Doyle

31. “He is by far the best one, which is not saying a ton.” — Christopher Doyle

32. “You seem vulnerable. It’s a strange color on you.” — Christopher Doyle

33. “There’s no speed limit on the highway of love.” — Christopher Doyle

Dead to Me quotes by Judy Hale

34. “Hope will burn you like that.” — Judy Hale

35. “No car, no crime.” — Judy Hale

36. “You are heaven on a stick.” — Judy Hale

37. “I think gay is beautiful.” — Judy Hale

38. “Smoking is the greatest thing that slowly kills you.” — Judy Hale

Dead to Me quotes by Nick Prager

39. “You know that feeling you get when a thing is new, and the person you’re into gets sick, or there’s an emergency, it makes you realize, wow, how much you care about them?” — Nick Prager

40. “Nothing more dangerous than a stupid kid with a gun.” — Nick Prager

Dead to Me quotes by Karen

41. “YALO. Or is it YOLO?” — Karen

42. “It’s my take on Mexican lasagna. It’s nothing. We just don’t want you to think you’re alone.”— Karen

Dead to Me quotes by Lorna Harding

43. “Be someone you can turn to. That’s what family is for.” — Lorna Harding

44. “The only harder sell than a moldy house is a bitter woman. No one wants to live with that.” — Lorna Harding

45. “You hire well. That’s also a skill.” — Lorna Harding

Dead to Me quotes by Charlie Harding

46. “I was saving her from herself.” — Charlie Harding

47. “That guy’s a twatwaffle.” — Charlie Harding

Dead to Me quotes from other characters

48. “I’m kind of an indoor child.” — Shandy

49. “It’s just butter. There I just summed up culinary school for you in three words.” — Michelle

50. “I just don’t want you to be alone.” — Henry Harding

Which of these Dead to Me quotes is your favorite?

Dead to Me is about finding the perfect company in the most challenging moments of your life. It is a story that will make you love and laugh at the same time.

It is about friendship, love, forgiveness, and compassion in the middle of the storm. The ups and downs of the lives of Jen and Judy will definitely hook you.

Cherish your moments with someone who is always there for you, or maybe try to keep your heart open for others to come inside your life.

Hopefully, these Dead to Me quotes and sayings will inspire you and encourage you no matter your stage of life. Let us know in the comment section below which of the quotes is your favorite?

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